My girlfriend Silvia

April 25th, 2008

A guy falls in love with his best friend’s mom, she is a hot and mature lady who is twice as old as he is and she knows ways to seduce guys like him…

Hi, everyone! Here comes a story about my girlfriend! Her name is Silvia, she is a blonde, tall, with big blue eyes, sexy long legs, nice boobies, round hips and a beautiful firm butt. I met her 2 years ago in a foodstuff store, she was so young and stunning, I couldn’t help walking up to her and saying how beautiful she was! After that I invited her to the restaurant and soon we started dating, and she became my girlfriend.

We have had lots of hot sex sessions since, rich in different positions and places. You know, I’m a great ass lover and all this time I have fantasized about fucking my girl in her ass. I love to watch porn movies where a girl gets fucked in her ass. I love watching Sandra Romain, and Luscious Lopez, coz these bitches have really got the asses and fucking their wide big wet asses would be a great reward for any man! The look of a cock going into a nice, slippery, gaping asshole is just too fucking hot for me and tumultuous turn on!

I have licked and fingered Silvia’s asshole many times, and she never minded. It seems she was getting pretty wet and wild, especially when she was on speed or ecstasy close to cum. However, I have never dared fucking her lovely ass with my cock though. Then, I really wanted to try it! Once, Friday afternoon I went over to her house, it turned out her parents had gone away for the weekend. I arrived there after work; Silvia greeted me at the door wearing a small T shirt with no bra and a very short skirt. She gave me the very sexy and horny kiss, and from this kiss I could tell that she had just had some fun.

She told me to come into the room and when I did I noticed a big black dildo on a mirror on the table. I sat down on the bed with my back against the wall, watching this huge toy and smiling ironically.

Silvia came, laid on her side next to me and started rubbing my cock. I started getting more and more aroused and my cock reacted immediately, it began to form a huge bulge on my pants. She was rubbing it extremely rapidly, and when I was about to come Silvia pulled my cock out of my pants, started licking, sucking it, and rubbing it on her face. She got on her knees and bent over me, setting her elbows on the bed. Her butt started to poke out of her very short skirt, between her legs being spread. I might have been mistaken, but I could swear I saw the insides of he butt cheeks glistening! It was as if she applied some lube on them so greasy they were. Anyway, I paid no attention to this fact, as Silvia was doing a great job sucking my cock and slobbering all over it.

After a while, with the awesome blowjob she was doing to me, she changed her position, lying down on her side next to me, but with her ass and pussy facing me. It was now obvious to me that she had been playing with herself before my arrival. Now I could definitely say that she had fun with that toy I saw on the table, because her whole pubic area, as well as entire butt hole was soaking wet. A rich aroma of her pussy filled the room. This was extremely hot to look at, and the view of her wet, slippery and red asshole gave me idea that she had been fucking her ass with that dildo, which, obviously, made my cock very hard.

She told me to see how wet she was. I watched her hand move down to her pussy and ass, and start fingering them both. I was on my clouds! She began with one finger in her ass, and then she gradually slid 2, then, after a few minutes, 3 fingers in, sliding them in and out effortlessly. All this time she never let out my cock filling her mouth with it and stroking it at the same time. She moaned when she reached out and took that aforementioned dildo putting it in her butt. I felt very hot, especially watching her sliding this toy in and out of her ass as far as possible. When she pulled out, she spread her cheeks, showing me the gaping and inviting hole. Silvia closed her eyes, fucking herself with the dildo rhythmically. I started stroking myself realizing that now my fantasy was about to come true.

After a few minutes of this, she stood up, took off her T shirt and skirt, revealing her petite body and beautiful large boobs. She then got down on her knee, put her head down on the bed, with her lovely wet ass facing me, her asshole was so inviting and sweet! She looked at me with eye full of lust, and then her right hand spread one of her cheeks apart, just making her butt hole open up even more invitingly and wider. I grabbed the dildo and put it into her hole, teasing her by running it around in circles. It didn’t take long her to command me to put it all the way inside! I wanted to see how her oily backdoors would feel it when I fuck her from behind! I licked 2 fingers and slid them in there. It felt awesome. I pushed them in there as far as I could and twisted them around, feeling the insides of her rectum. Her ass muscles squeezed my fingers working on them! I pushed a third finger in with no troubles. She moaned with delight.

Then I took my fingers out and grabbed the dildo again, sliding it down her butt hole far inside. It was about 8 inches long and it went straight down until it almost disappeared! Oh, God! So deep her arse hole was! She was now making loud noises of pleasure, as I pulled it in and out, trying to slide every inch of it into this beautiful hole. Her pussy was almost dripping with juice and I could see fluids running out down her thighs. She really loved it.

I was now pulling the dildo out of her butt slowly and watching it gape, before putting it back into the dark hole. I was also fingering her pussy while fucking her ass with the toy. She must have been enjoying this even more, because she was now screaming with pleasure. She told me to stick my fingers in her cunt deep inside without stopping fucking her ass. Then she started coming. She arched her back, trembling with ecstasy, and pussy juice f hers started oozing out of her cunt down the dildo. I was about to come too!

I decided that I now really wanted to try Silvia’s butt. I took the dildo out of her ass, her very pink and wet hole. “Oh, yeas! Put your dick right in my ass and fuck me hard. I want to feel it deep in there!” she said as I applied some lube and stroked my dick.

I put her with stomach on the bed, and ass poking out to me standing with on one knee and one foot, so that I could take a proper angel to her asshole. I played with my cock at her ass hole, teasing her ass with the head of it by rubbing it around the tight caver. She began pushing her butt back against me hard. My shaft slid right in without a problem and she groaned with delight, and I almost blew my load right there! It felt amazing, much better than I had expected. Her asshole was so smooth and slippery and tight inside, and my cock was a perfect instrument for it! I put it in as far as I could, sliding it out, watching her hole gape and then sliding my rod back in again.

I started fucking her harder and harder, she was making rhythmic moans of ecstasy as I rammed my pecker in and out of her ass again and again. I wanted to go deeper, so I slid out and stood up on both feet over her ass. She knew what this meant, it was a very good position and she fucking adored it. I squatted over her, holding her with one hand and pointing my cock at her gaping ass with the other. Then I lowered myself. I saw couple fucking I this position for many times in porn, so we both liked it. We had already tried it but never anal! She reached back and spread one of her ass cheeks! Watching this got me so horny. I started fucking her hard. She was screaming out with pleasure as I slammed my cock into her ass as hard and deep as I could. I felt her ass muscles tighten around my cock and she started to shudder! Ooh, Lord! It was fantastic! My cock started to twitch and throb and I knew that now it was my turn to come.

I removed my cock from Silvia’s ass and stood up, and she knew exactly what the point was. She turned around immediately bringing her mouth to my cock, gobbling it hungrily. She started sucking on my cock furiously while jerking it off at the same time, until I shot the biggest load of cum ever into her mouth. She kept sucking my dick skillfully while swallowing my hot load greedily. She licked my cock and my balls clean, then licked her lips and said “”Thank you for your sweet load of cum!” I could hardly believe that she had just let me fuck her ass, then sucked all of her ass juices off it, and then said “Thank you” I fell down onto the bed bewildered and exhausted, so did she tired but happy. I looked in her eyes. She smiled rubbing my cock. I knew, tonight we were going repeat it again.

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  1. Wet pussy Says:

    It’s fucking hot! I liked it and my pussy is leaking real hard, my panties are all wet and I want sex!

  2. Darkie Says:

    WET PUSSY,I sure agree with you this is HOT HOT HOT,nearly ripped my 7″ off pulling it like mad.

  3. sammy Says:

    the best story read yet, sure it is real?

  4. boner Says:

    i dont think its real

  5. omg Says:

    wow nice!

  6. Dripping wet Says:

    Oh man this was so hot Oh man I want a big cock in me NOW

  7. cougar 307 Says:

    you should learn to read the signs of a women and you will know whats my man

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