The bet!

September 9th, 2007

After a noise party this guy goes to sleep with two other men in the room, but for sure they are not going to sleep, they’ve got something more exciting and interesting to do!

Having fun in one of our city’s night clubs we happened to meet 2 married couples, who turned to be very cheerful and merry persons, after a short talk it seemed like we had been friends for many years, so well we got on with one another. When it was time to leave we exchanged our phones and agreed to meet at the next weekend at Stan and Mary’s home, to have some steam bath. On Saturday we were picked up by Alan and his wife Nati, having stocked up on drinks and different delicious food we set off. Nati was driving a car, Alan took some can and suggested drinking some cognac, my wife turned down his proposal at once; Nati was a driver, so I and Alan resolved to have some drops of that. Our babes warned us skittishly of forthcoming reckoning for this abstention and such a loose behavior. When, finally, we got to Stan’s we both had had one too many! An alcohol made our minds reel.

Mary met us at the gates and said that the steam bath was already ready, so guys should have gone first, and then it was girls’ turn to have it. After a while I, Stan and Alan left the bath, that turned to be very hot and full of steam, we entered the porch and settled comfortable on the armchairs talking sport, women, and politics. In an hour our wives joined us and set to doing a table with everything that was on the stock. The feats began, women kept winking at one another all the time and on Stan’s question “what was going on” they revealed a secret to us in a conspiratorial voice. They had conceived some naughty punishment on us all for the behavior of mine and Alan’s. Stan protested saying that there was no his fault at all, but Nati insisted on male’s solidarity, and that’s why he was supposed to suffer this just punishment.

- What have you worked out? We asked in one voice

- You will see it later! Was reply

Timed passed by, gradually we located to the hall where all coupes started dancing. The slow music and the amount of drunken alcohol made us lazy and relaxed. There, our women began to carry the plan into effect. They surrounded poor Stan and set to undoing his cloth, the same happened to me in a few minutes. They took him to the bed room with large bed in centre of the room, next was me. The loud laughter resounded and Mary’s voce exclaimed:

- You will not have sex for today!

- Let’s take our trunks! Suggested Alan

- They won’t give, grinned Stan. Let them rejoice, tomorrow we will work something out too!

Thus, we went to bed to fall asleep. Girls made fun for some time in the next room, but soon they seemed to fall sleep as well, so a stillness descended on the whole house. I could hear only tick-tack of the wall clocks, and Alan breathing heavily.

I had not been able to sleep that time, over dozens of avenge plans flitted across my mind, when I finally felt my eyes put together. And then I heard some groan next door. I raised my head and the moan repeated again. I could bet that this moan belonged to my wife! No one else could moan the way like her; I knew it very well, for I had been her husband for the recent 5 years. I couldn’t confuse her voice any other. Then silence ensued and after that her moan resounded once again, much louder. Yeahh, sure that was my wife’s fucking moan! I turned hard-on with the mere thought of what they were doing at the moment out there! I was lying on my side facing Stan’s back while Alan settled behind me, I couldn’t move without touching Stan with my erect cock. I was afraid of Stan wake up and misunderstood me! was not a gay, these guys, lying next to me were not like them, so it could be a very dirty stuff if they saw me excited!

Meanwhile my wife moaned louder and louder, I couldn’t understand whether other guys didn’t hear her voice. My cock turned flesh and stuck between the hollow of Stan’s buttocks! I held still awaiting for the worst, but it didn’t come. Stan kept sleeping very peacefully, as if feeling nothing. In a while I couldn’t believe that these guys remained asleep when such a loud symphony was heard all over! I was longing for sex, and at the very this time I sensed Stan moving his ass rubbing it over my cock, while someone’s (I could swear it was Alan) fingers touched my anus and began penetrating in, not deep but working it out. At some moment I felt his four fingers sliding in my anus, and then I let my cock choose the direction and Stan impaled his asshole on my shaft. I was fucking, o, my God, I was banging a man, real man!!! Next, Stan jumped of my cock, turned to me and began jerking me off, while Alan put me on my back, spread my legs wide and fucked my virgin asshole. He seemed to work my butthole out very well as I didn’t feel anything; in some 5 minutes I felt my come was near, Stan kept on jacking my shaft off, Alan and I came at the same time, when, for the first tie in my life I got experienced a load of sperm inside me! After that we lay without moving for a while, and:

- Bravo, guys! There was Mary’s voice: I looked around and saw babes standing at the door with some wine and tall wineglasses.

- I told you he will, so you lost! Nati told my wife

- I propose a toast to the newcomers in our team! Exclaimed Mary raising her glass

I looked at my wife, she was devouring me…

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6 Responses to “The bet!”

  1. Alexander^Seagull Says:

    Oh, that’s fabulous! I love gay stories and I am a gay myself, I don’t love girls they kind of don’t turn me on, there are more and more of us now and soon homosexuals will rule the world, there is no doubt about that! There are two things I value in this life and they are: games and tight male’s asses!

  2. ajay Says:

    i loved the story…it makes me wanna suck on a big dick and let some lucky guy fuck my tight ass until he is ready to cum and then pull out and busts his load all in my mouth.

  3. ur mom Says:

    fuck you alexander. homosexuals wont rule the world. i dont have a problem with gay people but you make it seem like all gay guys are better than straight guys. well thats totaly wrong if thats what you mean. we are equal.

  4. boyoboy Says:

    Go Gay!

  5. Open for all Says:

    I loved the story, I’m straight but have always wanted to suck a big hard cock. I love woman don’t get me wrong but the idea of a guy cumming all over my face makes me so hard.

  6. lover Says:

    Omg! I was readingtjis story and totally just cummed every where I licked it up and nowak playing with my asshole!! Oh fuck yeahhhh mmmm

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