The 44 year old Milf is looking for some hot action when one guy invites her to his place, promising to show her the hottest show ever!

Priscilla was a 44 year old, married lady. I made the acquaintance with her due to our mutual friend. She was 5”6 tall, and although she was not thin at all, I cold say she was a bit of booty shape. I would also give the highest rate to her large shaking breast and big round nipples, she also was an owner of a very big round ass to fuck! and when she wore a nice short summer dress which verbally outlined every single curve of her body, she looked almost awesome! She was a very sexy lady with some really wild friends. She once told me this story and I am in for sharing it with you, but let it be your secret!

She met her friend, Ronny at a service station. Where he told her he had something really special for her to watch, hinting about some real live action. They drove for around 35 minutes, finally arriving to a remote very nice looking house with big lawn mower in front and, as it appeared, a big blue pool in the back yard. The whole building was constructed and designed in Victorian style. Priscilla still had no idea what was in store for her, as they entered the house.

No sooner had they arrived than Priscilla had to excuse herself as she needed to visit the bathroom. She was dressed in a T shirt, bra, slacks and knickers. Anyway, she was given a series of hints upon what the hell was gonna happen to her, and she was already pretty excited as her large nipples poking through her T shirt were a visible evidence of her condition. Ronny showed her where the toilet was and told her to make her way up to the first bedroom on the left at the top of the stairs.
Priscilla finished in the bathroom and slowly climbed the final steps of stairs to the bedroom; she could already hear the sounds of what seemed to be an adult video playing away. Above this, she heard Ronny’s voice saying to someone:

“Remember, you can’t touch Priscilla, unless she gives her permission!”

As she entered the room she saw three men all naked, in the corner she saw a chair facing the bed. When she turned her head, on the opposite side of the bed there was the TV and video playing way showing 2 massive guys engaged in mutual blow jobs.

One guy, she learned later was called Bill, was laid on the bed, his 9 inch cock standing firm and proud, while Ronny stood by his head and his 7 inch cock was being sucked by Bill. Meanwhile the third guy, Tommy, was knelt on the bed between Bill’s legs with his 10 inches slowly entering Bill’s ass.
Ronny then indicated for Priscilla to sit on the chair and enjoy the show. Well, what with the action on the bed and the video action playing away, Priscilla was soon pinching her erect nipples through her T shirt. Tommy then pulled out of Bill’s ass and removing the condom, walked slowly over to Priscilla. He politely enquired if he could remove Priscilla’s T shirt and bra. Breathlessly Priscilla agreed and was soon naked from the waist up.

Tommy then asked if he may be allowed to play with Priscilla’s aching nipples, she could only nod. Not wishing to miss any of the action taking place on the bed, where Ronny was forcefully fucking Bill’s mouth, she suddenly felt Tommy’s tongue flicking over her nipples. She noticed Bill swallow the first spurts of Ronny’s load.

With rising passion, Priscilla began moaning. Soon Bill, licking his lips, approached Priscilla and asked for permission to remove the rest of her clothing. As she agreed, Tommy moved over to Ronny and had him kneel before offering his cock for him to suck. Quickly Priscilla was stripped and led over to the bed. Lying down, she parted her legs with eagerness, and with that Bill then began kissing her inner thigh. He licked his way up towards her shaven pussy, causing her moaning to increase in both frequency and passion. Just then Priscilla felt a cock being guided into her right hand, just as her left hand wrapped around another solid piece of man’s meat.

She slowly began jacking off these 2 massive erections in unison. Feeling the bed move, she glanced down between her legs to see Bill rolling a fresh condom on to his cock. She could not wait to feel this throbbing 9 inches stretch her already soaking pussy. Feeling her cunt lips being parted, when the hot feeling cock head began to enter her pussy. Bill fucked her with great speed inducing her to cum twice, really hard and noisily until he announced that he was gonna cum.

He was quickly replaced by Ronny, who had pulled away from her left hand and already rolled a condom on to his 7 inch cock. He began pounding her pussy until they both came together in an earth shattering climax. He was also soon replaced by Tommy and his majestic 10 inches were pleasantly welcomed by Priscilla’s drenched pussy! It was the largest but also the fattest cock Priscilla had ever taken. She was panting through another orgasm before he had slipped half his length up her soaking pussy.

Both Bill and Ronny had by now removed the used condom and were alternately giving Priscilla their cocks for her to suck. By the time Tommy’s condom covered cock shot its 4rth heavy load, Priscilla was begging them to stop and let her rest. Weak and tired, she rose from the bed and virtually put herself down in the chair. She stayed there watching 3 guys sucking each others cocks.
Although Priscilla was invited back to enjoy the fun again, she never got the chance to do so, but the memory of the wild foursome lives deep in her mind.

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