My first anal!

May 6th, 2008

A girl wants to try anal sex, but she needs a really experienced guy who would make her feel like heaven and she finds such a guy who gladly takes her ass virginity…

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. I reached over and turned it off, it was Sunday, so no college, no troubles. I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. All my sleep had gone away, I looked out to the window, and a day seemed to be sunny and joyful. I kept thinking about later that day, I was going to meet Brian, a guy I had been talking to on the internet. I met him on chat, he appeared to be very humorous and talkative, he could talk for hours, I didn’t know how he looked like but I wanted to see him. So was he, and we agreed to meet this weekend.

I got up and looked in the mirror. I’m not going to lie but I look very hot, a fit slim body, large breast. I’m not the one to think that way; all the guys at college seem to think so for I always catch their looks gazing on me, I can read lust and readiness in their eyes. I’m 18, Hispanic, I’m hailing from Madrid, Spain, and my parents immigrated to the US when I was young. I’m a sun tanned stunning girl with black hair, I’m 6 feet tall, thin with good size boobies and an ass all the guys seem to enjoy. Actually, I love going to the beach and sun bathing; a few years ago I and my girlfriends found some quiet place, desolate and lonely, somewhere in sand dunes, and we used this place to sun bath nude. That’s why my all body was tanned thoroughly and there were no traces of white skin on there.

I took a shower, got dressed and went into the living room. No one was home; my parents were going to be out for the weekend, so I turned on the TV and sat down on the couch. I put it on the porn channel, I love watching it, its my favorite channel. On the screen it showed a girl getting fucked hard in the ass by a black guy. She was very horny; her ass devoured his giant cock. Oh, God, he had a huge cock, I wonder if all black guys have big shafts! I’ve only been with normal sized guys and never had a cock in my ass. I thought what it feels if I get my ass pumped by such a monster dick. To be honest, I wanted to try some anal, this idea turned me on, but from now was afraid of getting such a cock in my arse.

Around 5 o clock Brian called me. I told him I didn’t have a car, but he said could come over, I knew him long enough to trust him. 30 minutes later the door bell rang. I opened the door: there was standing a tall muscular guy, handsome, with a broad smile on his face. I let Brian in and gave him a hug. When he hugged me I felt the strength of his muscles, so strong! He said:

“Waw! You look even hotter in real life” I blushed:

“Thank you.”

We went up to my room, sat down and talked for a while. I offered him some drinks, he agreed. He asked me if I smoked and if I didn’t mind if he did, I said it was OK, he gave me a cigarette, and we started smoking. After we finished smoking I was feeling really horny, he must have felt it too, because he started touching me and we started making out. He quickly pulled off all my clothes and pulled down his pants. Oh, my God! His cock was really huge! Just like a porn black guy’s cock! No less! I just stared at it. “11 inches” he said “Look at him! Is he cute?”

I got on my knees and started sucking on it, all I could get in my mouth was the head, it was so thick too! I opened my mouth wide, but I could deep throat him properly. I couldn’t swallow his cock, so all of my efforts were fixed on his shaft’s head.

He picked me up and laid me on my bed, I could feel his cock trying to enter me, and I told him he was too big. But he kept pushing. I yelled out in pain. Slowly he inserted all of his 11 inches inside of me and started fucking me. It started to feel really good. When he ramming me I saw he had more than half inside me, I had never felt my pussy so stretched! I started cumming like crazy, again and again – it felt so good! I never wanted it to stop, but then he told me he was almost there, I told him I wanted him to cum inside of my ass.

He laid on my bed, I got on top of him and aimed his dick at my tiny asshole. I pushed down but it wasn’t going in at all. I licked my fingers and started fucking my ass with 2 fingers for a while, when I spread my ass open I could ready to impale my but hole on his wang. His cock was so big but, I started to feel my asshole slowly swallow his massive cock. It hurt me very much; I even closed my eyes trying to endure the pain. I started going up and down on his rod, each time taking a bit more, until finally he broke my ass and I was sitting on him with all 11 inches inside me. I felt him so deep inside me. “I’m ready to get fucked now” I told him.

He got up, positioned me doggy style and entered me from behind. He started speeding up and started fucking me good! “Oh, yeas! Fuck my slut ass!” I yelled out: “Fuck my ass, fuck me good, I’m gonna cum” putting my finger into my cunt I started flicking it, I felt his rod running in and out of my ass. I lost count of how many times I came while his fat long cock was fucking my asshole.

“I’m gonna cum!!!” he uttered! A few seconds after, he pulled out and I felt a huge explosion really deep in my mouth! He must have shot about 7 massive spurts on my face! I grasped his cock and jerked him off all over my mouth! Feeling that made me cum one last time.

He gave me a kiss, I laid next to him and we both drifted into a deep sleep.

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11 Responses to “My first anal!”

  1. dark Says:

    hmm my go?

  2. 27 incher Says:

    My dick is so big

  3. pussy eater Says:

    that was a great story love. My ex wife love it in the ass also love tight ass to fuck

  4. AnalLover Says:

    wassup let’s go 4 cum

  5. analwhore Says:

    Nothing better then a huge cock up my ass

  6. Anonymous Says:

    i wanna your tight ass to fuck

  7. nub Says:

    that story was soo fake its funny, did not like it

  8. upinthere Says:

    nice story, sounds sorta like movie lol=.=

  9. rrr Says:


  10. GiantD**K Says:

    This story is pure junk – even the word order,spelling and language structure is rubbish ! sounds like some horny young boy wrote out some fanatasy – stuff like this is pure fiction!

  11. loverboy Says:

    story was so fake from the start

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