Being bicurious!

March 30th, 2009

This chick simply adores seeing her boyfriend sucking on a man’s cock, she wants to fuck his ass with a strap-on, but her wildest dream is to see his being fucked in the ass by another man…

This is the short story of me entering a new and wonderful world of BI. I have a girlfriend, her name is Samantha and just 2 months ago she got me into sucking on her workmate Tommy’s cock. Well, it was actually a small episode, and I didn’t expect it to happen again. But I gotta admit we had a great sex last time. Now she had other plans on me. She and I knew that I was not gay, I loved women, and I loved fucking them, but there was something in male’s cock I couldn’t resist.

Following Samantha’s fetish at making me blow her work friend Tommy, she decided it was time I moved to the next step, and fucked with a man. I have often thought about this, but never had I imagined Samantha would be the first to encourage me.

Samantha loved seeing me suck on Tommy’s cock, and was having huge orgasms just thinking about me sucking on another man’s manhood, eating his cum and loving it. We talked about me being fucked by Tommy, however, we couldn’t find a way to make it happen easily. So, she talked to him at work and said that we would be happy to do it. After a short pondering, he agreed. He only said that nobody should know about it, because he was keen on his fame and reputation. Tommy was big, about 8” long, not fat, juts easy to take it in mouth, but I couldn’t guess what I would feel like to take his meat in the ass. So, we agreed to meet on Saturday, we all looked forward to this date. You know, sucking a cock is one, but taking it in the ass is another, so I anticipated with all I was worth.

I returned from work tired, but I could swear that Samantha has prepared something for me and this something was gonna blow my mind and wouldn’t let me getting any rest tonight! She immediately took me upstairs and stripped me naked, my cock slowly started to stiffen. She threw me on the bed and told me to close my eyes while she changed. Can’t tell you why, but I wasn’t going to argue. I felt her return to the room, but she ordered me to keep my eyes closed, while she approached me. Then she ordered to me to open up my mouth and when I did, I felt something enter my mouth. With that I opened my eyes, and what I saw really got my shocked! There was Samantha, with exposed perfect big boobs, completely naked on top of me with a strap-on around her waist, and the fake cock in my mouth. She slapped me on the face and ordered me to obey her. She told me that she had seen me sucking on a cock and now she wanted it for herself now. And with that she started thrusting deeper with her dick into my mouth. Now this fake cock wasn’t as big as Tommy’s cock, but it still felt good in my mouth and my cock grew further. Samantha then took the cook out of my mouth and moved down to my waist, starting to suck on my now wanting penis! She slowly licked her way down me, drooling slightly. She moved her hand up and started rubbing my balls, and it felt so damn good, before moving her hand further down where she began to circle my asshole! I jerked slightly but the pleasure of her mouth around my cock kept me in awe and delight! Slowly she worked her saliva into my ass with her fingers, and, before I could realize, she stuck 2 fingers working in my asshole, I was in heaven.

Samantha felt me start to stiffen and removed her fingers and mouth, then she tossed me on my chest and raised up my hips. Before I knew what was happening, her hips were near mine and I felt the head of her strap-on cock push against me. She held it for a while, making circles around my wet ass, and that felt so good! She knew how to tease me well, to get my anus prepared for a big fuck! Then she began thrusting forwards, pushing the head of the plastic into me. It hurt and I let out a yell for her to stop, but she was in no mood to stop. She told me that I was supposed to be fucked, whether I liked it or not. With that she pushed her fake dick deep into me, impaling her poor ass onto that cock! The pain was immense, it felt like I was being ripped in 2 parts, but then I felt my cock twitch between my legs because Samantha pulled out and rammed the strap-on back inside me! The pain soon subsided and I felt my cock twitch again and grow harder, before I felt myself pushing back into Samantha! She took this as the sign, and picked up the pace, ramming all of those 6 inches fully into me! Again and again, she never stopped fucking me! After what felt like forever she pulled out and flipped me over again, lifting my legs and entering me again. Now she had access to my soft penis, and she began vigorously rubbing my cock. Deeper and deeper she kept going, before I felt myself stiffen and explode all over my crotch! The first spurt hit me in my face, with streams of cum covering all over me, while Samantha contained to fuck me. She pulled her fake cock out of me and started rubbing her cock all over me, gathering me cum on it! After that she straddled my face, making me clean her used fuck toy. I sucked her toy clean, again having a cock and cum in my mouth. I was so tired and exhausted, so I fell asleep. She told me that tomorrow the real fun begins.

Next day work passed quickly, and when I got home as usual, Samantha was already home, and had changed once again into her robe. The excitement on her face was obvious, she was positively excited at seeing her boyfriend getting fucked by another man. I went upstairs and she followed me up, when I entered the bedroom there he was Tommy naked, lying on our bed, with his cock already hard!

“I hope you don’t mind that Tommy came so early today. I just warmed him up for you.” Samantha said, taking her robe off and revealing her glistening pussy: she had been fucked and cum, it was almost dripping. She wasted no time, immediately undid my trousers and released my growing cock, with Tommy looking on in anticipation. I was fully erect in seconds; at this point Samantha got up and took me to the bed, laying me down next to Tommy. My hand reached over and instinctively began rubbing his cock! It was so hard! Tommy’s lips kissed Samantha’s right tit and she moaned, approaching another orgasm as she really loved her tits being sucked. I moved down to get a closer look at Tommy’s cock, and took the head into my mouth, tasting Samantha’s juices on it. After sucking his cock off for what seemed like 10 minutes, Samantha decided to change positions. She pushed me down and motioned for Tommy to get into position. Samantha then replaced Tommy, and her pussy was now in front of me. I knew what she wanted and plunged my tongue into her waiting hole, with her juices flowing into my mouth. Now I could taste both her juices and his cum! It tasted so great!

I then felt Tommy behind me, his cock now pushing against my ass, and then he pushed forward and I had my first penis inside me! My ass was being stretched but Samantha’s pussy was demanding the attention, so I couldn’t tear myself off eating her! More and more of Tommy’s cock was entering me. Soon I could feel the whole thing inside me! Next he started to pick up a rhythm and was fucking my ass like a pro! My own limp cock was bouncing against the bed’s sheet. Samantha moaned and released a huge load of her cum into my mouth. She then begged for a cock to fill her, so she moved underneath me and inserted my cock in her pussy, with Tommy still fucking me from behind. It was difficult at first, but then we all got more comfortable and started fucking in a threesome. All, as one, Tommy was fucking me, I was fucking Samantha. The pleasure was immense and after no time at all I could feel myself cumming! I filled Samantha’s pussy with my hot cum, shacking in ecstasy and panting heavily.

Samantha and I had finished, but Tommy was still hard in my ass! He turned me over and lifted my legs on his shoulders, fucking my ass for his pleasure. Samantha straddled my face with her pussy over my mouth. Now I was sucking my cum out of Samantha, while Tommy continued to fuck my ass like mad. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen again when my own cum started trickling out of Samantha’s pussy into my mouth! Then Tommy changed positions, he said that he was gonna cum and wanted me to suck him off. We did so, and now I could feel the pulsation of his throbbing cock in my mouth! My own juices felt just amazing! After awhile he cried out an shot a huge load of cum in my mouth! When he was drained, Tommy slowed and collapsed on top of me.

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5 Responses to “Being bicurious!”

  1. allym Says:

    I’m a bi myself so reading the stories gives me some ideas to use.I loved this one very much I only wish I was in it great read,thanks a lot.

  2. iluvcum Says:

    My wife and I had many threesomes with a friend of mine and i loved watching him fuck her to ecstacy, but most of all I love sucking and fucking him and having him return the favour. I also enjoyed sucking her while she sucked him and he sucked me, and then changing positions. The best sex is always bi sex as you get the best of both worlds, especially when the friend’s girlfriend joins in and it becomes a 4 way bi fuckfest for all of us!

  3. manu Says:

    well done ! People sold know what it is like having a dick in your mouth, while your fried is sucking your dic. Dicks are made to do so and show wife and friend what kind stuff can come out of a dick !

  4. manu Says:

    If ever possible, have a good friend invited in order to suck his dick close to the face of your girl friend. Or have your face close to your wifes’ cunt, filled up with your friend’s dick. You can immediately get his dick out of her cunt and have sucked it. The above story is written by somebody who knows whereabout !Rate : five stars.

  5. biman Says:

    Great story. Almost felt as if I were there. Keep them cumming.

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