That was a usual day!

May 25th, 2010

The husband and a wife are sharing their nasty and dirty fantasies with each other, it seems like they have a lot to tell each other and one story is hotter than the other!

What should I start from? I think this is kind of fiction when you start reading my stories, but let me assure you that they are all 100% true! I have a wife and she is always hot for studs with huge cocks. My wife is a long legged American blonde long haired lady, who loved intelligent, good looking men.

When we first met, I had not had many women in my life, in fact she was my first woman I had much of sex. When I asked, she told me that she had hundred men. I believed her. The funny thing was that she should actually fall in love with not only me but also some other guys.

When she offered to be faithful to me, I refused the offer. I think she shouldn’t keep on it. I told her to carry on, just as she had been used to. I told her that I would continue to love and respect her however many men she fucked. She had not only my permission, but also my encouragement. She sometimes worried that my lack of jealousy meant that I didn’t love her. (Read More…)

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My best birthday present!

April 21st, 2010

The husband is bisexual and often brings home his friends who fuck his ass right in front of his wife, the wife really enjoys the show and loves getting fucked by his friends after that…

I am a 30 years old a bit of bisexual guy, with short crew cut blonde hair and blue eyes, much of Scandinavian type. My wife does not normally like to watch or take part with my sexual encounters; however this time she gave me a special present. That was my birthday, and I hoped to celebrate this day in my family round, so what my wife did next simply stunned me a lot.

All day my wife kept telling me that she had one last Birthday present for me when I got home, so when I got home I was surprised to see 3 of my male friends from a our BI club that I visit sometimes. I was told that this was my birthday present.

Before I knew everything in details, the 5 off us were upstairs on the bed completely naked, and I had lots of hands over my naked body. (Read More…)

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The 44 year old Milf is looking for some hot action when one guy invites her to his place, promising to show her the hottest show ever!

Priscilla was a 44 year old, married lady. I made the acquaintance with her due to our mutual friend. She was 5”6 tall, and although she was not thin at all, I cold say she was a bit of booty shape. I would also give the highest rate to her large shaking breast and big round nipples, she also was an owner of a very big round ass to fuck! and when she wore a nice short summer dress which verbally outlined every single curve of her body, she looked almost awesome! She was a very sexy lady with some really wild friends. She once told me this story and I am in for sharing it with you, but let it be your secret!

She met her friend, Ronny at a service station. Where he told her he had something really special for her to watch, hinting about some real live action. They drove for around 35 minutes, finally arriving to a remote very nice looking house with big lawn mower in front and, as it appeared, a big blue pool in the back yard. The whole building was constructed and designed in Victorian style. Priscilla still had no idea what was in store for her, as they entered the house. (Read More…)

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Being bicurious!

March 30th, 2009

This chick simply adores seeing her boyfriend sucking on a man’s cock, she wants to fuck his ass with a strap-on, but her wildest dream is to see his being fucked in the ass by another man…

This is the short story of me entering a new and wonderful world of BI. I have a girlfriend, her name is Samantha and just 2 months ago she got me into sucking on her workmate Tommy’s cock. Well, it was actually a small episode, and I didn’t expect it to happen again. But I gotta admit we had a great sex last time. Now she had other plans on me. She and I knew that I was not gay, I loved women, and I loved fucking them, but there was something in male’s cock I couldn’t resist.

Following Samantha’s fetish at making me blow her work friend Tommy, she decided it was time I moved to the next step, and fucked with a man. I have often thought about this, but never had I imagined Samantha would be the first to encourage me. (Read more…)

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My first bisexual lesson!

March 23rd, 2009

This guy learns his first bisexual lesson and it seems like he enjoyed it a lot, he got his ass fucked but he also got the wettest pussy in the whole world…

I was 23 years old, had just graduated from University, and decided to take a road trip before starting my new job in a few weeks. I had been on the road for about 3 days and had stopped at a small hotel in a country town. The hotel had nice conditions, and a bar attached, so after dinner I went to the bar for a couple of drinks. I had been there about 30 min when suddenly a stunning brown haired busty babe walked in with a guy by her arm. She looked to be about 27-28 years old, around 5”5, with the sweetest ass I had ever seen. Her breast was small barely, showing out of her low cut shirt, and those boobs were just amazing, but that ass was to die for. She was not a thin slim girl, she was big, with big forms and massive humps, and her body was made for real sex! As I watched them walk across the room to a table, I could have sworn she winked at me. (Read more)

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Bicurious threesome!

March 21st, 2009

This couple is bi-curious and the girlfriend just loves seeing his boyfriend sucking on a fat cock, she also loves seeing his ass getting fucked and she wants to be a part of all that…

Alessandro was a white male, about 5”7. He was pretty muscular and loved his girlfriend. Alessandro was a type of guys who really liked big women, he didn’t know why, he just loved the way they looked. The big ass, fat thighs and the huge tits, his eyes would always brighten up when he saw a woman like his girlfriend. Alessandro was also kind of kinky male as well, he liked to lick ass, and finger girls’ asses as well as his own! Alessandro wasn’t gay, but he loved to be fucked in the ass with a dildo, vibrator, and even anal beads. Alessandro also liked to suck cock. Just the thought of it got Alessandro turned on. To be ass fucked and throat fucked by 2 big cocks, and have his woman there watching got him excited. Normally, Alessandro was not into sharing his ideas with anyone, because not every woman encourages this type of behavior, but Alessandro’s girlfriend Sandra Romain not only encouraged this type of sex activities, but she forced it! She had always dreamed of threesomes where she watched a guy fuck Alessandro’s throat.

Sandra was at the store one day when she met a real match for her boyfriend, there was a handsome guy about 19 years old and the same build as Alessandro. She began to talk to this man and found out his name was Valerio, she also found out that Valerio was in a mood to flirt, so she asked: (Read more…)

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New Year surprise

February 25th, 2009

This was a New Year celebration that this couple would definitely remember, they got to expand their sexual horizons and feel the things they’ve never felt before…

It happened at the New Year night. My wife Kate and I decided to celebrate the holiday with my elder sister Maria and her husband. After a few drinks finished Maria and Dan made up their minds to go to the central square to see the fireworks and we were left alone to continue the celebration.

Kate went to the shower when I heard the doorbell. It was about 1.30 am by that time. I opened the door and saw a man of about 30, rather handsome and hunky. He introduced himself as George and told me he was my sister’s neighbor. He said he had no one to celebrate the New Year with and if we didn’t mind he wanted to join us. I invited him in.

George entered the room and started taking out various delicacies out of his bag. At this moment Kate returned from the shower. She was nude…Fortunately she was already rather tipsy. George pretended he didn’t see her nudity and gave her flowers he’d brought with him congratulating her on the holiday. Kate came up very close to him and gave him a soul kiss. (Read More…)

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My old friend and his wife!

January 5th, 2009

A guy is dreaming of getting laid by his bisexual friend but he gets married and now the idea is to try a nice, bicurious threesome…

Hi. I have been reading stories on this site and it inspired me to share my own with you! I’m a young easy going cute guy, bicurious and well built. I’m 24 years old, raven black hair and broad shoulders. They say that I have a cute round ass and handsome eyes. Being a bi doesn’t mean to be a staunch gay and hate women, I love girls and I rally love having sex with females, but I also have a thing on young good looking guys with slim bodies. I’d like to put this story because I think it is honest to let everyone to read a few words about me.

I have a buddy, Morrison is his name. He and I have been having sex for the last 5 years. We have done and tried everything we could think of. One of our favorite things we did, was when I would drive somewhere, and he would give me head all the way there. Or then he would drive home and I would suck his cock all the way home.

Last year he went away and got married. It was a painful break up for me, I thought that would be the end of us. I couldn’t find any consolation, because I thought I loved him very much. And so I was surprised one night when they showed up at my door. I mean Morrison and his wife. It was a tall, sexy high hipped round assed nice girl with grey eyes and sensual lips. They came in when I was sitting and watching some hot bi video. It was the one in my collection. She had long slim legs making her look like a model. I invited them in and offered some drink. (Read More…)

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Me, my hubby and his best friend!

December 20th, 2008

This man doesn’t mind sharing his wife with his friend, but later the wife says that she wants to see her husband fucking another man, that’s going to be an interesting show…

My husband Alexander and I had just moved into a new house in a quiet town along the coast. We just wanted to get away from the city noise for a while now and were so happy when our broker called to tell us that he got some really nice place to stay. We moved in shortly after, and started renovating our new dream home. At around this time, my husband got a call from his old high school friend Andrew who told us he would arrive next week and asked if he could stay with us.

He said that in return for our hospitality, he would help us with all plumbing works around the house because that was what he had been doing since he and Alexander had left school. Alexander was all absorbed in construction, so I was very nervous about the amount of work we would have to fulfill in such a short period of time. I also caught the opportunity to see Andrew because I had always had a turn on for him. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but Andrew always fascinated me. My husband is 6”4, with a body of a Greek god and all my friends comment on how good looking he is. The only problem is that our 10 year marriage has is lack of sex. Don’t get me wrong again, we make love all the time and until recently, it was fantastic. I don’t know whether it is just routine, but lately our bedroom activities have been so rare and now I rarely get climax anymore.

Andrew arrived on Friday afternoon while I was still at work. Alexander had taken the day off from his work, so he could meet him at the train station. I should be sincere to say that over the last couple of weeks I had been thinking of Andrew non-stop and even watched an old CD with a party we all attended once, just to see again the man who had regularly appeared in my sexual fantasies. He was 6”5 with a strong muscular built. He had short blonde hair and always seemed to be tanned, even in winter. His biceps were huge and he had long muscular legs as well. All day at work I couldn’t stop thinking about him, hoping he had stayed the same after all these years. I made excuses to leave work early so I could rush home to spend time with him. When I walked inside, my heart was thumping with excitement, he stood up to greet me. He had not changed a bit and was as handsome as I remembered him for all this time. We went out for dinner to recall good old times, but arrived home early as Alexander had to work the next day. (Read More…)

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A present for my wife. Part 2

November 25th, 2008

The wife can’t be happier seeing her husband fucking a guy’s ass in her presence, she is cumming non stop and there’s nothing better for her…

It seemed to me that he got frightened of my intonation more than of something else.

- Please, no!

- We hadn’t met you in the street. You came here to work. It was your own decision. So, you must work. This night is going to be long… – Ann purred taking her glass.

- Should I repeat? – I asked playing with a racquet.

He had realized we weren’t kidding.

- No… I’ll be screaming! – He said hesitatingly. And added, – I’ll go to the police!

- I AM the police, – I answered quietly and he fell silent. – I’ll fuck you anyway but you can choose whether I’m going to treat you badly or you will enjoy it either…

His lips trembled. He lowered his head and pronounced:

- Let it be pleasant for both of us…

Actually he had no real choice. He was naked, tied up and locked in a flat. To add to all that, he wouldn’t have a chance to do anything to me even if his hands were unfastened as I was much stronger. (Read More…)

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