Very important mission!

December 27th, 2007

Sometimes a boss can send in a pretty babe to make his partner sign a contract, this girl must make every dream of yours come true, otherwise the contract is screwed up.

Vera was standing before a stand of one well known company dealing with computer sales, and distributed ad leaflets. Today was the last day of an exhibition and hours left lasted very long. Vera kept looking at her watch from time to time.

Her slim body attracted attention of customers and visitors. They smiled at her, some young men, those who were sassy even tried to advance her and slap on her ass. As for Vera she just reacted calmly and handed out her leaflets to all of them. From one side there appeared Andrew”

- Listen, you have a very important mission! He smiled
- What do you mean?
- In a few minutes there we have a new guest, a very important man from Japan, Yoshiki Azamotu; you will call him Azamotu-san! Understand?
- So what’s up?
- Our chief is gonna draw up a contract with this guy to let us sale a lot of our comps without prepayment. Your task is to supervise this guy, then you will be accompany with him to the restaurant, after that you two would go to the hotel…
- Hotel? Her eyes opened
- Yeahh, he grinned: our chief says you have a huge potential to attract new clients! Anyway, here take this: 3 thousand! And he handed a bundle of greens palming it off on her.

Her head gave way and began to reel. She had never accepted such offers, this was for the first time when she was supposed to be used for a business goals. She had been working as an as leaflet distributor for 3 days during this ad action, so she made herself listen to Andrew as carefully as she could:

- Chief said you ought to indulge this guy; you mustn’t rebuff or refuse him! Clear? If you signed a contract you would get more: 5 thousand, if NO, you will be fired!
- He speaks English? She questioned in a plaintive voice
- Yeahh, I think so! And he added again: no rebuffs!

He stepped back side and disappeared behind the stand. Then she heard his voice from behind: “they are coming, just smile! Don’t look so serious!”

When most of visitors emptied the pass to the stand and gone away there she saw a group of black suits men approaching her. Her boss, a Chief Executive officer of their company was walking before them; he was accompanying one Jap, a medium height thin man. This must have been Azamotu himself. Her chief’s face shone with ingratiating smile, his tone and manner were a kind of servility. This was surprising to Vera who got used to seeing her boss always haughty, arrogant and curling his lips.

Vera joined this company a month ago and even at interview with the personnel director for a job he told her she would be performing different missions, sensitive issues. He said:

- Our company is developing very steadily, all this time he kept on staring at her: we need beautiful and petite girls like you, sometimes we face such moment when we need apply and use all available means to progress and reach success. We need girls who are very communicative, well bred and obedient to the boss. – Pause: we have a high level award fee payment to those who are dealing with a most important tasks and missions. His hairy fingers rubbed his button on the suit: you will be working in a Reception, in a few weeks we are having exhibition, and you would have to be prepared for it.

He finished. However Vera suspected of being used for that kind of aims, she was hailing from a local small hamlet seeking for new life and changes, so she just made herself believe that any means would be applicable to reach an aim and make good. She knew if needed she would be dealing with sex, so despite she felt a bit nervous, anyway, a kind of relief came filled her heart as her future was now brighter.

A team of top managers surrounded Japs’ delegation; they slowly approached to where Vera was standing, at this moment she felt someone was pulling her sleeve, it was reddish face of Andrew who was hiding behind the stands. “Come on” he hissed. Vera turned to Jap and smiled politely and said quietly: “Good day, Azamotu-san”

- Aaa, you do now me! He cried out and laughed

A team of top managers gave out a loud laugher too, pretending as if it was a very funny joke. Our boss’s voice was prevailing over those of the rest of the group. He turned red like a hog. Vera turned red, dropping her eyes. Boss exclaimed:

- This is one of our best workers, Vera! He introduced.
- Nice to meet you, and he shook her hand into his sweated palm.
- Vera knows Japanese cuisine very well; she is a real lover of your food. So we want her to accompany you tonight in our Japanese restaurant! He boss said respectfully. And now we are gonna present our stand to you!

Jap nodded his approval vividly, staring at her sexy shape, and then moved away. Boss approached Vera:

- Change you cloth and go to the backdoors, there is a Mercedes waiting for you, driver’s name is Jenya. Get in the car and wait!

He looked at where Andrew was standing and snapped at him:

- What the hell are doing up there? Get out of my eyes!

Andrew disappeared in a jiff. Vera put her coat on and went outdoors. She saw the car, but was not in mood to get inside at once. Instead, she stopped on the stairs and started smoking. She had had several moment of her life when she had to fuck with men not for cash but because it was necessary to do, but this situation differed much from what he had already experienced. “Like prostitute!” this thought flitted across her mind. And then she made her way to the car.

A restaurant turned out to be a very calm and quiet place, half-lit and comfortable which was good for an eye. It was radiating enigmatic oriental mystery and the atmosphere was relaxing. It consisted of several niches far in the walls decorated with some funny ornaments and paintings. One of them was reserved for Azamotu and Vera. All their way to the restaurant Jap kept humming something inarticulate, casting happy looks at Vera from time to time.

- Do you really love Japanese cuisine? He asked when they settled round the low table
- Yeahh! But it’s so various in foods! I don’t know what to order!
- Our cuisine is very nice, lots of fish, lots of seafood, lots of greens and vegetables… Meat!

An awkward silence ensued. A waitress came and Azamotu-san exclaimed an order in Japanese.

- How old are you? He asked in broken English
- 23
- Ahhh, 23 is good!

He order was served

- This is Sousi! He shoed tiny lumps of meat on the plate. This is rice! He pointed at grains! This is Diankon, Japanese radish! And he nodded at the smallest plate.

Japanese sake was rather sweet, like wine, with some strange taste. But it was hot, so Vera, who had not eaten from the morning, soon became tipsy. From now she didn’t care a fig on what would happen next. “What a deal, one night!” this Jap seemed to be rather neat and polite at first. Azamotu-san finished his meal quickly and now he was waiting for Vera to do with her chopsticks that were too awkward fro use. He said he had a business in Osaka, his spare time he preferred going for a cycle ride. He had a mountain cycle and often went driving it over hills.

- That’s enough! I’m over! Vera said dropping the chopsticks.
- So, your boss said you would take a contract with you!
- I have it now! She said quickly. A sudden hope that she might not do what she was supposed to do appeared in her heart.
- All right! His eyes twinkled: let’s go!

He stayed in Metropile hotel; a vast suit consisted of several rooms, decorated luxuriously. This Jap seemed to get used to living in comfort and convenience. They came in, Azamotu asked Vera to show him a contract. Sprawling in an armchair, pointing her to the nearest seat he absorbed in reading papers uttering humming noises from time to time. Vera thought these noises must seem a kind of sarcasm. He then cats up his eyes.

- You have to work very good to see me sign this: he shook papers in the air.

Vera moved restlessly under his staring eyes.

- OK! I see you understand everything! First, he added: you should take a shower. There are 2 cabs in here! So let’s go! And he went away.

Her unsteady walk betrayed her excitement, she took shower fast, it took her about 10 minutes to adjust herself. Taking a robe on, she came into the bedroom, Azamotu was standing with his back to her before the table putting some bottles and snack around. Then, he began to take something out of his case. Vera got cold, her heart bate anxiously. When he turned around she saw a… huge, dimly gleaming syringe on the table, there were also 2 glass cans with some liquid inside. Catching her look he smiled:

- Don’t be afraid, honey! His English was really corrupted: this is a kind of shower, but only for inside use!!! Ha ha!

“What a perverted asshole!” she thought. Her hearted thumped with excitement, and fingers began to tremble. Azamotu approached her and, without ceremony, undid her robe with a jerk. No sooner had she realized what this Asian horny was doing his palms had already started making his way over her sweet young tits. He squeezed her tits several times as if checking them carefully; smoothly he began top pull her nipples down, and then squeezed them tight. Her nipples got perky, erected hard, and turned brown. Strange excitement seized her, she was feeling fear and curiosity, these feelings turned into a wild stimulus so that Vera began to smother… she was feeling down there like a hot fire stream inflamed, wetting her vagina at the same time. Azamotu reacted immediately; he shoved his finger inside her pussy, moistened them with her love juice and after that approached his fingers to his nose.

- Mmm, tastes so good! And said something in Japanese

He removed her robe on the floor and told Vera she was supposed to set in dog style in the middle of the room:

- Let me give you an enema! It doesn’t hurt! This is a glycerin! It makes good!!!

Vera sat on the dog style, having opened her ass obediently. Azamotu remained mute for seconds when he saw he ass.

- Ooo, he was moaning quietly over her back.

His hot palm passed over her white silky buttocks, checking their elasticity, opening them wide to se brown hole of her arse.

- Don’t be afraid! Relax! He mumbled and pushed a needle of syringe in her hole. Pressing and pushing further he soon inserted the whole needle in there.

Holding it tightly he started pushing syringe’s piston till the end. Warm stream filled her hole and Vera shuddered. It was neither fear nor discontent, but she kept trembling like a leaf on the air, her excitement grew stronger. It was caused by an atmosphere of the room, and movements of this Jap who seemed like a voodoo mumbling some invocations. In the long run her grunted like a hog and finally pulled out the syringe. Only now Vera could sense a weakly heaviness down there. She suddenly felt a mighty blast in her anal gut, a fear gripped her as she realized that she might spill this liquid right before Azamotu. She rose, holding he stomach and mince towards lavatory folded double like a seahorse. No sooner had she entered it as she settled on the toilet sink and this mess shot outside.

It took her a few minutes to come into senses, and get over first shock, then drained the last drops of glycerin and came to Azamotu. Instinctively she tried to cover her nakedness, but kept form doing realizing it wouldn’t be wise thing to do.

- All right! Jap exclaimed: now we are gonna repeat it again!

She felt much easier for her second time when this crazy man repeated his procedure. When he finished, she could even hold back for a while. After cleaning her holes and wash up she joined Azamotu who was standing completely naked hard on. He put her on her knees and made her do some blowjob: this was what she could do best. Closing her eyes she sucked on him thoroughly and with full concentration. Her one hand jerked it off, while another one was fondling his hairy balls. Vera’s broken anus was itching pleasantly causing her excitement grow much.

- That’s it! Stop!

She set on her knees in a dog style and he pulled his cock in her ass. Vera was not an ass virgin; moreover, Jap had already worked her backdoors out, preparing her arse hole for painful intrusion. So, when it pulled in entirely, she felt some nice extending, unforgettable feeling of being owned by him, being totally dominated. As for Azamotu, he was upbeat with banging her hole and kept mumbling something Japanese all this time. His friction grew harder with every minute, and he thrusted it with full energy and violence.

- Aaa, he moaned and came in her asshole.

She felt some kind of satisfaction, though it didn’t last long. She wanted for more. Vera stretched herself on the carpet and smiled.
Azamotu appeared to be very horny man. He continued fucking Vera for whole night after, making her set in various positions and apply different tricks, his fancy was unimaginable! In the long run, after hours of hot sex battle, they both fell asleep on the bed.

Azamotu woke up early, may be too early. He rose on his elbows and watched Vera’s cute sleeping face for some time. She seemed to be dreaming something, her fingers and eyelashes moved restlessly. After a while he jumped out of the bed, came into the hall, took the contract from the table and tore it tiniest pieces, then he gathered them into a plate and burned away. After that Azamotu put his cloth on and went out. Slight air waft threw up left traces of betrayed hope….

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5 Responses to “Very important mission!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The contract should have been signed before dinner.

  2. not saying Says:

    that was wrong by all accounts.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    jap in true sense respected Vera as though she had been treated as pro by her bosses right from the beginning.

  4. horndog Says:

    that is just mesed up but she did get 3 grand frum it o well

  5. dick Says:

    What a story of betrayal.Jap’s balls should have been blown.

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