August 31st, 2008

A guy visits a girl on the job and fucks her sexy butt right in the office…

Sophia was a pretty petite woman. I can clearly remember her telling me about the new job, I can’t forget the way her dark-green eyes were shining. She was short and seemed very light. She told me she had a separate office now and suggested me looking at it and I promised to call on in the afternoon.

When I entered she asked me to lock the door:

- The problem is that my colleagues can come in without knocking… I’d prefer not to be disturbed now.

I sat down into the armchair next to her table and she put away her documents.

- I’ve got a secret, – she said. – I’ve been attracted to you for a long time.

I was surprised and confessed it was mutual. She pushed her armchair slowly away from the table and put hands on her lap, then her hands went up raising the dress to check the stockings. All this time she was looking straight into my eyes. Her skin up from the stockings seemed whiter and smoother.

- I don’t wear panties, – she told me pulling her dress higher and moved the legs slightly apart.

I saw a dark knoll over the wet vulva.

- I’d like to feel your hot tongue in my slit. Can you kneel down in front of me?

She went around the table and stopped right before me and I kneeled down with my back to the table. Sophia put her right foot on the table and put her dress up. She pulled me to her. I sensed a light astringent smell and licked wet vulva lips. Bending my head I penetrated the dark vagina and Sophia lowered herself into the armchair. Tonguing her lips I felt she was raising her thighs towards my face. I kept on sucking and touching her vulva lips and clit entering her cave deeply with my tongue until she began moving in a rushing tempo having an orgasm right in my view.

- That’s not all, – she grinned. – Now, try something else, – She stood up, took a tube out of her table, kneeled down and slowly seductively squatted with her bottom to me. – Massage it and then I want you to lick the anus…

- Don’t worry, you’ll be fully satisfied when you leave, – and she lay on the carpet, pulled her dress up revealing the small elastic buttocks. The observation of the belt and stockings made my cock hard.

I pulled my pants down, sat over her legs and started massaging her butt. I bent to kiss her buttocks, tongued her deep hollow between them, explored it with fingers and then stopped at her anus. Moving her halves apart I saw a tiny dark hole. Sophia relaxed and the hole opened, I could see pink flesh inside.

Bending my head I tried the taste of her sweet asshole. When I penetrated it for the first time Sophia strained and then began rhythmically but gently raising her butt. I followed her rhythm rubbing my penis against her soles. I didn’t have to caress her anus more than five minutes.

Sophia changed the position and squatted. By that time I was jerking intensively enjoying seeing Sophia’s pleasure. She was on her knees, then stretched her hand, opened the drawer and took a tube with gel out of it. Slowly and carefully she spread a little gel over my big pulsing knob.

- You don’t have to masturbate, – she said. – I want you to fuck my ass. Spread the gel over my anus outside and inside and push you finger first, – she continued, – then, your phallus, but be careful, I’m very sensitive to pain.

I rubbed the gel into the spot my tongue had just been sliding over, pushed some of this substance into the hole and carefully massaged the walls of her butt.

- That will do! – Sophia made up her mind. – Enter me, but be slow and careful.

I pressed my cock head to her ass and hunched… I saw the pink ring was stretching getting used to my dick size. The head was going in slowly, I stopped feeling we both were enjoying the process and then I was fully in. Her hole swallowed my tool up to the base and we began to sway smoothly and rhythmically. She started moaning and I realized she was near her climax. Her body was shuddering, the anus was shrinking around my knob.

We relaxed for a few minutes and at last Sophia turned to me and asked:

- Shoot your cum into me… – And as if I had been waiting for her order I began exploding, I felt that orgasm erupted from my entire body; the semen was flowing over the walls of her narrow anus…

We were having a rest for a couple of minutes without changing the position and soon my satisfied penis became limp. Sophia moved forward, the phallus slid out of her; sperm mixed up with the gel was coming out of her.

- Can you call on next week again? – She asked rubbing her nice buttocks over my flaccid cock. – No one had penetrated my shithole as tender as you did. I’d like to repeat that…

- I’ll try to take time off…- I promised.

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