My Barbie

July 21st, 2009



This guy gets really hot every time he sees a maid in the hotel, his cock is virtually jumping out of his pants and he can’t think of anything else…

We extend our thanks to the author Amit.

I belong to Mumbai in India and would frequently visit Delhi for my work. I’m a bit smart, courteous, soft spoken (Something which is always missing in Most of the people I met there.) I visited Delhi every 15 days and stayed in a particular hotel provided by my company, most of the hotel staff new me.

I have a habit of remembering everyone’s name. That helped me become one of the most important and famous customer. There was a new girl who had just joined in. In my second trip, in her presence, I was introduced to her. She was looking after housekeeping, i was supposed to inform her, in case i have any problems in that segment. I had her extension number with me.I was stunned by this beauty and wanted her to talk to her be with her then i just called her up. “This is Amit.” She said, yes sir. I said “Could you come over to my room please.” She said – in couple of minutes I will be there. I put the phone on hook and was waiting for her in my room.

She knocked. I said – please come in. As she walked in, I was dressed up in formals. I smiled, I am going to ask you for a personal favor. There were confused looks on her face and i smiled again. It’s my brother’s daughter birthday day after tomorrow, can you please buy a Barbie doll set for her. I would be very obliged if you can do this favor as I have meetings lined up today and tomorrow and would not be able to buy it myself. (Read More…)

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Virgin Cum Swallower

July 16th, 2009

Read this hot story from Mrs. C, do you like it when babes suck on your cock and squeeze every drop of cum out of it? Do you like to cum into their sweet mouths and see them swallow all it with a smile? I bet you do, read and enjoy!

we extend our thanks to the author Mrs. C

I am a woman in her late 30′s with a husband of almost 15 years who has a fetish for hearing stories of my past lovers. One of my first stories that I ever told him gets him hard every time he hears it. Let me begin.

Early in my sexual encounters, I enjoyed only fucking in my pussy. I loved it and needed it so much that I was constantly looking for a good hard dick to satisfy my horniness.

I met this guy through my job at the local restaurant that I worked at during that time. When we first met, I instantly wanted to fuck him. Through his visits, I found out that he wanted to shove his “hot rod of a dick” in my mouth and have me give it a tongue twirl. Up until that point I had never actually swallowed a load of cum. All I had ever done was just stroke the dick with my hand and then slobber on it for a minute before I would have him stick his hard cock in my pussy. (Read More…)

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Pool orgy

July 13th, 2009

Our author Dee-in-Ia has sent us a wonderful story, she really got back to her husband for gambling, you should read and find out what this Milf did and I am sure this is going to get you really hot!

We extend out thanks to the author Dee-in-Ia

This is a story that really happened a year ago. My husband doesn’t know about what I’m about to relate to you.

First a bit about myself, I’m Dee and I work in an office in the midwest. I’m just a shade over 40, have dark hair and have been told I have a nice body ( told this by some of the guy’s and gal’s I work with.
One summer day last year, I had to attend a business seminar with a couple co-workers.

Doug, Steve and myself rode together to the site of the meeting. Not really wanting to be there, my concentration was lacking. Thankfully the meeting was’nt scheduled to last all day. We finished just shortly after noon.

The guy’s suggested we go for a drink, since we were given the rest of the day off. I agree’d to go (since I was riding with them, it seemed like a good idea), But I told them I did’nt want to get wasted because I had been planning to spend the afternoon relaxing around my pool. Doug got us a drink at the bar we went to. It was a STRONG drink, but not wanting to wimp out I finished it. Steve got another round, to which I said this has to be the last one. The guy’s frowned but said Ok, they’d run me home after this one. Damn, two drinks and I was feeling pretty buzzed. The guy’s did’nt seem to be fazed in the least. (Read More…)

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The vacation goes on and the couple is on a voyage of discovering new things that add more colors to their sexual life, they never stop wanting each other, the true romance is right here in this wonderful story…

We extend our thanks to the author Brooklyn Morgan.

Brooklyn wore a slinky, summer dress to dinner without a bra or panties. The material clung to her firm tits, causing her hard nipples pushed out against the fabric, drawing stares from the local waiters and other guests. It was turning her on all over again. With a short dress, anytime she re-crossed her legs she gave a quick show to anyone looking in that direction. Dinner was spent sampling the local cuisine and exchanging small talk and seductive glances. She already had 3 orgasms that day, but she wanted more. She wrote a note on a napkin and slid it over to Morgan that said, “When we leave here, you are going to kiss and finger my pussy again”. He couldn’t pay the bill fast enough. They headed back to the hut. Passing the hut next to theirs, they could hear the girl inside having what sounded like very good sex. Once inside, she pushed him on the bed and let her dress drop to the floor and straddled his face, putting her pussy lips on his lips. His tongue went to work immediately, exploring all the folds and sensitive areas. Brooklyn rocked her hips, controlling the pressure and depth of his tongue. Once thoroughly wet, she rolled off and pulled his head between her thighs where he instantly inserted two fingers and teased the clit with his tongue. As she played with her tits, he stopped kissing and focused on using 3 fingers to pleasure her. Pure ecstasy. When she couldn’t bear to hold off any longer, she told him to finish her off. So his tongue did a 60 second dance between her wet lips, pushing her to an orgasm. Completely satisfied, they lay naked on top of the sheets and drifted off to sleep. (Read More…)

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The couple feels that their sexual life is losing its colors, they decide to spice things up and set off on a most romantic vacation ever…

We extend our thanks to the author Brooklyn Morgan.

They are by any measure, not your average couple. Brooklyn and Morgan both hold six figure jobs running a chain of fitness clubs. Morgan is 30 and close to 6 ft tall with slightly longer, curly brown hair and a well tanned body. Tanning on their very private deck means he has no tan lines. He has broad shoulders that narrow to a much smaller waist. His arms, back, chest and abs are well defined with plenty of lines outlining every set of muscles. Not overly huge muscles, just enough. He has very little body fat, showing off his v-shaped physique. His abs give lines that trail down to a small patch of hair that displays a hanging, large, perfectly smooth shaft and knob when limp. When erect it is transformed into a perfectly shaped dick that shows off a few veins and a gorgeous darker red/purple knob at the end, measuring a full 8 inches long and at least 2 inches in thickness. Brooklyn can deep throat a lot of most dicks, but she can’t quite swallow all of him. His cock is magnificent. His ass is tight and his legs are powerful. Besides very little hair above his cock, he has a perfectly smooth chest that really shows off his body. Her pussy becomes soaked just seeing him dry off and dress every morning. (Read More…)

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