New Year surprise

February 25th, 2009

This was a New Year celebration that this couple would definitely remember, they got to expand their sexual horizons and feel the things they’ve never felt before…

It happened at the New Year night. My wife Kate and I decided to celebrate the holiday with my elder sister Maria and her husband. After a few drinks finished Maria and Dan made up their minds to go to the central square to see the fireworks and we were left alone to continue the celebration.

Kate went to the shower when I heard the doorbell. It was about 1.30 am by that time. I opened the door and saw a man of about 30, rather handsome and hunky. He introduced himself as George and told me he was my sister’s neighbor. He said he had no one to celebrate the New Year with and if we didn’t mind he wanted to join us. I invited him in.

George entered the room and started taking out various delicacies out of his bag. At this moment Kate returned from the shower. She was nude…Fortunately she was already rather tipsy. George pretended he didn’t see her nudity and gave her flowers he’d brought with him congratulating her on the holiday. Kate came up very close to him and gave him a soul kiss.

I left the room as if I needed to go out for some reason. Having smoked a few cigarettes that had affected my state greatly I returned to my wife and the guest.

It was dark, only the TV light illuminated the room. Kate was sitting on George’s lap. The man didn’t react to my appearance. I guess Kate had explained everything to him already. I took two glasses, poured champagne into them and approached to the couple. When I was very close, Kate said:

“Thank you, honey, can you, please, lick my pussy, I’m so wet…”

She turned round and lay with her back on George. Then she parted her legs and put them high on the armrests. I didn’t know what George’s reaction would be but decided to act. I kneeled down in front of the armchair and saw a cock, not big one but rather fat, right before my nose. Kate had already undone George’s pants and was playing with his cock.

I started caressing my wife’s swollen labia. I was licking her pussy tenderly, enjoying every minute of it. A few minutes later I noticed that Kate was trying to rub the erected cock against her pussy. I kept on tonguing her pretending I didn’t notice what was happening. But as she was rubbing against the cock I sometimes touched George’s organ with my tongue as well.

Finally George was the first who decided to act. He directed his dick into Kate’s vagina. She bent and began fidgeting and impaling on it. Doing that, she kept on kissing with the man. I had to help them occasionally when George’s cock was close to dropping out of my wife’s passage. And simultaneously I increased the amplitude of my tongue movement – from my wife’s clit to the base of George’s penis. I felt extremely excited and the greatest desire I had at that moment was to feel George’s cock in my ass.

Kate offered us to move to the sofa. A second later we had nothing on and were lying on the couch. George was athletically built and his beautiful buttocks fascinated me.

Both Kate and her new partner lay on their sides to let me serve them with my tongue easily. I felt that George was enjoying what was happening very much. I kissed his scrotum that strained from the pleasure. Then I took his bollocks into my mouth full of saliva. It made the man moan louder than Kate did.
Slowly but steadily my tongue was moving closer to the chocolate hole of George’s that attracted me much. And here I was at the spot! At first I kissed his buttocks to make the man relax. When George was ready I parted his halves tenderly and started licking his crotch. I did it until George spread his legs and allowed my tongue to work on his newly awakened erogenic zone.

I took his buttcheeks in my hands, separated them as wide as I could and my tongue started penetrating the little hole in between. George’s reaction was amazing. He started wiggling and cursing… I guess it was his first time he was being licked right there. Kate got aroused much from that either and they both climaxed…

George sat on the sofa and tried to recover his breath while I was licking the sweet juices of my wife mixed with the man’s semen from George’s cock…

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2 Responses to “New Year surprise”

  1. allym Says:

    v ery good a bit short and little fucking

  2. ALBiMAle1975 Says:

    I like it but it ended to soon. Seems there should be a lot more to the end of this story.

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