Anal sex

September 28th, 2007

He dreams about butt fucking but all the women he has affairs with are reluctant to try that, once he goes on a business trip and finds himself stranded in a small town during a blizzard, he has to wait for it to calm down, but there he meets the chick who is willing her butt to be fucked and who loves it!

Frankly speaking I’ve not tried it much. Almost all the women I had relationships with refused to have anal sex, or, if they agreed they did everything for me to understand they didn’t like it. Maybe I just wasn’t lucky.

But there was a girl who spoke for anal sex and even more…

I had a business trip to some small town. I was supposed to stay there for five days, but actually I spend there three long weeks of my life. First it was due to business issues, than due to bad weather and problems with gas. It was winter, and gas trucks got stuck somewhere in the middle of the snowstorm.

When I arrived there I was immediately taken to a hotel. Hotel is too a good name for it. It was a motel, it was old. As the town was small and there were almost no tourists there, there were no guests and I could choose any room I wanted. I chose a three-room apartment.

My usual day there started early in the morning. I drank coffee in my room, then I headed for work (my company was constructing several buildings there). Then I spent the whole day at construction units, and at about 6 pm I got back to the motel.

There were two receptionists in the motel. One of them was an old lady, the other was a young woman named Moira. She had black hair, big black eyes, small aquiline nose. Her mother came from Latin America and her farther was from Europe. She usually started her shift when I was leaving for work in the morning. We greeted each other and smiled at each other. I gave her the key from my room. Honestly speaking, I didn’t pay much attention to her, actually. It lasted for a week or so.

One morning my car didn’t come to fetch me from the motel. It wasn’t surprising as it was a terrible snowstorm outside. I decided to wait for it sitting in the main hall near the reception.

-I wish you had a café here, – I said.

-Alas, – Moira said, – haven’t you had breakfast yet? I have some pieces of apple pie here with me. You want some?

-Thank you. – I smiled at her, – Maybe some other time.

-You can take them with you and eat later, – she proposed.

-I’ll better eat them in the evening, if you don’t mind. I’m too busy now. Thank you anyway.

-OK. – She agreed with me.

My car finally arrived and I left.

I returned after 6. I took the key and went to my room. It was Friday and I had to think up something to entertain myself. Of course, there was a bar in the town, but it was in the other part of it. I was too lazy to go there. I took a shower, changed my clothes and went to bed. I wasn’t very hungry. Being a bit tired, I fell asleep. I woke up at about 8 pm as somebody knocked on my door.

-Room service. May I come in? – Moira asked entering the door.

-Yes, sure. – I said in a sleepy voice, getting up from my bed.

-I brought you clean towels.

-Thank you.

As she opened the door I felt smell of fried chicken.

-Excuse me, do you know if there is a good café or a restaurant anywhere near here?

-There is a café by the road, but I wouldn’t advice you going there. I have fried chicken and the pie, -Moira added, smiling, – do you want some?

-Ehhh. I don’t know if it’s proper…

-It’s improper to put on your pants through your head. – She grinned. – If any of our guests dies of hunger, it will be our fault.

-Yeah, it’s not good.

We burst into laughter. She went out of the room. I washed my face and followed her. Receptionists had a special room. When I went in there I saw a table laid for two (maybe she was waiting for somebody?). We sat down to dinner. The dinner was delicious, and we had a nice talk. During the weekend we knew more about each other and generally had a lot of fun together.

She was 30. She came to the town seven years ago with her husband. They had a daughter. When the main factory closed, her husband lost his job. He found another one in another town. There he met another woman, as it usually happened in such stories. They got divorced. He went out of town and disappeared. Moira stayed here with her daughter. She wanted to move to some other place too, but then…. While talking to her, I understood she was smart and had a good sense of humor. I guess she missed smart talking here in this provincial town.

Once during the second week of our communication (I don’t remember the exact day), while sitting in her room and drinking tea I suggested drinking some brandy. She agreed. Why not? It was dark and cold in the street. There wasn’t much to do. We were drinking brandy. Alcohol, talking, hugging. In short, I fucked her in her room. Luckily for us there were not many people in the motel. I don’t really like quick sex at working places, but everything was fine that time. She seemed to like it. I tried to be very gentle and careful. I tried the best way I could.

Next day in the morning when we were in the middle of our everyday “key procedure”, I caressed her hand and winked at her.

-Have a good day! See you. – She smiled in response.

On Friday that week she invited me to her place. She lived in a good wooden house in another part of the town. Her house wasn’t big. Her daughter was four by that time (unfortunately I don’t remember her name). I gave her a little present. Moira cooked dinner for us. We were sitting and talking. Soon the girl went to sleep. We decided to take a short walk. I remember the night was so quiet and moony. It was surprising to look around. Many people left the town and went to some other places. So it was deadly silent and dark around. It was sort of creepy but rather beautiful anyway. We were skating on frozen puddles. I was hugging her, kissing her lips. It was great.

When we were back home the daughter was sleeping. We decided to sleep on the couch in order not to wake her up, if anything. We were kissing for a long time. She really liked it. Her lips were so warm. She had browny skin, big boobs, sort of chubby hips. She looked very attractive. She was very hot too. When I was caressing her vulva lips with my tongue and fingers she was all wet. She liked to fondle my dick. She was caressing it with her hands, sucking into it. Kissing it with her lips and licking with her tongue. She was good at it. She liked doing it. Maybe she was better that any woman I had ever been seeing before.

We tried different positions. Our legs, the bed sheet were all wet of her love juices. We had to use additional towels. I thought she hadn’t had a man for a long time. When I was caressing her pussy I tried to do the “fork”. At the same time I was pressing on her clit, vagina and anus. When I was ramming her snatch I was simultaneously fondling her clit and her asshole.

We took a break. She was lying on her back, I was lying on her.

-Can we try another way? – She asked me.

-What way?

-I want you here, – she said pointing at her buttocks.

I got her right.

I stood up getting out of her vagina. She stood up too, taking a tube with lubrication from the drawer.

-Take more, – she asked.

I lubricated her asshole and my shaft.

-Don’t press too hard at first.

I tried to enter her. I couldn’t. My stem became too flaccid. She had to work her lips and tongue to revive it. Soon it was hard again. Then she got on her knees and elbows. I got my dickhead in her hole.

-Slowly, – she asked me.

I was getting deeper slowly and gently. When I was pressing too hard she stopped me gesturing by her palm – it was so sweet. I guess all girls must do something of the kind to control penetration. Anyway, it was useless, I was determined to get deep inside her flesh!

Her hole was very tight. I made several thrusts and stopped then several more thrusts and another pause. Moira was moaning in her pillow. Finally, I was all inside her. I felt my cock was rocky hard. I was very careful thrusting in. Moira was moaning and almost crying. First I was moving back and forth, then I accelerated the tempo, her hole got bigger. Moira turned her head to a side and was crying rather loudly. I thought we would wake the girl up.

Then Moira straightened her legs, lying on her stomach. I was lying on her, pressing her body with mine. My pecker was in her butt. I raised my pelvis and began ramming her this way. My sensations got even stronger and brighter. I didn’t last ling and came soon.

We woke up early in the morning. We had breakfast together. We arranged to meet in the motel. Moira took her daughter and went there. I went to the store to buy some food. When I got back to the motel, she was at her working place. I thought I would spend the whole day with her. But local business men came to the motel and talked me into spending the day with them. Hunting, fishing, drinking. I got back to town in the night.

She was sitting at reception, reading some book. Her girl was running somewhere in the halls.

-Hi, – I told her.

-Tired? – She looked at me sympathetically.

I nodded.

-Are you hungry?

I shook my head.

-All I need now is shower and warm bed, – I smiled, – and a nurse to make it for me and read me to sleep.

-Well, – she replied, laughing, – that service depends on our guests and their good behavior.

I took a shower and changed my clothes. I was dog-tired. I told her I would nap for a while and asked her to wake me up at about 11 pm. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. I woke up in early hours of the morning. I was thirsty. I was reluctant to get up and unable to fall asleep again. I decided to go to the bathroom. When I went out in the hall I saw her sleeping. Hearing my steps she raised her head. I was rather loud though I apparently tried to be quiet. I sat down near her and we began talking. Her daughter was sleeping in the room. There were some guesses in the motel, but they all went partying to the next town. So she locked the door and we were all alone.

We went to my room. We were having sex. It was very nice. After oral sex and trying several other positions she asked me to own her butt. I remember that we had to get up and get back to the reception, she had her cream there in her purse. Penetration was easier this time. Maybe the hole was worked out by that time, maybe I was braver.

The sensations were very strong. The dick was squeezed tightly and if being very aroused I could cum very soon. On the other hand, it was impossible to move a lot, as there was much less space than in vagina. When I was talking to her, she said she liked regular, classical sex too, but she definitely missed butt-fucking. She told me that when she was still a virgin she had anal sex all the time. She also liked me to ram her vagina and her “star” (that’s how she called her asshole) in turn. We had another wild sex just one more time during my last night in the town.

We had two dates more and then I left. I gave her my phone number and address. She came to me once after that. I liked her a lot. And it wasn’t so just because she let me fuck her ass (besides, she liked it too, it was her great advantage, but anyway). I just felt nice when I was with her. I felt her warmth and kindness. She had some secret that I couldn’t know. She was obedient and flexible like not all women could be. She was so kind and careful. I even wanted to have serious relationship with her. When she left we called each other now and then. But…

I wasn’t really successful with other women. If any of them agreed for butt-fucking, soon they told me they didn’t like it and we had to stop doing it. I guess there must be some physical and psychological propensity for it. Some women hate certain positions, not talking about anal sex. I’m convinced that the position is not the main thing that matters. The most important thing is that the both partners enjoy making love. That’s the core of the whole thing, in my opinion. Yeah, one shouldn’t forget about condoms and stuff, just to feel safe…

By the way, later I read in some magazine or on the Internet, I don’t remember exactly now, so, I read about fucking vagina and asshole in turn. It turns out to be not so good for a woman as she can get her pussy infected by microbes from the gut. So, in some cases such experiments are even harmful for health. One should be careful!

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