Has she done anything wrong?

March 31st, 2010

The husband decides to punish his wife for being so irresponsible at work, he invites his friends over and offers each of them his wife’s pussy, can they refuse?

My boss’s wife, Lily, works as his secretary. She is a strict woman but he is rather mild… She can say something offensive to him but he doesn’t reply… Of course it is not our business but I think man should be the head of the family.

Lily is a very beautiful woman and looks much younger than her real age is. So, I can understand Thomas a bit. And generally he is a first-class guy and such trifles are not so important for the employees.

We respected Thomas a lot that’s why we didn’t see a woman in Lily. To be precise we saw how attractive she was but she was our boss’s spouse and it automatically meant there could be nothing between us. To tell you the truth I was even afraid of her a bit.

Our men staff was going to a sauna that day. We would often go there, sometimes with girls. I dislike strong drinks but visiting a sauna is something I always ready to do; and I like girls of course… (Read More…)

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Good assistant!

March 30th, 2010


The guy comes to visit his dad in the office, but instead spots his stunning assistant chick, who seems to be so horny and naughty, he decides to take his chance and get his cock into some action…

One day, when I was doing my exams, I decided to visit my dad and went to his office. It was a big building, of 5 stories, with a wide parking lot. I pulled my car over, entered the hall and quickly made my way to the lift. Most of his employees knew me so I was meeting dozens of people I didn’t even know, but all of them kept on saluting me by name and asking how I was doing. I meant to see my dad on lunch when he got some spare time. I entered his office and met a nice pretty assistant with long legs, round faced and charming voice. I never paid any attention to dad’s assistants, although he preferred tall beautiful ladies with model shaped forms to be working in his office as office managers and secretaries. This time I found that dad was not at his place. I didn’t know her. I only saw her a few times, but never stopped my eye on her. She was sitting at the computer and playing some funny game. Her name was Sandra and she turned to be very interesting and communicative, I was surprised how a woman like her worked as an assistant. To me, this job had always been associated with trivial duties. We spent 2 hours on a friendly chat and soon I found it exciting to watch her long legs out of skirt and broad low-neck with big boobs. Nevertheless I was obsessed with the though of her teasing me. I could see “Fuck me right now!” in her eyes as she was saying at the same time: “I’m no match for you!”

“Listen! – Sandra said: – Why are men so Hesitant?”

“What do you mean? I think I don’t understand you”

“I think you do” she said looking straight at my eyes (Read More…)

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Get to know my wife better!

March 29th, 2010

The husband finds his wife sleeping, he notices that she is completely wasted, he decides to spill of his dirty fantasies out, being sure that she’ll not remember a thing the next day…

Last Saturday my wife met with an old girlfriend: they have lived so much together. This 33 year old women went to the gym class and kept her body fit all the time. She was a gorgeous blonde of thritish, with big boobs, thin waits and a big round ass to kill for! There was something about her ass, although it was not that of young girl’s derriere, but her ass was a focus of interest for any man, with strong erection, because you could fuck the hell of that ass for hours! My wife loved parties and she really does, and she loves alcohol. Barbara never drank a lot, but she never refused another round of good shot of whisky or cognac.

Barbara informed me that she would not come home until 10 pm; I was not in a rush to go home on Saturday as well. Met some friends of mine, one of the stood a shot in a pub, so I got home long after midnight. When I opened the door and entered my house, I found my wife totally boozed, she hardly dragged herself to the sofa, and fell onto it without taking off her all cloth. There were only her blouse and skirt on the floor; she was lying in her lingerie and stockings. (Read More…)

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This girl confuses the changing rooms and enters the one full of guys, as soon as they as a pretty, hot chick their cocks get real hard and they just can’t let her go…

As you go to enter the swimming pool entrance with your mates. you drop your bag and look around when they are gone. You are a new to this swimming pool and decide to pick a door. As you enter the door you walk round and find a load of men all in towels and chatting until they spot you and the room goes silent. With your small voice you say:

“I see this is not the girls changing room. can you point me into the direction of the door out of here?” As you’re saying this. you notice a couples guys without towels and you start to gaze as there cocks.
“Can I help you?” I walk in from the shower and ask. with that you stutter and say:

“Yes please!” I take you over to a door and open it for you. you enter into a small changing room. Then I follow you and suddenly press your back to my chest from behind. Slowly rubbing up and down your body I get you to take your top off. Then I slowly lift your skirt! You look into my eyes as you pull my towel off and unleash my throbbing cock. I throw you against one of the walls and pull your panties aside, then I slide my throbbing cock into your pussy and you moan and I feel your juices cover my cock! I slide my cock in more and more, you keep gripping my forearms from behind. Squeezing them tighter and tighter for every inch I enter your pussy. (Read More…)

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Gang bang changing life!

March 26th, 2010

This chick really loves being fucked by numerous cocks, the more cocks cum all over her, the happier she is. Read this wonderful story and get hot as never before…

Cocks, cocks, cocks – again and again. I can see them all round, hanging in front of my face, still hard, some are limp and semi erect. I lost count on how many times I got them deep throat and in my holes. Pain and fatigue turns into carnal pleasure and passionate lust. All wanton desires mix with one ultimate passionate fever. Oh, damn, dreaming again. Better sleep.

……There we were on my bed, Mathias fucking me doggy style with his dick in my ass. He was grabbing my big ass cheeks with his strong hands and pushing that huge organ inside! With every thrust, it would go deeper and deeper. The pleasure was amazing his cock felt so huge, I loved it, the feeling was the one to break my hearts and get my tears burst into eyes. He started unloading streams of cum so thick and strong it felt like 10 guys cumming in my ass at once, feeling that made me cum hard. After what felt like 15 cum shots he finally stopped and pulled his black cock out of my asshole. It was a nice cream pie in my ass, I couldn’t get enough of it. God, he came so deep in me, I can never push his cum back out. His sperm smelled really good, it was making me reel and getting me dizzy. Things were turning in front of my eyes. (Read More…)

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Fun in the bath!

March 25th, 2010

Two girls share everything in their sexual life and one day they decide to share a bath. Let me tell you that it’s going to be really hot and exciting…

Now let’s see the type of women I really love and get hot about! There she was, perfectly flawless in everyway. She was dark-haired, blue eyed, athletic built, pierced and tattooed on her gorgeous body. Maybe not any single guy would boast of having sex with her on his time, but she was definitely mine. From the moment I saw her, I was stunned by her beauty. I couldn’t get over it, and the last thing I ever expected was to become her best friend. Nothing could come between Rebecca and me.

Frankly speaking, we have only known each other for a year or so, and I never expected to have a friendship so close with anyone. I never considered myself having a sexual appeal to a girl! I didn’t think someone as stunning as her would ever pay attention to the guy like me. But she definitely took notice of a shy red head, also tattooed, with a slim yet busty babe, and it was me. Yeah, I appeal to men due, I love guys and their cocks, I love fucking and sucking those cocks, but I also do love getting attention from ladies because I don’t really get it often.

But to get to the point, after a lot of pretending that it was just friendship between us, things soon became clear. After a night out with girls, we jumped in the bath together. I tried so hard not to stare at her perfectly pink nipples, and her sweet pussy. I kept trying to look around the bathroom, and take my attention to something else, but then I noticed her staring straight at my chest. I giggled, and said: (Read More…)

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This guy calls at his friend but finds him out, although his hot milf mother is welcoming the guy and asks him to come in and wait, the waiting part is gonna be really hot!

Now get this short story of mine experience with a mature woman. I usually enjoy some weekends with my friend at his house. As his father goes out of the town every weekend, he doesn’t get bored with my company. We enjoy the days, watching TVs, playing games etc. No, you don’t think that we have sex because we are not gays! We are both straight! Sometimes his mother also joins us in card games. Well, I think from this place we should start particularly! About his mom, she looks pretty sexy like a mature porn star. She has got big boobs, blond hair, sexy ass and also some sexy expressions always on her face.

But something unusual happened a few weeks ago……

As usual I was preparing to go to my friend’s house. I thought to phone him up and ask, at what time should I come? His mother picked up the phone. I said:

“Hello, how are you today? Is Tommy home?” A soft voice replied:

“Yes of course. When are you coming?”

“I was just about to leave. See you!” I hung up the phone. (Read More…)

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Fucked and watched!

March 23rd, 2010

The chick and her boyfriend makes themselves comfortable in the car and get down to some hot business, read and enjoy…

By the time I started this story, my boyfriend and I have been dating for over 7 months. His name is Lukas, and I am Jayden. For Lukas’s birthday we went to the bowling alley with his junior brother.

After four games of bowling, we decided to take a break and have some snack. I sat on his lap and kissed him softly, and then he kissed me a bit harder. I laughed and leant back, but that’s when he grabbed my hips pulled me forward and I could feel a hard bulge forming under my skirt and on his pants. A naughty smile came upon my face, I instantly got wet. We gave his brother some money so that he could play the video games and with that we ran outside.

We ran around to the back of the building and he pushed me up against the wall. There was nobody near by, only cans with litter packs and some other backyards stuff.

“Oh, God! You are so hot! Jayden, I want to eat your pussy” I moaned to his words. (Read More…)

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Fuck after party!

March 22nd, 2010

This hot chick meets a guy at the party, one thing leads to another, and finally they find each other in bed. Read and get as hot as you’ve never been before…

Start from describing myself: a 22 year old girl, with gorgeous blonde hair and busty breast, booty round ass to kill for and neatly shaved pussy to lick an fuck! I am slim, not going to the gym because I don’t really need it! I am sun tanned because I love going to beach and bathing sun in the nude.

So I was sitting alone, checked my email, opened my ICQ and read an invitation message from my girlfriend asking me to join them at the wild party. I got outdoors and made my way ahead, anticipating really funny adventures tonight! Her boyfriend, Robert, saluted me at the door and led me right. I liked this guy from the very beginning: he was a tall well-built good looking guy, stylish and very charming… when we got there the party was in the full swing, some of the guys were already drunk, and she introduced me to all of them. I got some beer, a real talk of partying people began, we chatted different things. Suddenly my girlfriend asked me:

“By the way, do you like Robert?”

“Well, actually I do, he is cute!” (Read More…)

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Frivolous dating!

March 20th, 2010



Two chicks make themselves comfortable in the bath and have the time of their life there, they are kissing and caressing each other and their pussies are begging for more!

My life is not rich with events worth of overall attention, but sometimes there happens something I would like to share with you, readers! I am dating a nice woman, and I think she loves me. she is a bit 6”, medium built, she has got long brunette hair, slender body, nicely shaped ass and good boobs to die for, her skin is silky and smooth. She is kind of open minded and warm hearted but sometimes she seems to be so masterful. I met her while chatting on web space; she works at home and operates her own personal web journal. We got very friendly chatting, then she gave me her phone number and once I called her, she invited me at her place. So, having put on my best clothing, I made my way to her mansion. I was turned on, this meeting, or dating, as I expected, was supposed to open a new page in my life. This mansion was very great and vast, with long columns and nice arch.

I came at hers late that evening and she had cooked dinner. I felt absolutely shy and embarrassed. I could tell she was glad to see me as well as me, but I didn’t put a face of that. She offered me some drink, and then we sat and talked different things, all this time she kept on examining me with her cute clever eyes. Soon she asked me if I had ever been with any woman. I felt perplexed, and then said NO. She then asked me if I didn’t mind to be, I said I needed some time to be prepared. She looked at me attentively and said if I agreed we would make some fun tonight. I was shy, and couldn’t overcome this feeling. She also said we would have fun on two conditions, 1 – I was supposed to do whatever she wants, 2nd – I had to put on the lingerie she bought for me on this occasion. The light bulb went off. (Read More…)

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