This guy can mind-control women and it gives him rather interesting opportunities…

we extend our thanks to the author DAVID T.

David was a black student 20 years old who spent a lot of time in a small public library in his town. There was a librarian clerk named Tracy ,20, that he had his eye on she was very straight laced, wore conservative outfits, had pale skin, light brown hair and blue eyes. Today she was wearing a black sweater, a black skirt and black leotard leggings that went into a high heel sandal. He noticed a lot of men stare at her constantly.

David had a power of mind control. He never really used it that much, but he had such a desire for Tracy that he wanted to use it on her for he developed a need to have her do as he pleased.

David had waited for Tracy to walk by his study room and then he wanted to start playing with her David used his mind control and made her remove her leotard leggings, her panties and her bra. She stripped off her leggings revealing her pale legs and feet and slipped them back into the sandals. Then She slid off her panties and put them in a garbage can. The bra too.

Seeing her do this made David go almost over the edge. He even saw another young man observe her do this and thought he saw him playing with himself.

David followed her around the library observing many males looking at her legs and feet and her feet made a squishing sound with her feet/sandals that made her more noticeable. (more…)

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My wife’s slave

July 7th, 2008

A man is dreaming of becoming a slave, a slave for a woman and he is ready to do anything for her…

I got divorced last year.

I’m single again, and I think it’s high time I became somebody I ought to be.

All my life I’ve been dreaming of being a slave. A real one. But I gave up my dearest dream thinking it would never come true. When I was married I wasn’t really happy. My wife and I were too different. She was cheating on me and we broke up. That’s when I realized I had to become a slave. If I ever marry again I will have my dream come true…

Here is what it all must look like. Let’s imagine I have a girlfriend who’s ready to marry me knowing I have certain special requirements. Let’s call my future wife Joy.

We’ll be an ordinary couple in everyday life behaving decent and nothing-out-of-ordinary in public. But actually Joy will be my mistress, and I will be her humble slave. Joy will be a beautiful slender girl, she will be really popular with men, and she will pick only the best lovers… OK we’ll get back to it later. (more…)

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A drug slut!

July 6th, 2008

This babe meets a really bag guy who gets her hooked up on smoking drugs, now he can do whatever he wants with her sluttish pussy…

I used to be an average housewife, husband, family, a big house with a white fence wooden fence and some kind of boring life. My husband just likes straight sex, he limbs onto me, fucks me until he cums and then rolls over to sleep. I had never been fucked in my ass, he seldom wanted a blow job, and we have never tried anything than a missionary position. He has got a cock that looks like a sausage, reddish and covered with long veins. Our house is surrounded by fence, and we have neighbors living on both sides of us. On the right side there lives a family, and a man often shows up on our left. We have a fence, about 4 feet high, between our grass plots, so every day or a morning we say: “Hello, how you doing” and this type of relationship with our neighbor. I don’t know anything about our neighbor Alexander, if he is married, divorced or so.

I had a small tomato patch on the backwards of our garden. This morning I had gone out there to pick a few tomatoes, our neighbor was out, smoking. He was standing by the fence exhaling cloudy puffs of smoke. I had never smoked in my life but I was curious what it would be like to smoke it, so I asked him what he was smoking. He surprised me by telling me he was smoking a joint. I told him it might be dangerous, but he said it was all right. He asked if I would like to try one to see and after a short pause I decided to try it. I walked around into his yard, he gave me the joint and told me how to smoke it. With a bit of trepidation, I drew the smoke and held it for a bit, then let it out. He laughed, told me to smoke again, and after what it seemed to be a long time, I smoked his whole joint and was feeling relaxed. (more…)

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Just a night of my life!

July 2nd, 2008

A girl’s night out doesn’t always end the way girls want, guys should be close to make their cocks happy…

Hi! Everyone who reads my story! I’d like to tell you about my adventures. You know, every Saturday I and a few of my girlfriends have a night out. Usually we all get dressed and go to some bar and dance. When we do, we have a whale of time, and lots of fun. That night didn’t differ much from all those previous Saturdays. Except this time. I was so horny. And I really needed to get laid. I hadn’t had had sex since I and my ex broke up a few months ago. I was wearing a short black shirt, high heeled shoes and a black low cut top with my large breast popping out. My tits looked so amazing in this top, it made me wet just looking at myself in the mirror. I knew that most of the guys we met fixed their eyes on me. Sure, they wanted to fuck me. So did I.

So, there were 4 girls of our old company. We walked into the bar, which was crowded and air was filled with smoke. We sat at the bar, and ordered shots of martini, with salt and lemon. We toasted and our night began. I looked around to see if I attracted attention of any cute guys. My eyes caught one chap at the end of bar, talking to his friends. He was looking so hot! Big round muscles playing powerfully under his sun tanned skin. Time after time he would glimpse at me.

“Sarah, look at that guy over there!”

“Wow! Stella, he’s making eye on you, you should go and pick him up.” I got another drink at the bar, and as I turned around facing the dance hall, he was standing before me.

“Hi! How are you doing? I’m Alex”” he said. I sipped my drink and greeted him as well:

“Hi! I’m Stella.”

“You’re a really pretty girl.” he said. (more…)

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During the summer break, it is always great to have a vacation that you will remember, this guy had it and I am sure you wish you were in his shoes…

We extend our thanks to the author SimonD.

My girlfriend and I were staying at a resort over the summer break, just to get away from our jobs and our families for a while. All we wanted to do was chill out by the pool, relax and spend some time together, just the two of us. And that’s where we were, lying side by side on two beach towels spread out on a patch of lawn near the edge of the resort pool. It was warm, but not that hot that we wanted to jump straight into the water, so we decided to soak up some of the sun’s rays first. My girlfriend, Sheri, had skin that tanned easily, and she knew that I thought her blond hair looked great resting against her tanned shoulders. She tried to keep her tan up just for me, she said, but I figured she liked looking good for everyone. She could be such a flirt, but I didn’t feel threatened by that. We’d been together for almost 18 months now, and there weren’t too many experiences we hadn’t shared in that time.

Sheri liked her tan, but she still wanted to look after her skin, so she always insisted on sunblock. “Simon, do my back for me”, she asked, as she lay face down on the towel and reached behind her back to untie her bikini top. As she undid the strap, she leaned up on one elbow to get into a comfortable position, and her tits hung for the world to see for a moment, before she lay down on her chest again, arms to her side. I glanced around the pool, and saw that there was no one else down here yet. Sheri could be so uninhibited, I thought, and that was one of the things I loved about her. I knelt by her side and squeezed some sunblock from the tube onto my fingertips and started rubbing my hand across her back. Christ she was beautiful, I thought, as I rubbed the lotion over her skin. And damn, look at that ass inside that orange bikini… I rubbed my hand down onto the small of her back, pressing firmly against her skin, making her hips roll gently from side to side on the towel as I slid my hand back and forth. “Mmmmm, a massage too”, said Sheri dreamily and I almost jumped as she snapped my wandering mind back to reality. (more…)

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Sister of your wife

June 23rd, 2008

It’s great to have a nice wife, but it’s even better when your wife has got a hot sister and you can’t resist tasting her pussy…

Here’s my story. My name is John. I’m 28, my wife Iris is 25, she has a sister Maggie who’s 24. Maggie is a pretty girl with big boobs and really tasty butt. Maggie is married too, and her hubby Brian is absolutely paranoid about jealousy. He’s always thinking up stories about his Maggie being unfaithful to him. Maggie and Iris are really close so they often share problems with each other. There were times Maggie told me her hubby was crazy about all that stuff like cheating, infidelity, bla-bla-bla. Maggie had never cheated on her husband in reality.

Once I had a couple of hours free and decided to call on Maggie and Brian hoping to find them home. Brian worked at home, so I thought we could drink beer together and chat. Maggie was supposed to be out working or shopping, or whatever girls do. I knocked on the door, I heard music from behind the door. I pushed the door and opened it. I thought it was Brian home. I called him but he didn’t answer. When I put my case on the floor I looked up and saw Maggie go out of the kitchen.

“Honey is that you?” She said.

She didn’t recognize my voice as the music was loud. It was a hot summer day and she wasn’t wearing anything but see-through white panties. I was rooted to the spot when I saw her. She wasn’t expecting to see me so she was numb for a sec. I saw two big dark red nipples in front of my eyes, her beautifully trimmed pussy was seen through her panties. She rushed to the bedroom to get dressed. I managed to see her round bouncy butt in thong, it looked hot. (more…)

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Like a dream

June 22nd, 2008

How many blowjobs can your dick take at a time? This guy is really lucky, because his babe wants to suck his dick until she dries all of his balls…

I have never woken up from a feeling that my dick was inside the girl’s mouth. Not only that. She was massaging it softly. Gorgeous brunette she was absolutely naked.

It seemed like she’s been doing that to me for a while. “Where am I,” – I said outloud.

“You don’t remember?” – she said.

“No… damn…”

“Well, as if it matters” – she said and her lips went back to sucking my dick.

That moment I was very proud of my dick. It was pink and was swelling. I felt it was bursting, but I knew from the last night party it wasn’t going to explode too soon.

Alcohol was doing its job. But when she took it all the way deep inside her throat so that I felt it right against her deep mouth I was almost there. Her lips were too amazing to have me cum too soon.

“You’re not cumin’,” – she asked as she let my penis out. Her hand kept on massaging it.

“Soon, I think I will cum soon…” – I whispered. “Go on…”

“You got a load, huh?” – her hand tickled my balls. I felt I was just about to cum. (more…)

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Stunning neighbor chicks!

June 13th, 2008

This guy doesn’t just live is life, he enjoys every second of it. He loves girls and in this story you’re going to know the way he spends his time.

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Hi, guys. My name is James and I live in a nice condo in Miami. We’ve got everything there, a sauna, a gym, a tennis court and a big pool. You can always find something to entertain yourself. I am 27 years old but I don’t work. Why should I? My father owns a car-rental shop and he makes enough money to support a family. He gives me five thousand dollars a month and it’s enough for me to spend my days lazily without working. Maybe you’ll think I am lazy, but what the fuck? I am just in a situation that allows me to enjoy my life, why should I toil for some bastard if I can get the money from my dad?

Actually my philosophy in life is to enjoy it as much as possible. I never save up money for anything because it’s useless, I only like to spend and splurge. Although my mother thinks I should be considering getting married but I really don’t think so. That’s bullshit, I can enjoy life on my own. I can go to the nearest bar and pick up some girls, bring them to my place and fuck the shit out of them. Can I do it if I am married? You know the answer. So, I really don’t understand people who get married, it’s like a dog that agrees to put a collar around her neck, you’re never free after that. Not only do I oppose marriages, but I am also against long-standing relations. If I get a girl, my dates with her last no longer than three or four times. I am always in for new sensations and I advise that you get a life like me. I promise you gonna like it. (more…)

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My son’s wife

June 4th, 2008

What if feels like for a father to be attracted to his son’s wife? Read and find out…

Once I heard this story in a pub. Two guys were drinking beer and one of them told the other this story. It looks like it’s a true one. So I think it will be interesting. I’ll tell it in the first person.

My son is a real dork. Just like me myself. Besides, he’s a real skirt chaser. I can’t even say how many girlfriends he’s had. Once he told us he was seeing a girl for several months. My wife and I were really happy he finally found the one he needed. Some time later he invited her to our house and announced their engagement. We were absolutely happy about it. We liked the girl at once, she was a smart and beautiful gal of 25. They married in six moths. Instead of going to some place nice for their honeymoon they decided to spend that time with us in town.

They rented a small house right by ours. His wife Hailey was a very nice girl. They often invited us over for dinner, she cooked so well. And she was a great lover. We often heard her moaning and crying at night. We didn’t think there was anything wrong about it. They were newlyweds what else could they do! We thought our neighbors could be displeased, though, but they didn’t seem to care at all.

Everything was great but it happened so that my wife died in an accident in several months. When it was spring my son invited me to spend some time in their new house in the city. Turned out there were several reasons for doing that. He had a new job in a good company and had to spend much time on business trips round the country. Anyway, he wanted me to keep Hailey company while he was away. (more…)

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A birthday present!

June 2nd, 2008

What is the best birthday present for a woman a man can give? Read and find out…

He entered inside, taking a bouquet of flowers in his hands. He was having a solemn manner when he approached his wife. “Happy birthday, darling.” he said as his wife closed the door behind her. She threw her arms around her husband and kissed him gently. He laughed and spun his wife in a full circle, kissing her again. “I took this bouquet to show you how much I love you. A very pretty bouquet!” She spotted the bouquet of flowers in a flower vase on the table and started smelling the fragrant of roses. She smiled at her husband and hugged him again:

“You know what to do to take a girl’s breath away.” He laughed and kissed his wife’s forehead.
“We have reservations at “Pirate Joe’s Hut” he said bending over her ass and smacking her fanny playfully. She looked at him with a raised eyebrow, and then smiled:

“It sounds good. I’m going take a shower. Wanna help me get ready?”

She teased him going up stairs, and winking at him over her shoulder. Her husband stood at the bottom of the stairs, watching her sexy figure sway back and forth on the steps. He followed her ass obediently. His eyes explored her body concealed under a light summer dress when she turned the warm water on to pour into the bath. She caressed his strong muscular chest and suggested:

“Help me undress?” her lips were at his ear. Cattish smiles crossed their attractive faces.

“I think I could offer my help, girl” (more…)

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