A present for my wife. Part 2

November 25th, 2008

The wife can’t be happier seeing her husband fucking a guy’s ass in her presence, she is cumming non stop and there’s nothing better for her…

It seemed to me that he got frightened of my intonation more than of something else.

- Please, no!

- We hadn’t met you in the street. You came here to work. It was your own decision. So, you must work. This night is going to be long… – Ann purred taking her glass.

- Should I repeat? – I asked playing with a racquet.

He had realized we weren’t kidding.

- No… I’ll be screaming! – He said hesitatingly. And added, – I’ll go to the police!

- I AM the police, – I answered quietly and he fell silent. – I’ll fuck you anyway but you can choose whether I’m going to treat you badly or you will enjoy it either…

His lips trembled. He lowered his head and pronounced:

- Let it be pleasant for both of us…

Actually he had no real choice. He was naked, tied up and locked in a flat. To add to all that, he wouldn’t have a chance to do anything to me even if his hands were unfastened as I was much stronger.

- If you agree, kneel down and say : Ram my butt, Master!

He kneeled down although it was hard for him to do that with his hands behind and slowly said:

- Ram my butt, Master!

- No!!! You can do it better! – Ann pouted her lips capriciously.

The guy kept silence. He was standing on his knees quivering, with tears in his eyes. It was evidently difficult for him to be humiliated so much.

- I’m waiting! – I waved my racquet at him.

- Please, ram my butt, Master! – He repeated louder.

- Listen, why don’t we give him an enema with a bottle of champagne? – I had an idea.

The guy got pale.

- No, please!

- We decide! – Ann shouted at him.

I looked at her in surprise.

- No, the idea is not good. I want you to lick my shoe! – I changed my mind.

The lad was so afraid of me and my ideas that this time he decided not to resist and crawled to my shoe with no further warnings. He was licking, trying to earn my appreciation, and Ann was rubbing her clit right in front of his nose. She put her left leg on the sofa and her right one was touching the man’s bollocks slightly as if she was teasing him. While they were playing this way I got the condoms and brought the lubricant.

I threw him over the armrest, poked his nose into the armchair and turned him in the way my Ann could see him well. He wasn’t resisting when I spread his asscheeks.

- Gag him! – I said giving him a glance.

Ann didn’t have to be asked twice. She made a gag from a napkin and pushed it into his mouth. I slid my cock head over his halves. They were smooth and elastic. The hole between them looked very tender. It was obvious his butt was virgin. I was the first to penetrate it. This thought drove me absolutely mad!

I pulled on the condom, lubed up my cock and his anus. The guy was lying with his ass stuck out, the hole squeezed tightly. He was shaking and breathing fast.

I set my head against the hole and pressed a bit. I looked into the mirror and saw the man screwed up his eyes. I pressed more – no way!

- Relax! – I said. – It won’t hurt if you relax…

I pressed again with all my might and went through the sphincter. Can you imagine my dick was rather big and I thrust half of it at once! It surely was painful… I felt the guy bent, trembled and screamed but nothing could be heard as he had a gag in the mouth. I stopped waiting for him to get used to the cock inside. Ann grabbed his penis which immediately became limp from pain. She kissed him and began jerking it slowly. When he calmed down I continued.

How sweet he was!!! The boy was so tight, narrow and hot inside! My dick was so tightly embraced that before climaxing I pulled it out and then pushed in again a few times to prolong my pleasure. He was evidently enjoying the process as he was moving in pace with me and at the same time squeezing his inner muscles. He was doing that so that it seemed to me he was a professional in anal sex though I understood he wasn’t. I completely lost my head.

Soon I came but still had an erection. So, after a short rest I kept on ramming his butt. Ann was jacking the guy’s phallus quickly and squeezing his balls a bit. He was rolling his eyes from pleasure. I thrust in up to my bollocks, then moved up back and again and again. All three of us were moaning! I was enjoying fucking the guy’s ass, the boy was feeling pleasure of being fucked and fondled his cock and Ann was watching us both and rubbing her pussy against the guy’s face (She had sat on the armchair and put the guy’s face on her slit.), he was licking her hole and flicking her clitoris. It was fantastic!

The guy was the first to ejaculate. He immediately stopped moving and collapsed right on Ann’s pussy. He closed his eyes. We looked at each other smiling. I pulled my dick out of him carefully and looked at his fucked up crack… It had been virgin when the boy had appeared in our apartment…

I decided not to touch him anymore and got busy with my wife. She was very sexed up by that time as the man had been caressing her nicely. I put her on the sofa and entered fully. She moaned and kissed me. We started moving, first slow, then faster and faster, enjoying every thrust. We had never been so aroused and filled with desire. We climaxed at the same time looking into each other’s eyes happily…

When we came to our senses we remembered about the guy. He was lying still and observing us. He was smiling though it was not easy for him with a gag in the mouth. Ann untied him and I raised him. His knees were weak and he couldn’t stand. He sat down and smiled again.

- It was so… unusual… you know. I don’t know what to say…

- Don’t say anything. It was pleasant for all of us. Good experience!

- Well, I‘ve got to go, if you don’t mind…

- Sure…

He got dressed and left our apartment.

Since that night we met a couple of times with the boy and repeated our games but the first date was the best and the most memorable!

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