My old friend and his wife!

January 5th, 2009

A guy is dreaming of getting laid by his bisexual friend but he gets married and now the idea is to try a nice, bicurious threesome…

Hi. I have been reading stories on this site and it inspired me to share my own with you! I’m a young easy going cute guy, bicurious and well built. I’m 24 years old, raven black hair and broad shoulders. They say that I have a cute round ass and handsome eyes. Being a bi doesn’t mean to be a staunch gay and hate women, I love girls and I rally love having sex with females, but I also have a thing on young good looking guys with slim bodies. I’d like to put this story because I think it is honest to let everyone to read a few words about me.

I have a buddy, Morrison is his name. He and I have been having sex for the last 5 years. We have done and tried everything we could think of. One of our favorite things we did, was when I would drive somewhere, and he would give me head all the way there. Or then he would drive home and I would suck his cock all the way home.

Last year he went away and got married. It was a painful break up for me, I thought that would be the end of us. I couldn’t find any consolation, because I thought I loved him very much. And so I was surprised one night when they showed up at my door. I mean Morrison and his wife. It was a tall, sexy high hipped round assed nice girl with grey eyes and sensual lips. They came in when I was sitting and watching some hot bi video. It was the one in my collection. She had long slim legs making her look like a model. I invited them in and offered some drink.

We sat around at the TV and started chatting. She was kind and very talkative, actually she was charming. I realized that Morrison must have been happy with her. When we finished our glasses I went to the kitchen and made another round of drink. The movie was still on all this time, and in the long run Morrison’s wife Christina said:

“Wow! It looks hot, I would love to watch 2 guys making out and would love to join in at the same time” then she said that Morrison had already told her about him and me and she knew everything. She also said that it would be a nice show for all of us. With that Morrison and I looked at each other and just shrugged shoulders. I had not had sex with him for over a few months and I needed to fuck badly. So, my answer was to get naked and with that we all stood up, and removed our clothes. Christina suggested repeating the action which was now on TV. Morrison and I looked towards the TV and saw 2 bicurious guys, engaged in a 69. There was also a cute sexy blond girl who was licking the top guy’s asshole!

Well, she didn’t have to ask twice. Morrison and I got into position. It felt good to have his cock back in my mouth once again. Only now I realized how much I had missed that cock of his. I loved the way it felt when it slipped through my lips, going all the way down my throat! In turns, I could feel his lip running softly over my penis and the tip of my cock reaching his hot wet throat! That felt so good! I was stroking that cock very tenderly and it was sliding in my mouth with ease.

All this time his wife Christina was sitting back and watching the action. Then she told me that I could suck and take that cock much deeper than she could do it to her husband. After a deep throat, I pulled it out, paused sucking and suggested her coming over and helping me with that cock. I said that I would show her how to suck my old friend’s dick. But she said that she wanted to watch first. So I went back down on Morrison’s shaft and started giving him head the way I knew he liked it.

At the same time he was sucking my cock just the way that turned me mad! He knew how to turn me on well! I told him to slow down or I would cum in his mouth soon! I didn’t want to cum before we started fucking. Thus, he got off my cock and we took a short break. While we were lying and having rest, Morrison’s wife kept rubbing and caressing his manhood. After the break Christina said she also wanted her share and Morrison suggested that I lick her pussy right now. With that I jumped between her legs and started licking on the sweetest pussy I’d ever tasted. I was on my hand and knees as I was eating her cunt.

I felt Morrison slip under me and next I could feel my cock sliding through his lips. At the same time he started working his middle finger in my ass. That caused me to let out a big moan. When Christina heard my voice she said that she wanted to see Morrison’s hard cock in my asshole. Obediently, Morrison pulled out his finger and got into position behind me. I was on all my fours with my ass offered. He reached out his hand to the nightstand and took some lube. I always keep the lube in my nightstand, because time after time I use it to lube my ass and fuck myself with dildo.

Christina was holding my head by hair, directing my face towards her moistened pussy. Her pussy tasted great, it was neatly shaved and very sensual, she would give a start each time I touched her pussy with my tongue. She loved it when I would make circles around her clit, then take it into my mouth and suck it slightly. It felt good when Morrison started working the lube into my ass. He would use his finger to bring my asshole to needed condition, working inside very carefully. When he was done with my ass, he brought his fingers to my mouth and I sucked my ass juices greedily! After awhile I felt the head of his cock start to push its way into my ass.

The deeper he went the deeper I sucked on her cunt. All the time she never stopped moaning and saying she was gonna cum! With that, suddenly, she let out a scream and her juices started flowing out faster than I could lick them up. I couldn’t get to swallow all of her juices! When she finally finished and caught her breath, Christina said she wanted me to fuck her! She turned up and flipped over on her hands and knees so I could reach her with my cock. With one fast thrust I was in all the way. We all now were engaged in a hardcore action, Christina was spread over the sofa with my cock fucking her pussy and her husband Morrison standing over my ass and fucking me from behind! Morrison started working his cock back and forth in my ass while I began shoving my penis in and out of Christina’s pussy. The pace became faster and faster. Morrison fucked me while I fucked Christina.

I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls so I told them I was going to cum. Morrison said that he going to explode also. With that I pulled out and exploded with one of the largest loads I had ever shot. My cum gushed out and started landing over his wife’s round white ass! At the same time I could feel Morrison’s huge cock shooting a full load deep in my ass. It was the most fantastic orgasm I ever felt. When we finished cumming, we all three fell onto the carpet completely drained. Sweat was pouring down our bodies. I didn’t want it to stop, because Morrison’s cock felt so good deep in my ass. When it started to go limp and pulled out of my ass, I squeezed my anal muscles to keep him from pulling out. I was tired but didn’t want to let his cock slip out of my ass. Then we all fell asleep until the next morning. That’s the way how it all started!

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2 Responses to “My old friend and his wife!”

  1. allym Says:

    that was great shot a load at the same time fuck that was good,more please

  2. woody 43 Says:

    loved the story but sure seemed a wast of cum i think iwould have him unload in my mouth

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