If your lover doesn’t like anal sex, all you need is a bit of persuasion, if it doesn’t work, you should try to force her, why not? It works perfectly with some ladies.

He hugged his wife gently.

-I’m very sorry honey. But we shouldn’t bother about such trivial things on such a night. Keep on partying and I’ll be back as soon as I can.

She smiled heavily.

-I feel lonely when you’re not around.

When her husband left she returned to her daily housewife routine. Now and then she thought about her sister. What is Sheila doing on her birthday?

Shelia opened the door and let George in. He took her by the hands and led to a tiny dining room. The dinner was served for two.

-Oh, no! I totally forgot about your birthday today! I’m sorry Sheila I don’t have a present for you.

-No, babe, it’s OK, you haven’t forgotten about it. You’ll give it to me. Let’s go to the bedroom, I wanna get my present now. – Sheila said seducing her sister’s husband to sleep with her.

George had been waiting for her words aguishly. He was a strong and imperious man, but Sheila suppressed him making him feel like an impotent. She got used to having things her own way, and other people’s opinion was of no importance to her. She was a leader in sex, demanding the partner to obey her will.

George wanted her vehemently (she was a real beauty) but he hated her with all his heart at the same time. He was very gentle with his wife, and he was a real beast with her sister. He always wanted to fuck Sheila from the rear, he wanted to own this beach’s young tight ass, but she didn’t allow him to do it, she humiliated and humbled him.

Sheila sat on the bed edge, unzipped his trousers and began sucking his long dick. She did it very well. Holding the cock with her two fingers she jerked its stem, sucking it.

-So, babe, – she whispered lying on the bed and impaling herself on George’s hard-on. She was moving rhythmically, – oh, it’s so great! But you don’t like ordinary sex, do you? You can’t cum, right, my poor babe! You know why? Because you love asses, and you like to fuck asses, but you can’t get them. You wanna fuck my butt, right?! But you’ll never get it! Do you hear me?! Never!!! – She was mocking at him.

George was drilling her vagina slowly. Her legs were moved widely apart, her firm big breasts were not even swaying. Suddenly some idea struck his mind. Blood rushed to his head. He got out of her pussy, turned her on the stomach, moved her legs apart, and entered… her asshole. Cries of fear and pain filled the room. George was ramming into her butt with his huge cock violently and mercilessly. He was screwing her feeling no sorry for his lover. Yes, finally he got what he wanted!

-Do you like that, bitch?! Huh? You say I’ll never get your ass, huh? I’m fucking your virgin asshole! C’mon get more! – He was yelling hearing her harrowing wild cries.

Sheila felt terrible pain. Nobody had ever fucked her ass before. She was imperious and proud, and now she was being fucked like a broad or something. Her firm young butt became the most painful part of her body. Sheila grasped the pillow with her hands, burying her red face in there too. Her torturer knew no mercy.

George snatched her hair (she was a blonde with long magnificent curls) and pulled it back at him. He never stopped ramming her hole. He made her get on her knees, he was holding her straight. He hugged her breasts and entered her butt again. A new wave of pain pierced every cell of her body. She was crying and kicking, trying to set her free of his deadly embrace.

In seeing her reaction, George put her in dog fashion, mounted her and started everything all over again. Sheila was exhausted of crying, so her yelling was quieter. Seemed she didn’t care anymore. Suddenly George quivered, his pecker became even harder, he made the last thrust and took the prick out of her ass, cumming right in her wide black hole. His sticky semen flooded her butt. Sheila fell on the bed in a dead faint.

-Now bitch you know what real sex is! – George chortled.

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  1. Love man Says:

    This is one of the most lewd stories i have ever read! Thumbs up, men!

  2. Bond Says:

    Nice story! I love butt-fucking too, and I really think that there is no sex, if there is no anal!

  3. .ally Says:

    Good story

  4. Jay Says:

    To me that sounds like rape….

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