The husband and a wife take really exposing pictures of themselves and the hubby shows them to his friend, no wonder that the friend gets really horny and says that he wants to be a part of what’s in the pictures!

One day my friend Alexander and I were talking about how hot my wife Estella is. I told my friend that we take pictures of each other for our pleasure. His face just lit up and he smiled at me hoping I would share them with him. He, he, fucking old pervert! I knew this guy, he never let any babe pass by without being commented by him! What he didn’t know was that Estella and I discussed this many times, because it drives me crazy and that it turns her on. We both get so turned on by the thought of showing her off.

Being an owner of big tit cups, she is often asked if they are real or not and they are 100% natural! We have all kind of pictures from clothed to lingerie and of course nude. Now Alexander and I are long time friends and have talked about a lot of things including threesomes! But we have never done anything because we never could find the right situation. Well, after Estella found out that I love the thought of guys getting hard from the thought of her, she asked me if I had been with a guy before! Hell, I told her that I did think about it but only if she was involved. Well that got her so hot that she would talk about someone seeing her pictures and would get so turned on by them! She said that she was getting hot about the idea of these people doing everything just to get her! Little did I know that meant getting her! I told her about how Alexander always comments on my wife and what a great set of tits she has. (Read More…)

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