The fiancée of my friend

January 11th, 2008

If your friend’s fiancée is a pretty young chick you just forget about friendship morals and do everything to fuck her sexy butt…

This story happened two years in my parent’s country house. We were celebrating college graduation. There were about 10 guys and girls there. There was a lot of beer, vodka, and music. Everyone but me was totally wasted by the evening. Ely fell asleep on the couch holding a glass of vodka in her hand. Ely was my friend’s fiancée. They were gonna marry next year. Ely was a sexy long-haired brunette with beautiful C-cups, a thin waist and very round butt. My friend Ron (her future husband) asked me to give him a hand with taking her to the bedroom. He was holding her by the hands, and I was holding her by the legs. When we were going up the stairs I saw her white panties in the skirt slit. The panties were tight on her lips, so I could see their shape, her bush was getting through the panties here and there. We put her on the bed and went downstairs to continue partying.

In a while everyone decided to go and swim in the lake near the house. I had to stay in as I was sick and didn’t wanna get very ill. Everyone left. I was left alone. I heard Ely’s cell phone ring. It took me time to find it and then I brought it to her. The phone stopped ringing the second I came into the room. Ely was still lying on the bed the way we left her there. I thought about her white panties. It made me hot. I sat on the bed edge and raised her skirt. Her hips were moved apart, she was wearing thong, I could easily see her lips through them.

I moved my hand along the thong and touched the inner side of her hips and her lips. Ely didn’t react. I started caressing them. Then I thrust the panties to a side and saw her vulva lips. They were shaven well, her anus was also shaven, there was some bush on her pubis. My fingers were spreading the lips. I found her clit and started fondling it too. I felt my fingers get wet with her juices soon. Ely was aroused and leaking. My wet finger slipped in her vagina. Her pussy was soaked. I stuck another finger inside her pussy and started fucking her with both of them. Ely was sleeping, she didn’t react at all.

My dick was about to rip the pants apart. I wanted to enter her hot wet hole. I remembered she was my friend’s fiancée, but I really wanted her. I took off my shorts and my briefs. I raised her butt (she was lying on her stomach) and her skirt. I put a pillow under her belly. I pulled off her thong to her knees. My dick touched her lips and it got in her hole smoothly. I felt my dickhead press against her womb. I started frictions. It was terrific!

Ely’s buttocks were spread comparatively wide. I saw the pink anus of hers. I got my fingers in her pussy together with my cock. They were wet and slippery. I pressed my index finger against her anus and started getting it in her asshole. I was very careful. Soon I stuck two fingers in her butt. My dick was fucking her vagina, and my fingers were ramming her ass. I felt my own dick through the thin wall. Ely started breathing heavily, then she moaned something and shut up. While moaning she arched her back and got really tense. Then she relaxed.

I wanted to try her virgin asshole. I knew it was still virgin. When Ely met Ron she was a virgin. They were into practicing classical sex, but she didn’t let him use her mouth or her ass. She promised her future husband he would get it all after getting married. I got my cock out of her pussy and poked it at her ass. My dick was all so wet. I was entering her butt slowly. The hole was already stretched by my fingers but anyway it hurt her. She groaned something and started swaying her butt. I didn’t wanna dick get out of her butt so I started thrusting in. Ely stopped moving. I entered her butt at the full length of my cock. She was lying still, and I began frictions. Her asshole was really tight. Though I was fucking her ass her pussy was gushing still. I don’t know why but I couldn’t cum.

I turned her to lie on her back. I took off her panties and raised her top. She wasn’t wearing a bra. She was wonderful, I wanted her. I was sitting between her hips. I entered her pussy again. I was ramming her. I was actually ramming her like people usually ram whores – I was hard and rude. Her breasts were swaying from side to side, I took them in my hands and started feeling them up. Her breasts were soft and firm, her erect nipples were sticking out high. I took her right nipple in my mouth to lick and suck it. Then I did the same with her left nipple. Ely started breathing heavily again. I knew what was about to happen. Her body got tense, moaning. Her vagina muscles were contracting squeezing the cock tight. I felt like cumming too.

I took the dick out of her hole – I didn’t want her to get pregnant. My cock was pulsing. I desperately wanted to cum. I wanted to cum inside her. I crept up to her head. My dick was right in front of her face. I parted her lips and entered her mouth with my phallus. Her lips were holding it tight. I ejaculated in several frictions. I was erupting in her mouth. Sperm was flowing out of her mouth, it was streaming down her chin and her lips. Ely coughed. So I told her:

- C’mon swallow it.

She was swallowing my cum. Her eyes were closed, she was semiconscious. She was lying on the bed, her top was raised up, her hips were moved apart, there were sperm drops on her face. I’d fucked my friend’s fiancée as if she were a slut! I had to collect my thoughts. I dressed up and dressed her up too. I wiped the semen off her face. I thought she would feel semen taste in her mouth when she woke up, though she didn’t know what it actually tasted like. But anyway, I woke her up and made her drink a glass of juice. She fell asleep then.

My friends got back from the lake in some 30 minutes. I was making fire in the fireplace. Ron went upstairs to see Elyt I went with him. She was sleeping. I looked at her and felt my dick get harder again.

When it was their wedding there was only one thing I wanted to do: I wanted to fuck Ely like a real slut.

P.S. It’s been almost a year since they got married. Ron says Ely agreed to suck his dick but she still doesn’t let him fuck her butt.

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6 Responses to “The fiancée of my friend”

  1. Osomerset Says:

    Envy you dude!

  2. Kome2008 Says:

    Thank god you are not my friend. What a lousy thing to do to a friend. Some friend you are. You disgust me.

  3. cutie Says:

    man id love 4 that 2 happen 2 me

  4. bal Says:

    i also want to become as ur friend…
    and i wanna do the same for ur fiancee….

  5. Porn King Says:

    Very good. Please continue writing stories.

  6. Marine Says:

    Oh really Cutie! I bet you would, and dude…… I would kill to have seen pics of that pritty plush puss. Ah Oh well ya know….

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