Unforgettable date

September 26th, 2007

A couple invites a friend to dinner, but he wants more than that, he fucks the young wife and then her husband and they are all happy.

It was hot summer day. I had a weird feeling that something unusual and miraculous would happen to me. I was on my way to meet with a young couple. I saw their ad on the Internet. First we arranged the deal on the phone. I was talking to a woman with a very pleasant voice. We agreed to meet at their place. That’s where I was going, actually. Lots of nice erotic fantasies occurred to me on the way there.

I bought a bottle of wine. I came into the house in an average street of an average district. The third story. I had butterflies in my stomach, it was scary a bit to ring the bell. But I did. The door flung open and I saw a young attractive girl of about 25. She wasn’t very tall. She had long dark blonde hair, big brown eyes, plump lips, and a big breast. I could see her hard nipples, that made me come to a conclusion that she didn’t like to wear bras. The skirt wasn’t very short, but I could see her tanned slender legs.

-Hi, – the girl smiled, – you must be Fred.
-Yeah, that’s me, and you are Natasha? – I handed her the wine bottle.

She let me in. a young man came out of the room. We shook hands.

-I’m Andrew, hi.

The guy was strong. When we went into the room I saw it was rather big and cozy. A huge couch was standing in the farthest corner. There was a coffee table in front of it too. We sat down on the couch.

-Let’s drink to our meeting, – Andrew said.

We did. I was sitting to Natasha’s right. Our shoulders touched each other. Accidentally I touched her big boobs by my elbow. They was firm. Andrew turned on good romantic music. It was difficult for us to feel at ease and start a conversation. We preferred to begin with safe topics, such as weather, my studies at the university, career. I thought we would never start doing the things I actually came there for. When we were through with the wine, Andrew brought another bottle.

Natasha said she wanted to dance and grasped my hand, pulling me to the center of the room. She cupped my neck by her hands, pressed her tits and hips against my body. I put my hands around her waist, and buried my face in her aromatic hair. We were dancing. I looked at her husband. He was watching us, drinking wine. Natasha pressed even closer. I felt her firm gorgeous boobs, her hard nipples. That turned me on. She noticed it too. She looked into my eyes and put her hand on the bulge in my pants. My knob reacted at once, getting even bigger and harder.

-Wow! – She said, – Are you sleeping there?! Come over here! – She added, addressing her hubby.
Andrew did what she asked him to. He came up to her from the back and put his hands on her knockers. I saw she was aroused – her cheeks were blushing, her eyes were shining with desire, the lips were parted. She was breathing heavily.

-What do you think abut her boobs? – Andrew asked pulling off her T-shirt.
-I’ve never seen such big ones before, -I confessed.

All I wanted at that moment was to pinch a big hard nipple of hers. But I was still shy and didn’t know if I could do it. Andrew was the first to react. He sucked into her right nipple and put his hand around her waist. Natasha pulled me close and kissed me deeply. I felt her tongue behind my teeth. I bent down and took the desired brown nipple in my lips. I was sucking it, Natasha began moaning, tossing her head back. We were still dancing, it was the best dance I’d ever taken part in, a woman and two men sucking her breasts.

Then she got on her knees and unzipped my fly, pulling my pants to my knees. My dick seemed to be huge of arousal, though it wasn’t that huge in reality– it was just 8 inches long. Andrew got undressed himself without her help. He threw his pants to a side. I glanced at his cock, I was happy to admit his one was some 2 inched smaller than mine. It was well shaven and slightly crooked. His balls were also shaven clean.

Natasha pulled us closer and took my dickhead in her mouth. Her mouth was wet and warm; she began caressing me with her tongue, sucking. Then she let the dick go and grasped her husband’s one. Her hand was fondling my shaft. I was on the verge of cumming, but I wanted to prolong the bliss. So I squatted and started kissing her back. Natasha was sucking her hubby’s stem, moaning.

I got my hand between her buttocks and felt her wet swollen pussy. I entered it with my finger. She was moaning louder now, still sucking Andrew. I sat down on the floor spreading my legs. I took her buttocks in my hands and impaled her on my cock. My pecker slid in smoothly. Natasha moaned, still holding Andrew’s dick in her mouth. I squeezed her gorgeous boobs and began caressing them. She was almost jumping on me, turning on more and more.

Then she turned her face at me, and I lay on my back. She directed my prick in her vagina and stuck out her tasty butt. Andrew lubricated his stem with saliva and began entering his wife’s asshole slowly. Judging by her face expression she wasn’t surprised to feel what she felt but she wasn’t very good in anal sex yet and it caused her pain – she was biting her wonderful lip. Through a thin wall between her pussy and anus I felt his knob getting deeper and deeper inside her butt. We wee playing with her holes – I was playing with her twat, Andrew – with her butt, then we switched places. Natasha closed her eyes, crying quietly. She felt more pleasure that pain, it seemed to me.

Some time later she sat on my face showing me the wet pussy my cock had just been ramming in. I pressed it to my lips, licking lustfully. I paid much attention to her love button. Getting my tongue in her cave I felt her trembling and realized she was cumming. I never stopped licking her snatch. I was happy I could prolong my own orgasm, but suddenly I felt something soft, wet and hot cover my prick. I looked up and saw Andrew giving me head. He was great. I wanted to say something for him to stop, but I was too tired to pronounce even a single word.

I got deep between Natasha’s vulva lips, but soon I came loudly unable to handle that great anal caress of Andrew. I had never felt such an orgasm before. Andrew swallowed most of my cum, some part of it was on his lips, some was on my belly. Natasha bent down to me and sucked me to drain. The she began licking it off her husband’s cheeks, then off my stomach. Looking at her happy face I realized she loved to swallow men’s love juices.

Andrew lay on his back beside me, so our dicks were close to each other. His one was still hard, mine was already flaccid. Natasha was sucking them in turn. She paid more attention to my shaft, caressing it with her hand, and toying with the balls. I saw Andrew cumming into Natasha’s mouth, drops of his sperm got on my stem. She swallowed everything, licked my dick clean. Then she proceeded to her husband and his cock and asshole. She penetrated it with her tongue.

I stood up and poured myself some wine, I was thirsty. I was watching the spouses. Andrew was lying on his back with his knees pressed to his chest. Natasha was sucking his knob, fucking his ass with two fingers. He seemed to like it, he was moaning.

I finally felt ready to join them. I came up to Natasha from the rear and made her get on her knees in doggy fashion. She stuck her butt out, inviting me in. I got in. First I entered her anus with an index finger. I wanted to know her reaction. She was moaning, still keeping Andrew’s dick in her mouth. I lubricated my shaft with the saliva and began entering her tight hole slowly. It seemed it would never get in at all, the hole seemed too tight. But then suddenly the hole opened, and my dickhead was inside. It was so tight there. Natasha cried out. I guess it was the first cock of such a size in her butt. In spite of the cry, she impaled herself more and deeper on my prick. I thrust in, she yelled again and let the dick she was sucking out. She turned round to look at me – she was so beautiful, I saw her plump lips, sperm was getting dry on her cheeks. She was looking at me pleading.

My dick was two thirds in her ass, but I didn’t mean to stop. My hands were holding her hips tightly. I made one powerful thrust in. She cried out again, tears were flowing down her cheeks. She tried to push me away, but I was holding her too tight to do it. Andrew pulled her head to his groin. She was sucking him again, sobbing. I was slow fucking her ass. It was painful for her, her face was washed by her tears. She cried out every time I entered her at full length. But she no longer tried to push me away. I guess she began to like it.

-Fred, fuck me with your huge dick, – Andrew asked.

Why not, I thought. It wasn’t my first experience with men. I used to ram men and boys, but none of them had ever fucked me – I don’t like it. Andrew entered his wife’s butt, it was much better for her this way. I figured out what he wanted. I came up to him from the back and spread his hairy buttocks. I lubricated his anus with my saliva and thrust in. It was easier that with his wife. It wasn’t his first time, for sure! So, that’s the way we were drilling each other. I admit we could look rather funny.
Andrew came first. I realized it when his anus began pulsing, pushing my dick in and out of his hole. He got out if Natasha’s asshole and turned her to face him. He drained his prick in her mouth. Feeling I was close to cumming I accelerated the tempo and then got out of Andrew’s butt, giving my dick for Natasha to suck. She grasped it with her lips and sucked it deep in her throat. I came right into her throat. She swallowed it and licked it clean. I was grateful to her for that.

Then we got dressed and continued to drink wine discussing great moments of this unforgettable date.

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