Me, my hubby and his best friend!

December 20th, 2008

This man doesn’t mind sharing his wife with his friend, but later the wife says that she wants to see her husband fucking another man, that’s going to be an interesting show…

My husband Alexander and I had just moved into a new house in a quiet town along the coast. We just wanted to get away from the city noise for a while now and were so happy when our broker called to tell us that he got some really nice place to stay. We moved in shortly after, and started renovating our new dream home. At around this time, my husband got a call from his old high school friend Andrew who told us he would arrive next week and asked if he could stay with us.

He said that in return for our hospitality, he would help us with all plumbing works around the house because that was what he had been doing since he and Alexander had left school. Alexander was all absorbed in construction, so I was very nervous about the amount of work we would have to fulfill in such a short period of time. I also caught the opportunity to see Andrew because I had always had a turn on for him. Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband, but Andrew always fascinated me. My husband is 6”4, with a body of a Greek god and all my friends comment on how good looking he is. The only problem is that our 10 year marriage has is lack of sex. Don’t get me wrong again, we make love all the time and until recently, it was fantastic. I don’t know whether it is just routine, but lately our bedroom activities have been so rare and now I rarely get climax anymore.

Andrew arrived on Friday afternoon while I was still at work. Alexander had taken the day off from his work, so he could meet him at the train station. I should be sincere to say that over the last couple of weeks I had been thinking of Andrew non-stop and even watched an old CD with a party we all attended once, just to see again the man who had regularly appeared in my sexual fantasies. He was 6”5 with a strong muscular built. He had short blonde hair and always seemed to be tanned, even in winter. His biceps were huge and he had long muscular legs as well. All day at work I couldn’t stop thinking about him, hoping he had stayed the same after all these years. I made excuses to leave work early so I could rush home to spend time with him. When I walked inside, my heart was thumping with excitement, he stood up to greet me. He had not changed a bit and was as handsome as I remembered him for all this time. We went out for dinner to recall good old times, but arrived home early as Alexander had to work the next day.

The next morning, as Alexander was getting ready for work, I followed him into the bathroom and joined him in the shower. I was so turned on by seeing Andrew again, my sexual appetite was stronger than ever and I wanted to make love to Alexander so much! Alexander, was quite surprised, but eagerly grabbed my breasts while I was nursing against his chest. He slid 2 fingers into my wet pussy with his spare hand, working with a furious pace. I moaned with excitement. After I came all over his fingers, I dropped to my knees and slid his cock into my hungry mouth! I was able to take all of his 7 inches in my mouth! The water was pouring down my breasts. Just when he was about to come, he grabbed my arms and lifted me up so I was now facing him! His swelling cock pressed hard against my stomach. He reached down and gently slid his dick into my hungry pussy, slowly at first and then faster and faster! He fucked me until I came for a second time! His cock was deep inside me! He kissed my ear and moaned: “I’m coming”. With that, he pulled out his throbbing cock, got me down on my knees again and gushed with his hot semen all over my sluttish face! his load was so much that I couldn’t get enough of that lovely mess! When he was done, his sperm was still running down my face and chin. Then he quickly washed away by the warm water. He left the shower and dried off with a towel, and dressed for work. When he kissed me and said Good Bye, I closed my eyes imagining that it was Andrew who had just fucked me in the shower. He left and I dressed and made my way to see if Andrew was awake.

When I walked into the guest room, I found his bed had already been made up. I found him in the kitchen working on our sink. He was lying on his back under the sink. He didn’t hear me come in, so I took the opportunity to stare at this beautiful man! He wasn’t wearing a shirt and had on a tight pair of sport shorts. I could see a bulge in his pants and instantly became aroused thinking about what I would do to this cock! I started to touch myself, stroking my clit gently, watching his big arms working up with a wrench. His legs were hairy and I could see sweat drops were dripping down his arms.

This was almost too much to take, so I uttered a moan of excitement while massaging my pussy. He heard me and jumped up to see what was wrong. I thought on my feet and said:

“Hell I just stubbed my toe!”

He laughed and came up from underneath the sink. We sat down and started chatting at the kitchen table about old times. I offered to make him a cool drink, but he told me he had to go out for some business, asked if I would be here when he got back. I started to clean up and did some washing. I saw some clothes Andrew had left on the floor and gathered them making my way to the laundry. When I was filling the machine, I saw his boxer shorts in this cloths pile. I couldn’t help myself and I picked his underwear up to smell it! His scent was so good that I couldn’t stop sniffing them. I grabbed his panties and started rubbing them against my pussy, imagining his big fat cock were in my pussy now! I started to rub myself again and soon after I was on the floor in such a huge excitement. And who, do you think appeared over there in door way? There was my hubby, who had come home earlier than expected. I was so embarrassed I just wanted to die. But to my surprise, instead of becoming angry, he simply said:

“I knew it. I knew you always wanted to fuck him!”

I protested at first, but it was futile. He was right, seeing me masturbate by a pair of my husband’s best friend’s underwear! There was no place to go. Nothing was left to say! Being still embarrassed that I had been caught in the act, I quickly made my way to the bedroom. Alexander followed me saying:

“It’s OK. He’s a good looking guy, every girl at college wanted to fuck him. I honestly don’t mind”

We had a great talk and discussed our problems in the bedroom. Frankly speaking, I don’t remember whose idea it actually was, but at some point in the conversation, we raised up a suggestion of inviting Andrew to join us in sex. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity, and Alexander was also turned on by the idea as well. I could see a huge bulge in his pants at the mention of Andrew fucking me. We agreed we would surprise him, when he returned to the house, so I undressed and lay on the bed, waiting for my ultimate fantasy to come true. Alexander removed his shirt and blindfolded my eyes, tying my hands to the bed head with a rope. I waited there for what seemed like an eternity, until I finally heard voices down stairs.

I couldn’t hear their entire conversation, but what I managed to hear almost sent me over the edge with sexual anticipation.

“Don’t worry, brother, she wants you to fuck her for a long time.”

“I don’t feel it is right, but the idea of fucking my best friend’s wife turns me on!”

With that, the door to our bedroom swung open and I could feel their presence in the room.

“You’re gonna stay blindfolded, that way you won’t know which one of us is fucking you, honey” said my husband.

At that moment I felt a finger slide into my pussy and felt a fat cock touching my face. I opened my legs wider and demanded one of them to fuck me hard. Now semi hard cock slid into my mouth, a pair of balls resting against my chin. I let out a moan when one of them entered me, his cock buried deep inside me. My hubby was right, I had no idea who was fucking me and it was driving me wild! The man was now working in a good pace, sliding his cock in and out of my pussy faster and harder each time! He didn’t withdraw his cock entirely, so every time I could feel his cock’s head remained in my cock craved pussy! My mouth was full of saliva, because the second man was now mouth fucking me so hard that it was making me gag. I dropped my head back as I couldn’t take it any more, and both men pulled out of me at the same time and switched places. This time, I could sense that the cock inside me was bigger than previous, it was quite a strange feeling to me, and I soon realized it was Andrew now fucking me. I took Alexander’s cock in my mouth which confirmed my doubts! Alexander’s cock was large, but not as big as Andrew’s organ. I think I soon got accustomed to Andrew in my pussy! I should also mention the fact that the man, fucking me, couldn’t fill my pussy because he was so big. I heard him spit on my pussy and felt a great sensation of saliva running down my pussy lips. It hurt at first, and I tried very hard to conceal it. But when Andrew started to fuck me harder and harder, I could not hold back and moaned with delight.

He was very experienced; he seemed to be able to control himself for long. Unlike him, Alexander’s cock soon swelled up showing me that he was about to cum. Alexander was getting very turned on by my excitement and could not hold back any longer. He didn’t even warn me when I felt his cock pulsate quickly in my mouth. Before I knew anything, my mouth was full of heavy clammy salty cum! I swallowed as much as I could, with the remains dripping down my chin. Just at that point I could feel myself going to explode with climax, and moaned! With that I let out a big amount of squirt covering Andrew’s big cock with my juices. Watching my husband cum in my mouth and me getting high in orgasm was too much for Andrew. He withdrew his dick and shot his load all over my stomach and breast. One load shot out with so much force that landed all across my face! It seemed it wouldn’t ever stop, I could feel cum landing on my tits and on my face. It ran down my body and the feeling was unbelievable. When they released my eyes from blindfold bonds, I saw my husband lying on one side of the bed, with Andrew lying behind me.

We caught our breath and lay there staring into each others eyes. We were so amazed by what just happened that nobody spoke for several minutes. After a while, I felt Andrew’s big hands sliding down my inner thigh, moving up and down slowly, and eventually stopped on my wet pussy. Alexander had joined as well, rubbing my tits with one hand. This was too much for me to bear. I had always wanted to make love to these 2 guys at the same time. I watched Andrew’s face turned stupefied, when Alexander grabbed his cock and started stroking it. To make the story short, I had always fantasized about my husband fucking another man, but Alexander repulsed the idea.

I always joked that there was no difference between man’s and woman’s ass holes. Well, tonight my dreams were coming true, and I could not contain my excitement. By now Andrew was getting more and more excited and had returned the favor to my husband, stroking Alexander’s cock gently. Alexander’s eyes were full of delight with his best friend stroking his cock. I lay back on the bed fingering my pussy watching my real life porno fantasy occur before my eyes. Andrew got up on his knees and poked his ass in the air.

“Fuck me, Alexander! I want you to fuck me so your beautiful wife can watch!”

“Are you sure Andrew?” was reply from my beautiful husband.

“Yes, bro! But be gentle, all right?”

Needless to say that I was so fucking wet and turned on by everything! Alexander squirted some lube on his erect cock and smeared some lube onto Andrew’s asshole.

Before Alexander began fucking Andrew, Andrew put his head in my lap, my husband gently squeezed his cock inside his cute ass! Andrew let out a grunt and his face contorted with pain, like someone is being fucked for the very first time. As Andrew was being banged my Alexander, he started to eat my clit with his tongue, sliding 2 fingers deep into my pussy and licking all over my wet pussy. I didn’t want to stop watching my husband fuck another man. My husband’s cock was sliding in and out of Andrew’s tight arse hole making squelchy sounds. I could hear his balls slapping against Andrew’s ass. Alexander reached around Andrew and started playing with his hanging balls and big cock.

Andrew was eating me out, so the vibrations on my pussy from his moaning were sending me to heaven. I quickly came again, this time, more intensive than ever before. Andrew’s mouth was covered in my pussy juices! This clearly turned because Andrew as he motioned for Alexander to jerk him off faster. He lent back, my husband still was deep inside him, and Andrew came all over my husband’s hand and onto the sheet of the bed. He roared in pleasure when his cock spewed his semen, spurt after spur! It flew off in all directions, some drops landing on my stomach! Andrew collapsed on top of me with my hubby still in his ass! At this moment Alexander pulled out and splashed his cum all over his best friend’s ass!

I watched in amazement as Alexander’s sperm gushed out of his cock and on to Andrew’s back. My eyes opened wide with disbelief when Andrew’s ass quickly became covered with Alexander’s sperm! It ran down his ass, to where his balls were and Alexander collapsed onto Andrew exhausted. Again we lay there panting for breathe, covered in each others juices, saying nothing but staring at each other! That was the best day of my life!

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