Sunday morning

May 21st, 2010


The husband spots his wife in the kitchen, she is wearing almost nothing and he just can’t stop thinking about getting into her pussy!

Lena was stroking his cock. He pressed her to him and kissed her lips passionately. He turned her on her back getting ready to satisfy his lust and … woke up. Yes, it was just a dream… A sweet pleasant dream…

The sun was bright and shining through the window. Anthony could hear some remote noise from outside. He stretched himself. Getting up in the morning was so difficult… It was so nice and comfortable lying under the warm blanket. But the interrupted dream still tortured the man – his cock was rock-hard not only in the dream but in reality too.

He passed his hand over the right half of the bed trying to find his wife. He wanted to make love with her as soon as possible. But she wasn’t there, her place was still warm.

“She must have got up recently” Antony thought.

He listened carefully and heard the water purling and a rhythmical sound of a knife working. She was cooking breakfast for her husband. (Read More…)

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Some real adventure!

May 17th, 2010

This guy meets his wife’s female friend in the store and invites her to his place, he’s fucking the shit out of her and she takes pictures of that hot session…

Once, when I was buying some beer in our local shop, I stumbled over Emilia, my wife’s ex workmate. They used to work once. Emilia was tall and pretty charming, nice fanny and really big boobs! She always dressed an open necked cloth to accentuate this fact. I was always cock stand when saw her, various porn vulgar thoughts came to my mind when thinking of her.

So I suggested seeing her home. It was getting dark at the moment, the weather was gloomy. We walked down the avenue talking all and sundry. Son the subject turned into privacy and then I made her a sincere proposal. It took me long to explain everything in detail, and she might forgot about my suggestion if not pleased. It was about asking her to be photographed for me nude, she agreed.

Her vague reaction left me in a doldrums about what she was thinking of. I tried to bring to her notice that we would keep it a secret, nobody would learn that and I’d save only pictures on my computer (I had a pro digital photocamera) on a password. She had a really slim and sexy body, years passed by and it would be honest not to chase it, one had to savor the moment. (Read More…)

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Passed out and helpless!

May 12th, 2010

The wife gets drunk at a party and falls asleep in the bedroom, the husband meanwhile offers one of the guests to taste his wife’s pussy…

I have a hot wife who is graced with awesome big tits and a big round well curved and booty body. But I always seem not to be satisfied with just her. I have fantasized about her all the time: mainly getting fucked by other men in a variety of settings.

My wife is 5”6, big tits with nice round nipples that get so hard when she is horny. Anyway, one of my dirty fantasies was about part of my fantasies is seeing her getting fucked by other men without her knowing, because I know if I brought up this topic, she would get mad at me. So, one day I worked out a plan!

I took her to dinner one night at a nice restaurant that we both enjoy. I made sure she wore a nice flowing dress that hugged her body, and showed off her gorgeous goddess’s breasts. While bit uncomfortable at first, she soon warmed up to the idea that she looked hot. It was really so, because I noticed a few guys in the hall who were staring at her body. (Read More…)

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My slut teacher

April 29th, 2010

The student really wants to get an A but a teacher doesn’t think so, she’ll make the student do the dirty things and there’s nothing to do, but to agree. The student’s ass is going to be tested, and it’s going to be a real hard test…

It was my last year at college. I was a good student but used to miss some of the lessons. At the end of the semester I found out that I had missed all mathematics lessons. Out teacher got sick and we had a substitution.

The new teacher was a young tall slim and very pretty woman. She wore huge glasses which made her different from others. She wasn’t too strict and liked to speak freely with students on all possible topics.

I decided that she could give me a good mark. It was the last day of study. After the lesson I came up to her to discuss the situation. She said she was busy at the moment and I had to come later.

When I appeared in the classroom room again she was out. I waited for about 10 minutes. She was wearing a short black skirt with a white leather belt, a white translucent blouse and knee-high stiletto boots. She looked fantastic! (Read More…)

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My insatiable lover

April 28th, 2010

This guy picks up a hot chick and arranges to meet her in his office, she comes and gives him the best break from work one can ever imagine!

This happened not long ago at my friend’s flat. She sat on the sofa and I approached to her slowly. I embraced her. She didn’t resist. I stroked her face and my hand slid under her skirt.

At this moment my mobile rang. I talked to my colleague and then turned off the phone. I came up to her again and wanted to take off her skirt but she stopped me saying:

“I’ll do it myself. You can tear my pantyhose…”

She took off her skirt together with hose and panties and put these on the floor. The scene was fantastic, it was everything I could only dream about. At the bottom of her belly there was a dark triangle covered in hairs. Her vulva lips were great and the pussy itself smelled perfectly. (Read More…)

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  • Sex in my life! Rebecca

    At an office party a pretty babe gets drunk and this guy sure doesn't waste his chance to fuck her tight pussy, as they say a drunk women is not the master of her pussy- so he followed the saying and got what he wanted.
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  • Our family story. Part two (Continuation)

    Two couples are having a nice time together, they are viewing their wives erotic photos, the husbands get hot and can no more handle their excitement and start fucking each other's wives. That was a nice photo session and a nice fuck.
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Have you ever been given an artificial pussy as a present? The husband decided to share this pussy with his friend and his horny wife is going to watch them fucking that fake pussy!

Hi, this is Alexander and now read my story! One day my friend Andrew called me over and said that his wife Samantha had given him a birthday present and he wanted to show it to me. When I got there he opened the present box and pulled out one of those see through flesh jack! It reminds of a shape of female’s pussy and is made up of specific material which resembles the feel of hot woman’s flesh! This is a type of sex toys designed for use by males. I looked at him and then at Samantha and smiled because I knew what was going to happen next. We headed straight for their bedroom and started taking our clothes off. Samantha was the first one naked, because she was wearing the nightie and the robe only, whereas Andrew and I were both fully clothed. She came over and started to help me get my clothes off and as soon as she pulled my shorts down she took my already hard cock in her hand and started to stroke me. Then she began to lick my cock. (Read More…)

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April 12th, 2010

This chick feels that she is more attracted to girls, than to men, her boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind it and they are about to have a hot threesome….

I’m a pretty slim 18-year-old girl. I love all kinds of sexual pleasures and we’ve been together with my boyfriend for a pretty long period of time. We both like experimenting but recently my boyfriend had noticed that I like girls too. No, I’m not a lesbian and Brad satisfies me but I’d love to try sex with a girl. I wanted to play the guy’s part fucking my partner, listening to her moans, feel what a man feels when the girl climaxes. I wanted to lick her, tongue her, play with her nipples, bite them, mmm…

And when we discussed this topic Brad offered me to try threesome sex: he, I and my best friend. Iren and I have been friends for two years already and some time ago we agreed to try lesbian sex. That was the reason why we chose her for our intentions.

We agreed that I’d call at her university and then Brad would pick us up there. So, we were talking with Iren, who didn’t know anything about what was going to happen, when my boyfriend arrived. (Read More…)

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Hot teachers

April 6th, 2010

The student is having fun with his French teacher, she is hot and lustful, they are making out right in the classroom and suddenly the teacher of German cums in…

This story happened to me when I was a sophomore at college.

After classes I was going home when my French teacher stopped me. She was young, short and slim. Her name was Natalie.

- Do you know that you have D for my subject? – She asked.

I said I knew that and wondered whether I could do anything to improve my grade or not. She told me to follow her.

We entered her classroom and she locked the door. I came up to her table, she approached to me and passed her hands over my body. Then she went around me and kissed me passionately. We kissed for a long time; she sucked my tongue furiously and moaned from excitement. Then she squatted, unzipped my fly and pulled my huge phallus out.

At first she masturbated it looking into my eyes, then began sucking it. She swallowed it deep, licked the head, passed her tongue over the balls… (Read More…)

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Has she done anything wrong?

March 31st, 2010

The husband decides to punish his wife for being so irresponsible at work, he invites his friends over and offers each of them his wife’s pussy, can they refuse?

My boss’s wife, Lily, works as his secretary. She is a strict woman but he is rather mild… She can say something offensive to him but he doesn’t reply… Of course it is not our business but I think man should be the head of the family.

Lily is a very beautiful woman and looks much younger than her real age is. So, I can understand Thomas a bit. And generally he is a first-class guy and such trifles are not so important for the employees.

We respected Thomas a lot that’s why we didn’t see a woman in Lily. To be precise we saw how attractive she was but she was our boss’s spouse and it automatically meant there could be nothing between us. To tell you the truth I was even afraid of her a bit.

Our men staff was going to a sauna that day. We would often go there, sometimes with girls. I dislike strong drinks but visiting a sauna is something I always ready to do; and I like girls of course… (Read More…)

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Good assistant!

March 30th, 2010


The guy comes to visit his dad in the office, but instead spots his stunning assistant chick, who seems to be so horny and naughty, he decides to take his chance and get his cock into some action…

One day, when I was doing my exams, I decided to visit my dad and went to his office. It was a big building, of 5 stories, with a wide parking lot. I pulled my car over, entered the hall and quickly made my way to the lift. Most of his employees knew me so I was meeting dozens of people I didn’t even know, but all of them kept on saluting me by name and asking how I was doing. I meant to see my dad on lunch when he got some spare time. I entered his office and met a nice pretty assistant with long legs, round faced and charming voice. I never paid any attention to dad’s assistants, although he preferred tall beautiful ladies with model shaped forms to be working in his office as office managers and secretaries. This time I found that dad was not at his place. I didn’t know her. I only saw her a few times, but never stopped my eye on her. She was sitting at the computer and playing some funny game. Her name was Sandra and she turned to be very interesting and communicative, I was surprised how a woman like her worked as an assistant. To me, this job had always been associated with trivial duties. We spent 2 hours on a friendly chat and soon I found it exciting to watch her long legs out of skirt and broad low-neck with big boobs. Nevertheless I was obsessed with the though of her teasing me. I could see “Fuck me right now!” in her eyes as she was saying at the same time: “I’m no match for you!”

“Listen! – Sandra said: – Why are men so Hesitant?”

“What do you mean? I think I don’t understand you”

“I think you do” she said looking straight at my eyes (Read More…)

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