Visiting her doctor

June 3rd, 2008

A girl is visiting a doctor and tells him that she is afraid of big cocks, he and his assistant are sure going to solve this problem and make her love fat cocks…

“Ms. McPhee doctor is waiting for you.”

I came into the room, he looked at me through his glasses and told me to sit down.

“Ms. McPhee what can I do for you?”

The phone rang.

“Yes, Ashley. Is Ms. McPhee my last patient for today? Why not then. Ok, have a nice day.”

He looked at me again:

“I’m sorry. My assistant is having a date with her boyfriend, and I just can’t keep her man waiting anymore.”

“So we’re alone? Doctor I just hope you can help me.”

“OK, just tell me what the matter is.”

“Well, it’s very personal… I had my first sex with my boyfriend two days ago, and his penis turned out to be too big for me, you know hat I mean?”

“Yes, I understand.”

“So I was a bit nervous and he couldn’t enter. The more and harder he tried the more painful it got for me.”

“Do you masturbate? I mean do you use any kinds of toys while masturbating?”

I giggled. He was drumming his fingers against the table surface waiting for the answer. He was younger than I thought. He was handsome (very handsome, indeed!).

“My sister gave me a small dildo as a present. I play with it sometimes but I’ve never used it. I have it now. In my bag…”

“Can I see it?”


God! I didn’t expect him to ask that! He looked at me through his spectacles and drummed his fingers again. My hands were shaking when I was looking for the dildo in my bag. I found my gloves, tampons, and a lot of other things before I finally found the thing. By that time my whole body was trembling, and I felt my pussy get wet. It was so embarrassing! Wet panties! Gosh! I gave him my dildo hoping the batteries were uncharged.

Doc looked at the toy, turned it on. The dildo started vibrating. The toy almost fell out of his hands. It made me giggle again. Doc stared at me through his glasses. He was trying to turn me on, and he was damn good at it! I wished he knew how good he was at it!

I dropped my bag on the floor. I did it intentionally hoping to see a bulge in his pants. But everything turned out not really the way I wanted. When the bag fell, some tampons and two condoms fell out of it too. Doc helped me pick everything up. He glanced at me inquiringly holding condoms in his hands.

“I have them to jerk off my boyfriend. He hates having sperm spots on his pants.” I said quickly.

“Nice, Ms. McPhee. Many guys, including me, face the same problem.”

“You know I don’t like blowjob at all.” I blurted out not really knowing why I said it.

We both had a problem: he had a bulge in his pants, and I had my panties wet. His dick was even bigger than my boyfriend’s. I had a big clit too. Sometimes I could physically feel it get hard and rip through my panties. Or …. Maybe it was just my crazy imagination? It was all because of Todd, my boyfriend. I didn’t wanna visit the doctor but I said I just had to do it for Todd.

“OK, tell me about your friend. Is he insistent?”

“No, not at all. He knows I lack experience. He’s always very careful at the beginning. But every time he tries to enter it hurts. It’s like there’s something inside me that doesn’t let him in. So I ask him to stop and he does.”

“Are you tense in such moments? Sometimes a woman can close her vagina just by squeezing her muscles. Ok, go on what happens after he takes his penis out?”

“Doctor why are you asking me these things?”

“Ms. McPhee let me remind you you’ve come here for me to help you with your problem.”

“You’re right. I know, sorry.”

“See you use tampons. Do you feel uncomfortable applying them?”

“Sometimes. It’s usually when I try to get a tampon inside. I have to bend down, spread my legs wide to sides or even squat down.”

“I see. I think I know the reason for your concern, the reason for your problems, and failures.”

“How come? Has anybody ever tried to enter your butt with a 10 inch dick?” I asked him.

He turned away. He was probably trying not to start laughing. I was less tense.

“My assistant is out now so unfortunately I won’t be able to examine you, Ms. McPhee.” He said turning to me.

“Doctor, please, examine me today.”

“Ok, take this and go dress off over there. Call me when you’re ready.”

I took the throw over and went to dress off. I stood up from the chair, and he definitely saw a wet spot on the chair. It was so exciting! My boyfriend had never made me feel such sensations, such excitement, and such arousal. The good thing was that the doc didn’t see my wet panties. I dressed off and punched my nipples and clit to keep myself hot. I thought I’d come the sec after he touched my pussy.

“I’m ready, doctor.”

“OK, sit down here.”

I could almost feel him burn with desire when he looked at me. My pussy was freshly shaven, my heart was beating really fast. Thought he was wearing his smock he couldn’t hide his arousal and excitement. He was crazy about me, I was crazy about him. When sitting on the chair I let him examine my pussy as my private parts were totally exposed.

“You’re very beautiful, Ms. McPhee. Unfortunately I can’t go on with the examination.”

“Doc, if I wanted to go away I would have done it long ago. I want you since the time I saw your erection. My friend Mary visited you last Wednesday, and she told me what a great fucker you are, and how huge your dick is. You’re a perfect match for an unsatisfied woman. You should have no doubts, I’ll have you bang me hard. I’m ready doc.” I whispered lustfully.

He smiled and took me in his arms. My mouth was open to suck on his long prick. My frisky fingers unzipped his pants. He bent over to untie the throw over. He was kissing me. I moaned when I felt his chest rub against my hard nipple. He was so close, it made my pussy throb.

His dick was very long, very thick, and very luring. It was throbbing right above my gushing slit. I took it in my hands and directed in my insides. Doctor put my legs on his shoulders and entered my twat at the full length of his shaft.

“God! I’ve never wanted anybody so much, Ms. McPhee!”

“And I could never think I could hear that from you, doc.”

“It’s been awhile since you had a good fuck last. It’s time to fix it. No foreplay, Ms, I’m already screwing you!”

He was very careful ramming me with his huge stem, my juices covered his member and dripped on the floor.

“Fuck me doc! I don’t want you to stop. Pinch my nipples, get your finger in my ass. Do whatever you want. Do it hard. I’m sure you’ve fucked a lot of sluts, so think I’m the cheapest and dirtiest of them. Fuck me harder! Treat me like a whore!”

His hands slipped down my back, pushing me onto his stem, his fingers spread my buttocks, and one of them entered my anus. I was impaling myself on his finger, kissing him deeply and vehemently.

“You want the same thing your friend had?” He asked me.

“Her butt hurt badly after your drill. I had to spread cream over it. Mary told me what you did to her. Her words made me so hot she had to lick me to cum.”

“That’s enough, Ms. McPhee. If you want it, beg me to do it.”

“You want me to beg you to fuck my ass? Wow, it could make a nice headline: “Doctor fucks his patient in the ass to treat her for vaginism!”

He laughed and took his hard shaft out of my pussy. He lubricated my anus with my own juices. It didn’t hurt when he entered my asshole.

“Your story about your boyfriend was a lie, right?”

“From the very first word to the last, doc. Mary gave me a grand I couldn’t get in your pants.”

While we were talking, his dick never stopped ramming my ass, his fingers were fondling my clit. It was definitely the best anal sex I’d ever had in my life. Most dicks I’d had in my butt were 7 – 8’’ long. I was moaning lewdly when he took his pecker out of my ass and then entered it again.

“I bet you’re not busy tonight doc.”

“You’re right. I’m waiting for Ashley to return after getting rammed by her fire fighter boyfriend. He won’t take her long, I’m sure, and she will definitely want to get some more.”

“Does she like girls? Sometimes she looks at me in a very strange way…”

“She usually fucks every hole my sperm is dripping out of.”

“Mmm, I’m ready to cum hearing that. Fill my ass doc! You can’t let Ashley die of thirst. Fuck me, fuck me!”

Suddenly we heard a door open.

“It’s me doc! I need to pee. Just a moment.”

I was short of breath thinking about Ashley’s pussy, and her peeing… Mary and I loved “golden rain”.

Ashley got back to the room wearing nothing but an undone blouse and a lacy bra. She held her panties and her skirt in her hands. She put them on the chair and got naked. She was staring at my naked body all the time.

“See you have a new butt to ram, doc.” She said.

Her pussy was shaven, her vulva lips were opened and wet. I only hoped she still had her fire fighter’s juices inside her pussy. I love sucking pussies! Ashley had big but firm tits. Her nipples were erect, showing she was aroused. I hoped it was me to make her so hot.

I felt doc ejaculate deep in my rectum. There were several mighty thrusts. When he got his dick out of my butt it felt so empty there. He went out of the room. Guess he went to the loo.

“Relax and let me examine you.” Ashley said slowly.

Her hands were holding me tight, and I felt her tongue lick my holes.

“Let’s try 69 Ashley. I wanna try your pussy. Is your boyfriend’s sperm still inside you?”
“Yeah, McPhee it’s still there. Try both holes.”

She bent over me, saying that. Her boobs were teasing me. I moaned lustfully, rising up to reach for her luscious leaking holes. When doc got back from the loo he stood behind my back, playing with his flaccid cock. He gave me his dick to jack off and make it hard again. Soon I saw Ashley suck him off deep throat. I stuffed Ashley’s anus with my tongue trying to get it as deep inside he butt as possible. Doc came up to my face and penetrated her pussy, giving his phallus to me to suck then.

“Guess we’ve dealt with your problem, Ms. McPhee. Close the door when leaving. Ashley and I have some things to finish with.”

“Thank you doc, and you Ashley. I do appreciate your help.”

When getting dressed I enjoyed doc fuck Ashley’s ass. His hands were squeezing her big tits. I just couldn’t wait to get back to my boyfriend. Of course, I couldn’t tell him the reason for my visit to the doctor. He wouldn’t care about it when I told him about his major mission, which was to fill my pussy and my butt with his cum. I thought I’d have a lot of blowjob action to keep his dick hard!

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