The chick and the guy keep communicating over the Internet making each other as hot as they’ve never been, the babe’s pussy is leaking and the guy has never had such a long lasting hard-on!

We extend our thanks to the author Juiicy.

Julissa : Ay whats up?

Devonte :Nothing chilling…how was it?

Julissa : Was good we ran through it twice so were set for our first performance

Devonte :Nice nice…how u feel?

She wanted to say, “I’m so daymn horny help me Devonte…”

Julissa : Im good just laying down on my bed…

Devonte :Cool…so whats up Julissa…

Julissa : Im just relaxing, a nice massage would help….

”A FULL body massage.” she thought. Especially on her tight, wet pussy… (Read More…)

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Striptease club

April 22nd, 2009

The husband comes to a strip club and sees his wife dancing on stage, he gets furious first but later the situation is starting to turn him on…

This story took place in one of striptease clubs of our city. I worked there because I loved dancing. Besides, at that moment of my life I experienced a lack of finances and the idea of working there seemed to me nice. I was good at dancing and it was a well-paid job. My husband didn’t know where I worked.

Once while I was dancing at the stage making all the men excited a new visitor entered. It was my spouse. I felt I was going crazy. Of course he saw me. But he didn’t start shouting or something though it was just what I had expected.

When my dance finished I came up to him and apologized for the fact I hadn’t told him what my work was. He said I’d been dancing nicely and my eyes were shining with lust when I was doing that.

He embraced me and started kissing me passionately moving lower and lower. When he reached my breasts he kissed my nipples. He was wild. My nipples increased in size and were stiff. I begged him not to stop. I let out a moan involuntarily and felt hundreds of eyes were looking at us. (Read More…)

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The husband finds out that his wife is cheating on him, he definitely knows that he’s not gonna put up with that so he’s gonna get busy with the lover…

They say people who love are blind and see nothing but good things about their partners. And you know, this is true. I had a chance to receive evidence of that. Nobody has ever told me that your beloved person’s treachery hurts more than lashes or deep wounds. This is where my story begins.

Kate was my wife. Actually we haven’t divorced yet but she isn’t my wife anymore. She knows what is good and what is evil but for some reason she forgot about this when she acted the way I can’t understand now. Probably it’s just MY vision of life allows to punish such actions with death. I tried not to think what made her do that. I consider it’s weak men’s part to think about motives which cause women to act this way.

Unfortunately our marriage and those duties as well as our vows to each other were broken by my wife and due to that our marriage does not exist anymore! Some part of me still loves her but I have all the arguments to ruin those feelings as she ruined everything on her own.

Kate is 24, she is beautiful and sensual. During those years while we were married she changed into a real woman. Deep inside my soul I thought we were similar and now it’s so painful to recognize I was wrong. My love to Kate took all my time and energy. I thought we were happy!!! (Read More…)

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My wife’s personal diary!

April 9th, 2009

Imagine you find your wife’s diary, you can read about her experiences and secret desires, you can read about the things that she kept sacred and only to herself, but what if you find the stories of her sexual adventures? Can you read and imagine that someone is fucking your wife?

One evening, my wife Fabianna left me to go out to the night club with her girlfriends. It was a loud always noisy company of slut-looking babes, some were married, others – single. I had always considered her girlfriends as real whores, because they seemed to me vulgar and frivolous. Anyway, I was home alone for a few hours, I watched some late TV, and then I went upstairs to wash up. I entered the bath room and shut the door. Looking for some soap, I bent down to rummage in the cupboard. What I found in there really surprised me. It was a diary book. I picked it up – it was my wife’s diary from when she was in high school up to the present. I was so excited and shocked to find such a nice proof of my wife’s privacy that got to reading it immediately.

I started to read it, it talked about the first time having sex with her boyfriend when she was 18. Hmm, well, she started her sexual life just in time with law. It says that my wife was a law-abiding citizen at that time. I grinned. It talked about the first time she had sex when she was 19, and I was 21 at that time. Then it went on with some insignificant details of her life, then the subject continued a few years further, and each page was opening a new step of her adult life. Finally I got what I had been looking forward to! The diary talked about a man named Phillip who was her teacher in college. It talked about her going to his house and having a long dinner, and how he unbuttoned her blouse and felt her breasts! Damn, my wife’s breast was large now and it was big at the time we started to date, so no wonder that this teacher was in for nursing her tits! She described very graphically that she unzipped his pants and started to suck his large uncut cock. Uncut – this word wouldn’t leave my mind. They then moved to his bedroom, where he climbed on top of her and fucked her missionary (actually, it was not the most favorite of my wife’s positions, she mostly preferred some doggie). Then she described how good it felt in comparison to me! Fucking bitch! (Read More…)

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A hot Italian chick breaks up with her boy and finds herself all alone, but can that really last for a long time? She finds this guy on the Net and they start exchanging messages, they are talking real dirty, the chick is rubbing her pussy, dreaming of a cock drilling her…

We extend our thanks to the author Juiicy.

Julissa is like any other normal teen girls out there now a days, with a twist. She’s been in a few relationships that haven’t brought her what she’s wanted. Young boys that just want to make out and TRY to be grown adults. Her recent love..yes love.. she loved this young man…but he let her go.. no phone calls nothing they became distant. But she lost it to hi…no not that she’s still a tight virgin..her phone sex virginity. They had phone sex a few times at first she was so uncomfortable…but then she got used to it taking lead…and telling her boy how she wanted it hard..rammed up her pussy. But after it being almost a month that the had stopped talking..she started to become lonely..

She met this new guy on an online game playing site not knowing what was in store for her. They talked and talked but he lived 6 hours from her in the States and her in Canada. She still dreams of the day where they can unite and be together. He’s the man of her dreams, tall about 6”9′, athletic body…and as an add on loved to eat pussy. She’s never experienced the sensations of a guy sucking on her clit and inserting his hot tongue in her, yet she’s always fantasized of it happening. He was so open about it to, young men these days don’t like to…well the ones she’d been with add they weren’t many. (Read More…)

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This guy gets really excited when he learns that his girlfriend has been fucked by someone else, the idea of another cock drilling her pussy really makes the guy hot and mad, this time she’s got another story to tell him and I am sure you’re going to love it!

I met Irena 10 years ago when I was a four-year student and she was a freshman. Our university had a dancing course which was very popular with girls.

So, we met when Irena came to be enlisted for this course with her friend. I noticed her immediately. She was a beautiful slim girl with a C-cup bust and two hard nipples sticking through the fabric of her top. She never wore a bra and even now she doesn’t.

I tried to attract her attention to me for a few weeks but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. When we started dating she confessed that she had just pretended that I was not interesting for her at that time. She told me later she had wanted me from the first time we’d seen each other but she was too shy to admit that.

Generally, it seemed to me she wasn’t interested in me at all and soon I quitted that. I had plenty of girls around me at that time. In 2001 I graduated from the university and decided to find a constant partner, my future wife. For a long time it was impossible. There were many reasons for that. (Read More…)

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My trips to the nature

April 9th, 2009



This guy enjoys jerking his cock while watching other people having sex somewhere on the beach, in the woods or in other places where they think no one will see them.

Maybe it sounds corny but I used to be extremely shy and never had any relationship with girls until I was 22. I was a thin but rather handsome guy. Women over 30 told me I was cute.

As I was getting older I wanted sex more and more but I still couldn’t find someone to date. So, when I was 18 I began masturbating.

I’ll never forget my first orgasm. It happened in the toilet. The door lock was broken and I had to hold the door with my hand to prevent my parents from seeing that I was pleasing myself. I was bringing unspeakable pleasure to myself when moving my hand over the shaft of the cock, up and down. At a certain moment I built the tempo and felt a huge wave of enjoyment consumed me. The cock was pulsing. I directed it at the toilet but there was no semen for some reason…

Since that time I fixed the door lock and would lock myself in the room to experience that pleasure again and again. My Mom and Dad were often surprised of what I could do inside for such a long item…

Soon I became even bolder and jerked off in the bathroom as well. You know I’ve always wanted to try something new in sex. I tasted my sperm when I was 19. It wasn’t sweet but it WAS delicious! (Read More…)

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Neighbor in Bangkok!

April 7th, 2009

This chick strikes up a friendship with a new neighbor who seems to be an easy-going type of person, he’s got his horny cock in his pants and he definitely wants to satisfy its lust…

Hi! May name is Ashlynn. I live in Bangkok, in a bungalow apartment, gifted to my husband by his chief. I am 23, we married when I was 21, just 2 years ago, and we spent out honey moon in Bangkok, so that’s why we lived at the exact same area now. I am 5”8 in height and have exquisite features, I have sun tanned body to die for, sensual curves, appealing ass and breast to bounce fuck. I have got also black hair, black eyes, round face and juice Angelina’s type lips. I like listening to music while reading books in a comfortable lounger in my house. I have a large collection of CDs and DVDs, so quite often I watch movies and listen to my fav singers. I really love Dido and have got all of her compositions.

It all happened when a new neighbor moved in next door and I got to know that he also love listening to the music. So I struck up a friendship with him and we often visited each other when my husband was not at home. My neighbor’s name is Jeremy, he worked as a journalist for some large newspaper in England, and he was always typing or writhing something. He must be quite successful in his field because he was rich. I could judge if from his car and furniture. Once when my hubby was not home, I went to visit Jeremy and he was quite worked up about something, but he let me come in and tried not to show off his emotions. Well, I tried to relax him by talking him out of it. I went to the kitchen and prepared some coffee for both of us. As we drank the coffee, I could see that he was still worked up. So I finally asked him:

“What’s the matter with you Jeremy? I can see that you are not OK from the very moment I walked in. Are you annoyed by my visit or presence here?” He replied quickly: (Read More…)

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My slut friends

April 7th, 2009

Do you recall the years when you were a college student? Lots of sex parties and hot nights, read this story and make your head buzz with hot memories…

This all happened because of Maria, out literature teacher, who decided to organize a theatrical ball. She divided us into groups, distributed texts and asked to learn them. The next day we planned to start rehearsals.

My group was to play “Three sisters” by Chehov, a Russian playwright. The group consisted of my friend Natalie, the sex bomb of our course Stephanie, two guys and me. The guys were nice. We were lucky to have them, not the others.

Bob was a handsome, tall blonde, intelligent and the son of wealthy parents. He wore fantastic clothes. Another man was his close friend Archie. He was tall and hunky and well-dressed either.

- Well, girls, – Archie said when the lesson was over, – shall we go to my place and organize a small rehearsal?

I looked at Natalie. She winked at me that meant I was to agree. Stephanie decided for all of us:

- Why are you hesitating? – She grinned and asked Archie. – Do you have anything to eat? (Read More…)

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Can you ever imagine that your wife is going to be fucked by a football team? That sounds really crazy but believe me that this story took place in reality and the husband got to watch everything from the beginning to end!

This happened 3 years ago. My wife and I have been married for 11 years, I am 35 and she is 32. My wife is still as hot as when we married. During the summer on Saturdays, when I would come home from working, my neighbors Barbara and George would have nice barbeque fire parties. So by the time I would come home, everyone would be in a good mood.

So, one nice Saturday day my wife Samantha called me at work to say that she would be at Barbara’s, helping her making party food. As she said, George was hosting his football team players tonight, they had had a really lucky game. I said OK, but told her to behave a good girl until I get home. She just laughed and said it will not be easy when all the young men are there.

When I got home the party was going on, I gave the guests a quick Hi. I didn’t see Samantha outside but when I got inside I could hear voices coming from the kitchen and I heard Samantha saying such a phrase: “Slow down, we have all night!” So I backed up a bit, so that they wouldn’t see me. After a second she appeared grabbing a tray of ice juices, and a young guy with well built shape accompanying her. She introduced him as Tommy. (Read More…)

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    It's so nice to meet an old friend of yours, it's even better when you meet him quite unexpectedly and you don't know what's on his mind.
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    Your boos treats you really bad, but there's nothing you can do because he is superior to you, well the best way to calm him down is your pussy, and you gotta live with that.
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