Ice-cream babe

October 3rd, 2007

Fucking your girlfriend’s butt is great, it’s even better when she doesn’t mind it! This guy has a walk with her girlfriend, he’s so hot that he can’t hold his desire, as soon as they get back to the apartment, he gets to her butt!

It was wonderful Sunday morning. The sun was shining into our small room through an opened window.

-It’s gonna be very hot during the day, – you said.

We were sitting in the kitchen, drinking aromatic coffee and listening to our favorite music.

-Let’s take a walk before it’s to hot.

What I loved about you was that you needed some five minutes to get yourself ready for a walk or something. I had no idea how you managed to do it, though I used to watch it very often – some strokes of a powder brush and here you were – dressed up and ready.

We went out in the street. We decided to walk along the main street of our small town. The sun was shining on the pavement, greenery, passers-by. The rays were warm and not hot yet. The sun was just not so smart as you were and couldn’t think up anything to fight its envy of you. You were the real Sun of that day.

Shock of black hair with golden highlights was streaming down your black shirt, stressing your wonderful breasts. High heels exposing your cute toes and made your slender legs look even slenderer. Short jeans shorts showed your legs hinting at the beauty of your butt. You were smiling chattering something in my ear, you were laughing, the wind was playing with your hair. It was wonderful!

All passers by could be divided into two main groups. Men were staring at you in admiration and envy, their women were trying to burn you with the eyes. But, aha! How could one burn the Sun?! They were too insignificant and tiny in comparison with you. All they were left to do was to whisper something into their husbands’ ears.

You liked to be looked at. You were smiling at people.

-You look terrific today! – I said at last.

-Yes, I do! – You smiled at me in gratitude. Your smile was so tender and warm.

I bought a bunch of flowers that made your beauty look even better at their background.

-You’re just beautiful! I’m all yours!

-Hey, be care don’t faint right here in the broad light in the middle of the street! – You winked at me.

-I want you, – I whispered in your ear that looked pink and transparent in the ray of light.

-You can want anything in the world, – you winked again slyly.

When you had enough of the Sun, smiles of passers by, and the wind, we headed home. On the way there we bought some ice-cream. I stopped at the entrance checking the mail box, you continued your way to the door. When I was close to the door I saw the picture that made me lose my breath and be so jealous of the ice-cream. You were standing at the opened door with your back to me, licking the ice-cream and swinging the flowers. It was awesome! Your slender legs attracted my attention. I was looking at the piece of fabric that was seen from under the shorts. I figured out it were your panties. And the panties were covering your sweet butt…

-Hey, what took you so long there? – You asked me cheerfully.

-I’m amazed at your beauty! I’m all yours! I wish I had a camera now. I would win the first prize in some photo competition!

-What’s the problem?! You can make photos… with your tongue… – You laughed in response.

When I was opening the door you were looking so closely at me. You took your ice-cream and ran it over your leg – it was another masterpiece – Chocolate against the snow.

-You can make your photos…. – You looked at me.

When we were in the house, I got on my knees and began licking chocolate ice-cream off your snow-white soft skin.

-Now here, – You ran the ice-cream over the other leg.

I was licking your skin, overflowing with desire. I was getting under your shorts, getting closer to your snow-white buttocks. I guess that moment I looked like a cat licking its kitten clean. I was unable to think clearly, my rationality vanished with every touch of your hip. You were hot too.

-Not here, let’s go, – you whispered.

We ran up to the stairs. You suddenly stopped, passing two chocolate lines along the hips and up to the shorts’ rim. I was crazy about those lines, I began licking them not only with my tongue but with my lips and nose too. My hands were under your shirt, caressing your warm stomach, getting closer to the fly.

-It’s fantastic, – I couldn’t help saying.

Instead of answering you unzipped the fly, so I could pull your shorts off together with snow-white panties that used to cover semicircles of your butt. You stepped aside and ran the ice-cream over them again, sort of inviting my tongue to lick it off. I didn’t have to be asked twice. I was licking you, being on the verge of losing consciousness of delight and desire. My tongue was dancing on your skin. Nobody had ever seen this dance before. It was unusual and still had no name. That was a pity as it was a terrific dance of passion and adoration. Moreover, the dance was extremely lustful.

You were breathing heavily, vehemently, leaning against the banisters in order not to fall. You arched your back giving me your ass. You were trembling with arousal. My hands were playing some sophisticated melody on your belly, getting lower. I could smell the aroma of your love juices, they were driving me crazy.

-Wait, – You ran another chocolate line right between the buttocks, – here.

I spread them with my hands and sucked into your hole. You were moaning with pleasure, arching your back, giving me all possible access to your ass. My tongue was like a traveler discovering new lands. I was teasing your butt, caressing it, getting into it, fondling the skin around. You were groaning in arousal. I looked up at you.

-Don’t stop, – you moaned.

I proceeded to licking your anus, getting my tongue into it. The hole was getting opened, letting my tongue go deeper, while my hands were fondling and squeezing your buttocks. You were on the verge of bliss, of losing consciousness; your moaning was getting louder and louder. Your hand was playing with your hot wet lips, your love button. You were fingering yourself passionately and horny. Then your body bucked, seized by the wave of pleasure. You were moaning so sweetly, holding my head with your hands, burying your fingers in my curls.

-Cool! – You said at last.

You pulled me to follow you to the room. You pulled off you shirt. Dropped it on the stairs. Your gorgeous hair fell on your bare shoulders and back.

-Undo it.

I undid your lacy bra, letting the whole world see your wonderful breasts. You unzipped my jeans, the dick head was seen from under the pants. You pulled the pants down, caressing the cock with your hands, teasing the head with the tip of your tongue. I was caressing your hair.

-Fuck my in the hole you’ve been caressing.

You turned your back at me and leaned against the couch. I came up close to you, caressing your buttocks with one hand, my shaft and your asshole with the other. You were so hot, so aroused. You swayed your butt and my dickhead slipped in. We both began moaning. The sensations were great. A bit of resistance and pain, and then fantastic tranquility and the feeling that my pecker had finally found the place it had always been looking for.

You swayed your butt again. Now you thrust my stem out. My prick was free. We both realized we liked the game when I was caressing your skin with the head, then I thrust inside you and then back out. Our arousal was growing gradually; our breath was heavier and hotter.

Finally, I began impaling you deeper and deeper. Sometimes I was slow and tender, sometimes I was fast and rude. Our arousal was like a tide, waves flew and ebbed, leaving moaning and body trembling on the shores of our love.

-Don’t forget about… – You said quickly.

My hand slid downwards obediently. It was hot and wet there. I started caressing your lips with my hand. They were opened, wet and burning hot.

-Yes, yes, yes, don’t stop…

I tried to fuck you ass and pussy at once. I licked my finger and got it into your cave. My finger felt my own penis move in your ass, it was incredible. You also felt that bliss. You were on the verge of fainting.

-Go on, don’t stop… – your deep and a bit harsh voice was expressing so much passion and desire.

I tried to ram you with the same tempo everywhere. We both felt like cumming. At some moment my head felt dizzy, my whole self was focused on the end of my dickhead, I was just supplemental to it.

-Cum, – I heard you say, – I’ve come trice.

Several mighty thrusts and my juices spurted into my girl, making me feel on cloud nine. You turned round and kissed me. My knob was between our bodies.

-I adore you, babe, – I whispered in your ear.

I noticed at that moment that you were still wearing your heels. Our clothes were thrown about the room, and my ice-cream melted in the hall leaving a big brown puddle on the floor.

-Let’s got to shower…

And we headed to the bathroom. But that’s another story.

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  1. Ann Says:

    Wooooow! i used to be afraid of butt sex but my boyfriend kind of calmed me down, saying it never hurts, he got me drunk and fucked my butt furiously, you know? I felt no pain, it even gave me much pleasure, I can’t live even a week now without someone fucking my butt!

  2. jack Says:

    good job very realistic and erotic a very good mixture :)

  3. corky Says:

    ann, i wanna help you

  4. tjon Says:

    i need more fucking

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