Dating Melanie. Part 2

July 20th, 2008

After a fascinating blowjob, the action goes on, and now the man wants to get to her sweet butt….

Her cunt was moist; the lips were open and clearly wanted to get a dick inside. And Melanie herself wanted a man to lie down on her, wanted to feel the heaviness of his body, embrace his thighs with her legs, she wanted him to fill her sissy. She took David’s hands and pulled him up. He interpreted her wish in the right way – he pushed into her, felt how her legs embraced him, then he pressed her to the bed and stopped. Melanie was devilishly hot and wet inside. He let her enjoy the moment and began slowly stroking in and out of her pussy increasing the tempo. Some time later David was fucking Melanie to his utmost occasionally touching her womb and making her come the second time during the last 10 minutes. She had already forgotten about the dried semen on her face, desire to visit the restaurant today, she was just enjoying the process. She liked fucking, she loved it. She felt David’s hot breathing, his body power; she was giving away entirely and liked it.

Arousal was growing like a snowball; she started helping David wishing to cum together. A few more minutes and he asked “Can I cum inside you?” She answered “Sure, you can, dear, these days are safe” and embraced him with her arms and legs. He made several strong pushes and she felt semen gushing into her pussy, then she uttered a light scream and came forgetting the reality and pushing David tightly into herself as if she was helping him to hunch deeper. Coming round she saw his smiling face.

He kept on fucking her, pushing his semen further and further. The days were not safe at all but that was one of woman’s ruses – famous and very simple. Melanie wanted David to push his semen as particularly and deep as it was possible. It was desirable that she could lie under him long without turning over – this way her chances to become pregnant were increasing. Assisting her own plans she lowered her hands from his back to the hips and now she was keeping him inside with her arms and legs. She needed only a few minutes to achieve her goals and she made up her mind to get that each time they finished the gang bang.

She spent about five minutes in this pose, then David freed himself and went to the corridor. Melanie felt so well that she paid no attention to the place where he left, so she was really surprised when he returned in two minutes and started kissing her body, neck, breast and belly. She closed her eyes blissfully and felt his kisses on her slightly plump hips. Soon his lips returned to her belly again and at this moment she sensed something cool touched her bottom. She shuddered from surprise, however David whispered to her ear that she shouldn’t be afraid, he would do that gently and carefully. Here she remembered her promise about the “integrated approach”… She began resisting but David was so affectionate, whispered pleasant compliments and … Melanie remained lying absolutely naked with her legs apart and .. one finger in her butt.

Soon David moved a little and Melanie felt that his hot prick was before her face. Finding herself in 69 pose she took her time and began caressing David’s balls with her lips; he moved a bit back and then forth, pushed his hardening head into her mouth. Simultaneously he moved her legs more widely apart and bent them in knees and a moment later the second finger was in her bottom. She reacted with just mumbling as her mouth was busy with constantly growing penis, which was not only growing but moving, too. David was fucking her mouth actively, reaching her gullet regularly and trying to hunch into the throat. Melanie was shocked of such an attack, tears came out of her eyes; three fingers were working in her butt and his phallus managed to go through her gullet and sank deeply into her throat.

Melanie was afraid to move at this moment because she could hurt something in her throat, however all went right and David stayed in for 3 seconds and then took his stem out of her gullet letting her breathe, sank in again and again. She had tears in her eyes and started gasping, when he was doing it for the last time she was able to free herself and let the prick out.

David was happy to realize that Melanie allowed him hot only ordinary fucking but mouth-fucking, too, so inspired by all that he decided to get busy with her bottom where his three finger were working already. Melanie felt David stood up and moved to her straddled legs, took her ankles in his hands, then raising and moving them widely apart he set his prick against her butt and a few seconds later Melanie twitched from the stiff and hot cock coming into her ass. David stopped when his thick head went through the sphincter entirely; Melanie understood that the cream he had thoroughly spread her bottom with had anesthetic effect.

She remembered pretty well the pain she felt when her ex-husband being drunk fucked her fiercely. Now her resistance was rather instinctive and instead of pain in the butt she felt some unpleasant sensations and … growing arousal. The latter was really unexpected for Melanie but following the sensation she pulled him on herself so that his phallus came deeper into her butt. When it was fully inside she felt some pain, moaned but didn’t push him away. A completely new feeling seized her, a new desire – she wanted to give away in that way – like a whore with semen on her face and in the hair, her pussy either full of semen and the butt with a big dildo in. She quietly told him “Come on..” David moved backwards watching her little hole stretching for his penis as if it didn’t want to let the cock out. Melanie felt the prick moving inside, saw David liked that a lot and making up her mind not to be afraid of anything relaxed and said louder “Do you like that? Come on, babe, develop my little butt, fuck me, fill my guts up with your delicious semen, make me shout!” and let out a sob – David hunched his cock very deep again. The following few minutes she spent on her back with her legs apart and raised. The tempo he was fucking her butt was as intensive as the one he used 20 minutes ago fucking her cunt. Melanie whimpered, sighed and cried out gradually going mad from such a good anal sex. Her butt relaxed completely and let David enjoy the sex, she felt just a little pain not as much as she had expected. At the moments when his prick dashed out her ass made rather loud sounds but it didn’t close and David quickly pushed the penis inside her almost virgin butt. Melanie felt he started to get tired.

However, David having discovered something new in this bitch wanted to cum into her butt, small but hospitable. He put her legs down , left the butt, turned her to the belly simultaneously putting one of the small pillows lying everywhere on her bed under her. Melanie realized she was going to be fucked harder and more painfully. Leaning all his weight upon her rear David entered her butt fast again and began hunching her greatly. His pubis was knocking against her soft bottom and the cock coming up to the limit and leaving developed her little hole up to the big-sized one.

This pose he used until the end of the process, he felt his balls collecting the finishing volley of semen. Melanie felt that, she was lying with clenched fists and teeth bitten the sheet. “I should bear that, I should” she had the thought in her head, “I should bear that till the end, he wrote he didn’t like anal sex much, that won’t be too often”. Her thoughts were interrupted by David’s moan and she could clearly feel him filling her guts with semen, he was slowing the tempo down. Half a minute later he collapsed weighing her down but not leaving her butt. At first Melanie thought he was going to continue but she was mistaken – his penis became smaller and her butt made it out. After that David lay beside her saying he wanted to have a little rest, he kept on stroking her bottom and kissing her back. A few minutes later he fell asleep; Melanie was going to take offence at first but then remembered he had just arrived, hadn’t slept a night – it was no surprise that he had no any strength after such a sex-marathon. However, Melanie knew what kind of “ideal” morning she had to organize for him. She made up her mind to get used to semen taste because doing a blow job was more preferable for her than being butt-fucked despite his tenderness and attentiveness.

Rising up from the bed and directing to the bathroom Melanie saw David’s semen running over her legs out of the pussy and butt. “I had to lie longer on the back” – she began thinking about her aims concerning David again.

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