I’ve been longing for it…

November 14th, 2007

If you want to fuck your girlfriend in the ass you’d better be harsh and persistent, cause she’s not gonna be the first to come up with an offer.

I’ve wanted to screw Jennifer in her ass for such a long time. But she wouldn’t let me. She used to say she doesn’t like it, although she let me stick my finger in her anus.

Once, I put her on her belly, stuck my finger in her butt and started jerking it. She bit a pillow and started moaning.

Actually, Jennifer is passive in bed. I’m not even sure she comes. Not even sure about this time, but I was full of desire to fuck her out in her big ass. She’s a chubby girl.

I would ask her:

- “Has anyone ever put it in there yet?”

- “No.”

She would answer and clasp me to her breast.

That day we started with the missionary position. While resting after the first time I started gently nursing her and kissing her softly to incite her for the upcoming one.

Jenny gets turned on easily though leaves the active role to the partner. I let my hand go down to her further hole. It felt dry and I returned my hand to her face. I gently touched her chubby cheek and touched her lips with my middle finger. She opened up her mouth and let my finger in. After she had licked it enough I tried her tiny hole again.

My finger wet from her spit went in much easier and I added a second one. I was moving them apart to kind of stretch the anus. I got hard and kissed her deeply. “May be she’ll be more accessible from that?” I thought to myself.

Jenny held me in her arms and was waiting for the continuation. I took my finger out and reached for the lubricant which I left for that purpose on the bed-box. I moistured my finger and got back to the hole. Jenny quietly giggled and moved a bit her thighs apart. Three of my fingers met no resistance in her crotch and my tongue was trying to lick her mouth from inside. Jennifer held me tight and her arms were all over my body.

-“Turn around…”

I asked her and Jenny leaned to me on her side. I took my dick and involuntary jerked it of a few times. I pressed myself to her back and caressed her ass. It was easy for my dick to spot the right hole because around her pussy it was all juicy and around “my“ hole it was slippery from the lubricant.

I started pushing a bit. Jenny tried to pull out but I pulled her back and started pushing my dick on her ass:

- “Where are you going, girl? Relax… I want you this way…”

And so around my dick I felt a tight circle of a female ass. I understood it before she did. While not letting her go, I started to push my dick further. She had it tight over there. Just like I want it! My dick enlarged from the nice feeling. Although she screamed a bit I pushed it in all the way up to my balls and squeezed her hips.

Jennifer pulled again; she tried to jump off of me. A few seconds later she relaxed. She was getting to know a new feeling for her… After I felt how her hole clutched my gun several times and she set it free.

- “So?”

She got a respite.

I pulled back and the very first move made Jenny give a loud groan. She hugged a pillow when I shoved my dick inside and pushed her against the bed. I started to bang her in her butt. Her butt squeezed and I could hear her screaming through the pillow. It’s started getting slippery from her or my sweat that I almost lost my rhythm and felt me cum soon.

I grabbed her tits from behind and started jamming and squeezing them. She threw the pillow away. She would start screaming when I was pushing forward and would catch her breath when I was pulling my dick back inside her anus.

I sneaked my hand to her crotch and my fingers almost drowned in her squelching wet pussy. I really like it when she leaks and I thought to myself I lick her once again today. Right than I started cumin. I pushed her forward the last time and started loading her ass.

- “Oh, Jennnny!!!”

She got off my dick, turned to me and buried her face inside my chest. Her hot breath burned me and went down to my stomach, to my dick that did not know yet to relax or wait.

- “I love you, I love you, I love you…”

I was whispering to her light hair and held her while she was still breathing deeply.

I moved and my dick touched her belly. I moved further and it touched her breasts. I found her hand on my hip. She touched my butt and stood still.

- “Suck it”

I told her

- “No”

She replied, but her body said different. I pushed her face down and went up myself so that my dick touched her nose. With my hand I played on her cheek kind of inviting her to take my dick inside. She took a breath and put her lips around it. I pulled him back, than forward, releasing my still sticky from the sperm head and put it inside here mouth. I felt her warm tongue. But it wasn’t moving. She just doesn’t like blowjobs. That’s why I held her head and was going back and forward getting turned on just by the fact that she had it in her mouth.

I so wanted to cum like that but we didn’t agree on it. So when I felt it was close I took my dick out and smacked it against her tits. Sperm dropped on her neck and leaked down. Jenny giggled so cute and I sank into a pillow and tried not to fall asleep…

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  2. MarkSpizer Says:

    great post as usual!

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