My first bisexual lesson!

March 23rd, 2009

This guy learns his first bisexual lesson and it seems like he enjoyed it a lot, he got his ass fucked but he also got the wettest pussy in the whole world…

I was 23 years old, had just graduated from University, and decided to take a road trip before starting my new job in a few weeks. I had been on the road for about 3 days and had stopped at a small hotel in a country town. The hotel had nice conditions, and a bar attached, so after dinner I went to the bar for a couple of drinks. I had been there about 30 min when suddenly a stunning brown haired busty babe walked in with a guy by her arm. She looked to be about 27-28 years old, around 5”5, with the sweetest ass I had ever seen. Her breast was small barely, showing out of her low cut shirt, and those boobs were just amazing, but that ass was to die for. She was not a thin slim girl, she was big, with big forms and massive humps, and her body was made for real sex! As I watched them walk across the room to a table, I could have sworn she winked at me.

I turned away immediately not wanting to give this guy with her a reason to start a quarrel. I turned back to the game on the TV and was finishing my second beer when I heard her start to laugh loudly. Of course I had to turn around to see what was so funny and when I did, they both were staring at me. First thought was that he saw me looking at her and that she was playing on it. I decided I would just ignore them and then go to bed. So I was about to finish with my drink when I realized someone had set down next to me at the bar. I turned to see her guy looking right at me. At that moment fear crossed my mind, because I thought he was going to start something. I said HI, hoping that if I was friendly he would let it go. But he really surprised me by saying that Gianna Michaels, his girlfriend, would like me to join them.

One more look at her sexy face was all I needed, I said yes and he introduced us all. Her name was Gianna and his was Tommy. We sat and talked for awhile about the local area and stuff when I suddenly felt a hand on my leg. I looked at Gianna and then at Tommy, kind of stammered and perplexed, not knowing what to expect. But they were both smiling. Tommy said he had a talk to me. They had seen me when I was checking in and it turned out that Gianna had always wanted to be with 2 guys at the same time. They thought I would be the perfect candidate since I was not from this town and would not start rumors about her. Well, they were right, because I wouldn’t spread any rumors anyway. I just sat there with a dazed look and she asked me if I was OK. I said yes and that all of this just caught me stupefied. I had only been once in a threesome, when I was in college: my roommate brought a girl from the bar and she ended up blowing me while he fucked her.

It was nothing special but the thought of getting anything from Gianna made me hard in a second! After working out the details, I left by myself towards my room. About 15 minutes later there was a light knock on my door. I let them in and, as soon as the door was shut, Gianna pushed me down on the bed and started kissing me while rubbing my crotch with her hand! Damn, she was definitely a hot girl. After making out for a few minutes, she got up and started kissing and caressing Tommy’s body while he got undressed. I got up and started taking my own clothes off, but she told me to wait that she wanted to do it herself.

When Tommy was naked she stripped out of her clothes, then knelt down and swallowed his cock whole. He was about 7” inches like mine, although his was not as fat as mine, but she took every inch of it! She was virtually devouring his cock! When she had him hard, she repeated the process with me. God! That was the greatest oral I had ever received: she would go all the way down and then use her tongue to massage my shaft! She pulled it out, then slid all the way back down, the head of my cock was pressing against her throat before repeating it all again! Just when I thought I was going to cum, she laid back on the bed and told me to lick her pussy and get her nice and wet for us! I did not have to be asked twice, I dove right into that shaved pussy spreading the lips to plunge my tongue in and then slowly licked her clit!

As I flicked my tongue over her clit and sucked on it she started moaning. Meanwhile Tommy was sucking and biting the nipples on her huge shacking tits. She was moaning in ecstasy and she screamed that she was going to cum. When she started to moan, I slid 2 fingers into her soaked pussy and fucked her to the hardest orgasms I had ever seen. As soon as she stopped shaking, she got on all fours looking back at me and told me to fuck her from behind. I couldn’t resist that hot sexy ass in front of me! I slid my cock all the way inside of her and she swallowed Tommy’s cock in front of her. By the look on his face, I could tell he was enjoying the show! I started speeding up, banging in and out of her wet hole, while she moaned more and louder sucking on Tommy’s cock! I fucked her until she came again. Then she looked back at me after I slowed my strokes and asked if I wanted to taste his cock! Tommy’s cock! I just looked at her in amazement since I had never been with a guy!

I told her I was not in the mood to do that, but she persuaded me when she said that if I did what she wants, she would let me fuck her in the ass! I really had to think about that, but the thought of having that ass overcame my fears of sucking Tommy’s cock. Besides, I was a stranger in their town, so who would know? So, I gave in, she put me on my back and climbed on top of my cock while Tommy straddled my face, putting his cock on my lips! I slowly opened my mouth and licked the head of his cock. She started impaling my throbbing cock onto her wet ripping cunt! Again, she encouraged me with a nice opportunity to use her ass if I sucked that cock! At that moment, I pulled him closer and wrapped my mouth around his shaft. I got about half of it when I began to gag and spited it out! She giggled and told me to take it easy, then she began to ride my cock like mad! I slid my mouth back on Tommy’s cock and started working it back and forth, trying to use my tongue. I must have been doing fine since he was moaning and grabbing the back of my head trying to shove more of his meat down my throat! After a few minutes Gianna must have been satisfied, because she put Tommy on the bed and shoved herself onto his cock in one smooth motion.

She started riding him, as if it was the last cock on earth, the suddenly she grabbed my cock and pulled me towards Tommy’s mouth. He just reached out and pulled my cock into his waiting mouth and to my surprise, took every inch! I must have looked a bit surprised when Gianna said that it was a very difficult technique to take the whole cock in the mouth! While he sucked my cock, she fucked Tommy’s cock to another orgasm. Then she told Tommy to fuck her from behind, she got on all fours, pushing me down on the bed. She spread my legs and started licking my balls working all the way up my shaft and back down. I closed my eyes in ecstasy when suddenly I felt her hot tongue go from my balls to my asshole. I had never had my ass licked by someone! Fear came over me: they might start thinking I was gay or something if I acted like I enjoyed it! But she teased and licked my ass so tenderly, that all fears had gone! He was behind her fucking her wet pussy and lubing her ass, getting it ready for my cock. She kept licking my balls and ass, while he went on fucking her cunt, when suddenly I felt her finger slide in.

I tried to pull out but she won’t let me. She just looked at me and said it was better than the cock! Well, it felt hot so much, having her mouth licking my balls and sucking my cock while she was working my ass! After a couple of minutes she said it was time to change cocks and stuck her ass in the air. I could not wait any longer: I jumped behind her and pressed my cock against her well lubed asshole! It felt so tight when I tried to slide in! I thought she would scream with pain but she just looked around at me and closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of my cock entering her! I held it there for a minute, so that she got used to the cock’s size, and then she began devouring my cock slowly, inch by inch! I grabbed her hips and started shoving in and out a bit deeper each time. When I started speeding up, she was going crazy under me! God, I could swear, this girl loved being fucked in the ass! Just when I started fucking her well, I felt a hand on my ass and after that a lubed finger slid in! At this point I was so hot I did not even care what Tommy was gonna do! I was ready for everything just to fuck this ass!

While I continued to fuck her ass, Tommy finger fucked my tight asshole like I was a girl for him! I was just about ready to cum when Gianna pushed me out of her. She told me that she did not want me to cum yet! She said that since I fucked her ass, then her man now had to fuck mine. I started to protest when she said that she really wanted to see him fuck a guy! She promised he would be gentle and that she would help me, because I told her I had never done anything like that before! She put me on the bed, climbed on my cock burying it inside her sweet ass. Then this young slut pulled my legs up and told me to relax. After that I felt the head of Tommy’s cock pushing against my asshole. With that he slowly slid in! I grimaced at the pain! He held it there and for a minute or so, and then I started feeling a bit comfortable! To be honest, it started to feel nice. Then he slowly started working his cock in and out of my asshole, while Gianna started riding my cock with her ass! It did not take long and I moaned that I was ready to cum.

Gianna jumped off taking my cock deep in her mouth and I started to shoot my hot load while Tommy continued to fuck my ass harder with each stroke. Just after I finished cuming, he pulled his cock out of my ass and Gianna stared sucking on his cock! He began to cum, and she got to take every drop of his load! She pulled of his cock, sperm was running down her chin. Her mouth was full of cum! She showed that mouthful for us 2 and swallowed our loads! Then we all collapsed on the bed one of us on each side of her just lying there and panting heavily. After a short rest they said they had to leave. Gianna gave me their cell number but said they would be moving in a few days because Tommy had a new job in a different town! However, she said if I ever just wanted to have sex, I could call any time. The next morning I woke up not really believing what had happened. I had never thought of being with a guy before.

Next month, I finally finished my road trip and got a new job. When I entered the office, I could not believe my eyes. There was Gianna sitting in the receptionist room! When she looked up, she was also surprised to see me, but smiled at me. She asked what I was doing there and when I told her she said that she had just started as secretary. I looked at her and thought to myself I was going to love this job!

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  1. apple Says:

    Hot story. I loved it when you both came in her mouth, and when she took it out of her ass and shoved it in her mouth to get all the cum taste.

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