Another round of facial!

February 27th, 2010

This chick is dreaming of becoming a movie star, she gets her first role in a porn movie and she’s got to prove that she is the best…

Shyla was a very sexy hot and very beautiful lady. She was in a perfect complexion, her curves were appealing and her sexy killing forms won’t leave anyone unimpressed! She looked like a model who had juts stepped down from the glamorous glossy magazine. Shyla loved men, especially their cocks, and the sperm in their huge balls was just driving her crazy. She was ready to do absolutely everything to get it, and men, on their turn, never denied her in anything, as they liked to cum onto some whores mouths! And she swallowed everything.

Once, Shyla was offered a role in a movie that was later going to go into the private hands. She quickly realized that this movie was of porn subject, and she was supposed to get fucked for the camera. She agreed with no hesitation. The director warned her that she was going to masturbate in front of 15 men, and later these guys would fuck her brains out. He said that the she would have to fuck in a gang bang movie. She was given to read the scenario, although there was no need, because all porn movies end up the same way. (Read More…)

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Alicia in Brandon’s bedroom

February 26th, 2010

Alicia is a real slut who has been fucked previously by a gang of rockers, her boyfriend doesn’t know this and he thinks that she is as pure as she can be….

Alicia had some negative situations in her life which you already know about but sometimes she was happy too. She had good parents, friends and of course, a perfect boyfriend. She and Brandon had been together for almost two years and she loved him very much.

It was a hot day in May. The weather was wonderful. It was as warm as in summer but not so much hot. The weather didn’t make Alicia happy but it improved her mood a lot. Brandon’s father often left the city for two or three days for business purposes and his mother worked at a twenty-four-hour supermarket and sometimes spent all days long at work. Today both of his parents were away and the young couple decided to spend the day and night together in Brandon’s apartment.

Now they were in a hurry to satisfy their passion. They entered the flat and Brandon locked the door. They couldn’t wait any longer. When they reached his bedroom they had only underwear on. Brandon was wearing boxers and Alicia was in modest white panties and a white tank top which couldn’t hide her hard nipples sticking out though the fabric. She looked very sexy despite the fact her lingerie was rather simple. Of course, Brandon’s cock was going to tear his boxers through. (Read More…)

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Alica and rockers Part 3

February 25th, 2010

This girl likes rap but the rockers don’t share her taste in music, they submit her and make her suck their cocks, she does it with pleasure forgetting all about her boyfriend…

Alicia went to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth more thoroughly than usual, washed her face and looked into the mirror. What a disgusting slut she was!..

- Come in, sweetie, – the wounded man was happy to see Alicia again.

He was still smiling. Alicia decided to finish her shameful duties as soon as possible and leave. She sat near the man and stretched her hands to his groin.

- No, wait. I’m not ready yet… – The wounded man confessed. – Will you help me?

- I’m here to help you, – Alicia replied.

- This isn’t what I’m talking about… – The man pushed the girl’s hand away. – Will you dance striptease for me?

This frightened Alicia a lot. “If I undress they’ll fuck me for sure!” she thought with horror.

- I never undress, – she said ready to cry. – I’ll do whatever you want but don’t make me undress…

- Then I want to see you satisfying yourself, – the man said.

- I’ve told I don’t want to undress… Please… – Tears were flowing over the girl’s face.

- You don’t have to undress. Just put your hand into your panties and caress yourself. (Read More…)

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A wife for share!

February 24th, 2010

How does it feel to have a slut-wife who is fucking around and then tells her husband how good it feels to feel a new cock in her pussy? That must be great and I bet you’re going to love it!

My wife Elisabeth and I have been married for 8 years and I knew that in the past she was a total cum slut woman. But it didn’t mater at all. We were sex addict and enjoyed having sex every time, so the main thing was her and me. I was in so much of love with her and I could only wish I knew her earlier. We both worked, I was working on my projects mainly from home and Elisabeth was running her own small business. About 4 years after we got married I noticed that she was getting in a touch with a guy who visited her office quite frequently, and one day I asked her if she enjoyed this guy. She said that she was attracted to him. Then I asked her if she wanted to fuck him. Yes, she said. I asked her to show his photo to me and she did, it was on her iphone. That was a tall good looking son of a bitch, with massive muscles, and charming smile, and I could swear he would be making a great type of Casanova.

A few days later I noticed she was putting her make up and wearing her best clothing, I asked her where she was going to leave and she said that she was having a date with that guy. I kissed her in the lips and hoped she would have a great pleasure of time. I gave her the green light and supposed her to be at home at 1 am or so. Not too late. The idea of my wife having sex with another man excited me intensely and the whole evening I wondered how it was going. I went to bed and tried to entertain reading till the moment she was supposed to appear, but she wouldn’t come. (Read More…)

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A hubby loves cock!

February 23rd, 2010

The husband and his wife don’t belong to each other, it seems like they are willing to be fucked by absolutely anyone and they don’t mind it. Read the story and see how the cuckold gets fucked in his ass!

I am a good hubby for a wife who loves cuckolding her husband. That was taking place when she brought a lover of hers with his friends to me and they had fun. I was dressed like a house maid and all the guys emptied their balls on me.

…my wife was getting a close-up of me, I noticed all the men started to get dressed. After my wife got a good close-up of me Arthur told me to get dressed but do not wipe any cum of me. He also told me to clean the room up. As everyone walked out of the room I looked in the mirror and I saw myself with cum all over my face, hair, neck, on my fake breast, and in my panties. I turned around and looked at the back and read “I love cock” on my panties. I could also see the cum draining from my ass. I looked for my bra and maids uniform and found it difficult to walk because of getting fucked so hard and good! I couldn’t walk comfortably in my heels. As I bent down to get my bra I could feel the cum escaping from my butt and into my panties. I could also feel sperm running down my face. I got my uniform and put it on. As I was cleaning I could feel the cum start to go down my thighs and into my stockings. (Read More…)

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  • Stephen's career

    It's hard to pave a career when you are a young writer who is just starting off, but much depends on an editor who's got contacts in the writing world. The writer invites the editor to his house and notices at once that his wife becomes the one who can boost his career, but her pussy is needed for that....
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  • Good bye!

    What is it like to have your last lesson with a teacher whom you really love, she is a sexy female slut, but she is the professor, kind of inaccessible, or not quite so?
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A hot milf maillady!

February 22nd, 2010

This guy is home all alone by himself, suddenly the mail arrives and the mail lady turns out to be a horny milf looking for a fat meat to fuck her sluttish pussy…

It was the summer following my senior year in high school. I was just sitting in the house with nothing to do, mom and dad gone, as always, it was a blazing hot day in my small town and I was fucking horny. It was just about the time when our local mail carrier was delivering mail all around the hood. No one was at home. I was looking out the door just waiting for the mail to come when a sexy, long, 35 year old blonde fat ass, substitute mail lady. I heard from my dad talking to his buddies, that she had been divorced for a couple of years and that approximately this woman was not having much of sex in her life. Dad’s friends laughed and were saying that they would give her some good fun, and she might have been fucking horny, and craving for sex. But all the time, when my mom or someone appeared, they would stop talking this and change the topic of conversation. Some of my dad’s friends were already boasting of fucking her, it was uncle Harry, but I knew him as a great talker and nobody seemed to take him seriously.

She was so beautiful, wearing her short mail shorts and her mail shirt with the button undone, showing her cleavage. Sweat was dripping from her perfectly tanned body. As she walked on my porch I just stared. When she came to my mail box and saw me staring at her, she smiled, put the mail in and walked away. I had to think quickly. When she walked away, I said: (Read More…)

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A hood of pleasure!

February 20th, 2010

This guy goes to a popular tourist destination and finds a hot chick for himself, he takes her outdoors and fucks the shit out of her, she is a great sucker and he loves the way her tongue runs along his cock…

Hi, buddies! My name is Barak! I’m 36, I live the way I love and I have got a small business on the Western coast, and I believe that I’m a pretty good man. But as mot people I have my own merits and demerits, although I think that advantages prevail. You know, I am weak and hot about young, cute teens, or girls of specific age. Don’t think of me as a pervert or something like that, I just got a weakness for younger girls, and I definitely prefer younger pussies rather than older or mature ones.

One wonderful summer night I happened to have a vacation in St. Tropez. Saint Tropez! Oh, Yeahh, sure, let me just show you around this wonderful place! Saint Tropez is a beautiful and well known familiar place to stay on the French Rivera, located on the same coast, juts in one of the most beautiful gulf in the world, along the French Riviera. Saint Tropez is an excellent place which is neighboring with other well famed European resorts like Cannes, Nice, Monaco. Saint Tropez is surrounded by endless white sandy beaches and a sunny climate. Saint Tropez is known as a playground for the rich and Hollywood elite. The travelers from all over the world come to this paradise for work or in search of adventures, unloading their pockets on expensive drinks in any of the abundant and stylish nightclubs. Celebrity watching is also popular. On the whole, Saint Tropez is upscale, and expensive, but nevertheless, a fun city to enjoy. Saint Tropez is well known fro its beaches first of all. Saint Tropez offers miles of sand. The Plage de Tahiti, 2.5 miles southeast of town, is the best in the area. If swimwear is making you feel restricted, head east to La Moutte, a naturiste beach, and get rid of your cloths. Many of the beaches near Saint Tropez are nudist beaches. (Read More…)

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A girl in the taxi

February 19th, 2010

The cab driver sure has his lucky day, the chick asks him to drive her to a particular destination and offers him an unusual kind of payment, read and enjoy, it’s going to be really hot!

It was the third day Andrew waited for the girl he felt obsessed with. She had been on his mind for three days already, her charming smile and a lustful look. And his hand still remembered her hand though it was just a one-second touch…

Last Saturday he was driving around the city looking for clients when he noticed a couple leaving a café. He suddenly stopped close to them and thus made other taxi drivers angry who had been waiting for clients for long already. He didn’t care! He knew this couple was going to be very generous. The guy would never haggle and would pay what Andrew asked as he wanted to fuck his girlfriend as soon as possible…

These young people didn’t want to wait. The minute they sat on the back seat of the car the guy put his hand under the girl’s skirt. She just smiled apologetically and told Andrew her address. It wasn’t far!

Now this address was literally burning his mind. For the third day he had been staying near her house… Maybe he would see her today! (Read More…)

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A girl from the bar!

February 18th, 2010

This guy picks up a chick in the bar and takes her to a private room, the only thing on his mind is to fuck her, but there’s a surprise that the chick has prepared for him!

When I stepped down to the hotel’s bar I didn’t even notice that girl at once. I sat my ass down on the sofa in the corner and ordered some whisky. A waitress girl said I needn’t to pay for my drink as it was checked by a girl sitting near by facing me. I looked at her: it was young fresh meat like blonde babe who looked very horny a bit sluttish. She was beautiful. Rosaline, her name, was wearing black leather skirt and net stockings. She was sitting cross legged, and her skirt rose revealing her adorable hips. No doubts, she was the most attractive blonde I’d ever seen.

Rosaline smiled and directed towards my table. This was rather surprising I was not a loser and never suffered women indifference but I couldn’t dare think of such a girl would advance me first. So, I realized I couldn’t be so stupid to miss such a nice opportunity. When she was walking towards me I noticed her boobs sway with her every step, she stopped by my side, and asked if I didn’t mind her sitting next to me. I said: “It’s a free country, you may have a seat!” then she said she was holding a position of this hotel’s administrator and that I looked like a man she was gonna spend this time together with. Then she put her hand onto my thigh and began to stroke it tenderly. No need to say I was very pleased and turned on in a second. I sensed her hot nice boob touch my arms. (Read More…)

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A cock for a divorced female!

February 17th, 2010

The divorced lady is really crazy for sex, she’ll do anything to get a fat cock all the way down her pussy and she can’t wait for her pussy to be fucked…

Being a recently divorced 34 year old woman, I was looking for some fun with no special conditions or commitments. I had enough of married life, and now being alone for long 5 months, without sex, I was hornier than ever. I am 34 years old, short and on the plump side. My tits are large, but still perky.

As I was shopping at our local groceries store, I had the pleasure of being waited on by the most beautiful and so handsome man, Ronald, I had ever seen. Although he was 22 years old, he seemed so young to me! He was almost 7 feet tall, a beautiful tanned muscular body, and he smiled like an angel with that hot Hollywood smile of his! I was trying to pay attention to what he was saying, but all I could wonder is how huge his cock must be. I’d already heard about this guy, they said that he was a fucking horny fucker, but I had never been with a guy like this one. Was that tall? He had to be going to the gym and must have amazing stamina. While he was helping me, I made sure to bend over so that he could see my big tits popping out of my shirt. He started asking all kinds of personal questions, and I knew he was getting into me. That was great! To be honest with you, readers, usually I would have rejected this type of blatant advance, but this time something came upon me, I was flattered, and he was absolutely gorgeous. After exchanging numbers, I left the store. (Read More…)

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  • Virgin turns into a slut!

    A guy is seeing a girl but she never lets him fuck her telling him that she wants to keep her virginity, it's all fine until her boyfriend finds out that she is a really dirty slut...
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    After a lot of years of family life, sex is gradually losing its colors and a husband decides to spice up their bedroom life by involving another guy in their porn games...
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  • Married slut

    Helen has always dreamed of being abused and fucked by lots of guys, as she was married it only remained a dream though once when she was sunbathing at the beach naked, she was approached by 7 teens! They virtually fucked the shit out of her, calling her dirty names etc. She loved it so much that she came to the same place the next day and it all repeated with double passion!
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