My best birthday present!

April 21st, 2010

The husband is bisexual and often brings home his friends who fuck his ass right in front of his wife, the wife really enjoys the show and loves getting fucked by his friends after that…

I am a 30 years old a bit of bisexual guy, with short crew cut blonde hair and blue eyes, much of Scandinavian type. My wife does not normally like to watch or take part with my sexual encounters; however this time she gave me a special present. That was my birthday, and I hoped to celebrate this day in my family round, so what my wife did next simply stunned me a lot.

All day my wife kept telling me that she had one last Birthday present for me when I got home, so when I got home I was surprised to see 3 of my male friends from a our BI club that I visit sometimes. I was told that this was my birthday present.

Before I knew everything in details, the 5 off us were upstairs on the bed completely naked, and I had lots of hands over my naked body.

It was not long before I found myself lying on the bed with my ass up in the air and with 2 guys standing in front of me with very long and hard cocks, I just had to take 1 of the cocks in my mouth and I started giving a good blowjob. I was moving my head up and down on his 8” long cock while wanking the other cock with my hand.

I was sucking his cock deep into my mouth and was feeling that he was trying to hold on as much as possible. He started to thrust and shake and moaned in full voice:

“Ohh, God, mmm, fuck I am going to cum!”

Soon, a nice warm clot of his white mess came into my mouth and I tried to swallow as much as I could, however some came out of my mouth. My wife started to kiss me to try and share some of the nice hot liquid, there was enough to go around and have fun like that.

I was still jacking off the other cock, while the 3rd guy started playing with my not tight ass and was rubbing some skin oil on it. He positioned himself and started to push 7 inches right into my ass. He started pumping very slowly but soon started to speed up and I could feel my hole spreading to take his length in. That was terrific, cause I really loved my ass being fucked like that. While he was fucking the hell out of my ass hole, I could feel a warm Mouth on my cock from underneath me. So, when I looked below and it was my wife giving me a good deal of blow job, while the man whose cock I had just emptied was licking my wife’s neatly shaved sweet adoring pussy.

At this point the man standing in front of me put his cock in my mouth and I started to suck him off with my ass being taken very hard now! I was getting it from all the holes and I could feel that I won’t last long before I cum myself.

I was sucking for me life and being ridden from behind and before I knew it the man screwing my ass with all his worth, tensed up and grabbed my butt really hard! Then he moaned and let his entire load off into my ass. I could feel is cream pouring out of my ass and down by legs. That was enough for me, I let my load out into my wife’s mouth and the guy standing in front me grabbed my head and let out his hot sperm into my mouth

I had white warm smelling stuff coming out of every bit of my body, it was leaking out of my ass onto my legs and out from my mouth and onto my chin.

SO I lay there exhausted. Then I could se and enjoy a nice sight of my wife being fucked in her very wet dripping shaved pussy by the fat cock of one of my friends. She was bouncing up and down on his hard cock, like a life depended on it, while rubbing her red swollen clit. She quickly came and then that purple cock shot a big load all over her face which she happily and readily shared with me! It tasted really great!

All of us lay on the bed with spunk everywhere and we all fell asleep.

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  1. Dusty Says:

    I wished my wife would get me to suck a cock. I always wanted to eat my wife with another cock in from behind and when he was going to cum pull out and jam it in my mouth.

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