Miranda gang banged!

December 31st, 2008

A husband doesn’t mind his wife getting fucked by a lot of men, in fact, he really enjoys it….

3 months ago we moved to another city due to my new job. I was assigned to a new department, and we, my wife and I, rented a new apartment, just in downtown. It was a quite nice place, with lots boutiques, shops, cafés, and galleries. Although we were new people here and didn’t have any friends or relatives, we soon got used to a new beginning and started spending most of our evening walking, meeting the sites of interest, etc.

Just a couple of weeks later I found an adult video shop a few miles form our block. When I first got in, I saw long shelves and stand with erotic books, XXX movies and magazines, journals, sexy toys and porn outfit etc. this shop also had a few special sections with lingerie stuff, bdsm stuff, lubrication stuff and several secret cabs where visitors could spend their time on watching porn and even more. Well, I decided to check it out wit my wife the other day and went off.

When I told Miranda about this place she was not sure we should do this. But I did want to take my wife there and told her that everything would be OK and I would be with her all the time. Then I continued saying that we might buy a new dildo or vibrator to my honey. She kissed me, smiled and said that it was a nice idea and we would come over one of these days. I then told her about some of the women I had seen in other sections. I remember one hot sexy brunette in a very revealing and calling outfit, she was standing by her husband’s side while they shopped for vibrators. I turned on watching this sultry babe. I imagined my wife Miranda wearing such an outfit in that video shop and the other men getting aroused by her! (Read More…)

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December 31st, 2008

Sometimes you don’t know many things about your wife, but sooner or later your get to know every little detail and realize that she is a complete whore and you live with her…

Her life was full of sexual adventures. I realized it too late…

I met my wife at work. We both work for a large corporation. Once I had to go to one of our departments and saw a beautiful girl there. She was neither thin (as many of her peers were) nor fat. Good body, big breasts, a rounded butt, a pretty face, a tender voice and long fair hair… After a short chat I understood I had been looking for her all my life.

Half a year later we started living together. She wasn’t a virgin and it was not surprising as she was 24 at that time. I understand it is difficult to remain a virgin when there are so many temptations around you. That’s why I didn’t talk about it with her. Of course, she had some sexual experience and I wondered what was her first time like and what types of sex she’d tried. However, she preferred not to speak about it and said she wanted her past to be forgotten, she had a new life and wanted to think only about it. I thought that probably something bad happened and she didn’t want to recall that. So, I stopped asking. But I was sadly mistaken!!!

Our sex was fantastic! She was skillful and knew how to enjoy herself. But she refused to practice anal and oral sex as she considered them dirty and couldn’t overcome the disgust she felt to it. Moreover, she was strictly brought-up by her parents. (Read More…)

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Love affair

December 31st, 2008

The chick breaks up with her boyfriend and goes to New York to visit her parents, there she finds a love affair that turns into something more serious…

Wendy came to New York to visit her parents. Of course, she wasn’t going to stay at home with Mom and Dad all the time, besides she broke up with her boyfriend recently and needed a love affair to forget about her unpleasant experience.

Wendy was a beautiful girl, really beautiful, like the girls from the magazine pictures. And she was smart either. She knew exactly what she wanted.

Now she wanted to find a man to have fun with. She wasn’t going to fall in love again, so when creating a profile at dating.com she wrote ‘love affair’ instead of ‘serious relationship’. She uploaded a couple of her hot photos where she was wearing a bikini and looked very sexy.

She didn’t have to wait for long. Within an hour she received plenty of messages that varied from “Hi, babe! You’re so fucking hot at these pics…” to offers to spend an unforgettable evening in a restaurant or sauna (while his wife is away on vacation).

Wendy didn’t think for a long time about what to choose and soon stopped at a nice suggestion to visit a sauna with a tall handsome man, 30 years of age.

They met at a café, had coffee and talked about nothing serious. It was evident they liked each other. At least she was sure he liked her a lot as his eyes were literally touching her exposed body: big breasts under the transparent blouse covered by a lacy bra and her shapely legs under a miniskirt. She knew how to look perfect and make men admire her. (Read More…)

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At the restaurant

December 30th, 2008

This couples celebrates its anniversary in the restaurant, they both have prepared nice presents for each other, I am sure you’ll luv them…

It’s our anniversary today. We’ve been together for a year already. We decided to celebrate it in a special way. You make a present for me, and I make the one for you. We can only guess about our secret desires and opportunities. But I know for sure that we’ll remember this day for a long time.

You come for me. I look terrific today wearing a long black dress with a cut on the back and slits on both sides. It fits me like a glove emphasizing my curves. You’re wearing a suit. We’re a nice couple!

We’re driving to the restaurant. We don’t talk about our presents. We understand each other with no words. We trust each other.

We enter the restaurant. You’ve made a reservation in a separate room. We are among a lot of people but at the same time we’re alone. We drink our favourite drinks, eat, drink again but we can still control ourselves. I take your arm and lead you to the main room for a dance.

We’re dancing. You press me to you. I whisper something into your ear, something tender. I pass my hand over your back. You stroke me as well, very tenderly, the way only you do. I confess that I forgot to put on panties today and you tell me the same. All that happens in the centre of the restaurant hall. What a surprise! Our thoughts are mixed, hands fondle each other. The song is over but we are still together, like two magnets that can’t part. (Read More…)

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A visit to the Love Temple

December 30th, 2008

This young 18 year-old babe comes to the love temple to lose her virginity, she picks a man and they go to a private room, read more and enjoy…

It was a big building. I knocked at the huge gate of the Love Temple. A man of about 50 years old met me. I told him my name. He checked if it was on his list, then smiled conspiratorially. I had medical examination last week here and they had the results of my tests.

- Come in, lady, – the man said looking at me. – Why was he looking at me this way?

- Aren’t you too young to come here? – He asked when I turned with my back to him.

I looked back and said something like “No, it’s Ok” and rushed to the building along the sand path. “Yes, maybe it’s I’m too young. I’m just 18…” I even hesitated for a moment but then decided it was silly to refuse as I’d made the first step already. I came here with a specific goal – to become a woman.

I entered one of the doors. It’s a bit complicated to describe this building. It’s like a maze, of rectangular shape, with six front doors. I was in the hall. A middle-aged woman was sitting at the table and writing something. I approached and said “Hello!” She responded with a polite smile. I paid for a day at the Love Temple and she gave me two white pills. I thanked her. A couple of glasses were there and I put the pills into one of them, then drank the turbid solution. As the woman told me I might not be afraid of becoming pregnant for the whole month. (Read More…)

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December 27th, 2008

This guy gets to fuck his friend’s mom, she is hot and sexy and her hubby’s dick is definitely not enough for her horny pussy…

It happened about six years ago after my first year in college. It was summer and I went home to visit my parents. The days were pretty dull but there was one thought that helped me wake up in the morning and go all the way through daily routine day by day. My friend was coming to visit us. He was coming with his folks. And I was so wild about his sexy mom.

Leslie, that was her name, looked gorgeous for her age. She had a terrific body with wide round hips and big firm boobs. I was drawn to her, I wanted to touch her body, to squeeze it in my arms… She was well groomed and I loved her style. I don’t know why but I had a very strong feeling she wasn’t faithful to her husband. She was too flirty for that.

My first sex with her was a week after they arrived. I wanted to talk to my pal but he was out with his farther. Leslie was alone, wearing a light dress and no bra. I got overwhelmed by desire when I looked at her body! She asked me to help her get something from a shelf in the kitchen and when she was standing really close to me I just couldn’t help but turn her round and kiss her on the lips. Her lips were so soft and alluring. She responded to my kiss, I was so excited. I knew it was high time I made all my sex fantasies about her come true. I was kissing her while my hands were roaming over her body, caressing her butt and squeezing her boobs. Leslie suggested going to the bedroom. (Read More…)

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Naughty Cindy’s diary. Part 2

December 27th, 2008

This chick is crazy about sex and she can’t spend a say without a cock ramming all of her holes…

The weekend sucked. Adam was busy and couldn’t meet with us on Friday as he’d promised before. Amy spoke for a foursome, and the girl we wanted to invite to join us said she was busy and just couldn’t come. So it pretty sucked at first but then Amy called a friend of hers, Daisy. Daisy was 18 and virgin, just like all of us. The good thing about calling Daisy was that she had a very good camera, and we needed a good camera to shoot the foursome with Adam.

Anyways, we met at Amy’s. Daisy said she didn’t have a boyfriend and she loved oral sex with guys. We suggested a foursome with us and Adam, and were a bit surprised to have her agree immediately. Daisy said she wouldn’t give us her camera or let us shoot sex with her. Definitely no, she said. However, we arranged a meeting for the next Saturday, then called Adam and told him about our plans. He loved them.

So it was Saturday, Oct. 18th. I had a bath in the morning. I shaved my pubis and legs, put on sexy lingerie, polished my nails and covered my lips with a red lipstick. I was damn sexy. We arrived at Adam’s place. He was obviously happy to see us when he opened the door. We introduced Daisy to Adam, they had a short chat. Both, Amy and I, were ready to pounce on him any sec, we desperately wanted him, he was soooo hot! I looked at his pants and saw the cock outline through the fabric. We told them to cut the crap and took him to his bedroom. (Read More…)

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Helen’s slave. Part 17

December 27th, 2008

Now the mistress wants more than a slave licking her feet, she wants to humiliate him even more than that, what can be worse? You’ll probably think, read and find out!

The girl saw that her foot was absolutely dry, so she removed it from the slave’s face for he would lick it until she stopped him. There were a few drops of milk on the floor which had flown down from her toes.

I hoped my Mistress would allow me to drink the milk but I heard a different thing.

- Don’t you see what’s on the floor, slave? – The girl asked strictly but playfully. – You know, I can’t stand dirt in my kitchen. Lick it!

I sighed, lowered my head to the floor and started licking those little drops. I had hardly finished when Helen plunged her foot into the milk again and pointed it at my face. This time more milk was on the floor… I knew I would have to lick it all again… I began sucking my Lady’s foot.

The girl gave her slave to drink this way for some time. What she liked the most was when he licked the floor, so she tried to pour more milk there. Soon she got tired of that game either.

- Ok, slave, now you can lap it from the glass. Lap, not drink!!! Do it! And don’t forget about your ass, it must always be stuck out! – The girl sat comfortably on the chair wishing to enjoy the scene.

It was not easy to lap as an animal though my tongue was working fast. I felt hurt that she didn’t allow me to drink it right from the glass… (Read More…)

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I’m a cuckold husband!

December 26th, 2008

What is it like to be a cuckold husband? We have a story from the man who lives the life of a cuckold husband, what do you think about it? The author really wants you to leave your comments….

We extend our thanks to the author Poolorgy.

Hi, guys. This is my diary, where I put down all the details of my married life. I’m a cuckold husband and I love not only sharing my wife with other, but also tasting that males’ cum from her mouth. It really turns me on and I think we should proceed with that more and more. There comes a story of ours, just a short episode of our life. I took it from my diary where I have lots of hot stories and notes featuring me and my wife getting so horny. Here we go!

We look for a really well built guy, the type of a man with big muscles playing under his skin and huge cock to suck and fuck. He also must be good looking, not very handsome, but cute. We meet in that bar of a large anonymous hotel. We arrive together whereas he comes later. He sits down to us and takes over my role, I mean the role of the married man. He touches you, kisses you, seizes you between the legs and I watch you 2 being so horny and lovely. Also you seize his bulge on the pants as if to check if he is already ready. You say to me that he has got a very large size and you are satisfied to meet such a good partner. I say that I am happy with that because I want you to be satisfied and content. Then, without stopping rubbing his crotch, you tell me to give you the key of the room. I’m told to stay here, in the hall, by the receptionist and wait for the call from you. And only after that I’m allowed to go up to the room and join you two. Well, I smile, and give you the room key. You both rise, taking hands and make your way to the lift, where you soon disappear. I watch you wiggle you hips while walking and his hand onto your as cheek and it really turns me on. (Read More…)

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A story on the road!

December 26th, 2008

This couple is driving along the road and suddenly get a flat tire, the husband stops a truck and a some young, hot studs come to help them over…

We had just finished checking into the hotel and my wife, a beautiful brunette with approximately 5”7 height and a perfect set of large boobs met me at the door with a wild look in her eye. We had been on the road all day, and unfortunately 15 miles far from this small town we got a flat tire of our car. She was very quiet on the ride to the hotel and now I know why. When we got into this unpleasant accident, we started trying to stop any car passing by to help us. Finally one truck pulled over the road and the driver, a big guy with massive muscles agreed to help me. She told me that after I had left her with the truck driver to get the tire fixed, she had gotten out of the car to stretch and look around.

She was wearing denim shorts and a tight little white top. Her bra was getting uncomfortable so she decided to remove it, and as there was no one around, she took off her top, and then unbuckled her bra. The warm sun felt great on her bare breasts and a slight cool breeze brushed across her hardening nipples. She stood in the sun for awhile then noticed a truck driving over the hill a couple of miles, so she put her top back on and climbed into the car.

The truck stopped by, and she heard some one get out of the car, fearing the unknown, she rolled up her window, and locked the doors. The truck pulled over behind and she closed her eyes hoping they would leave her alone. She heard footsteps but no voice, so she opened her eyes to see a young guy staring at her. Then he began to wave at the truck for his friends. 3 more men walked up, now she could hear them speaking. The oldest said:

“We should go or we will be late, I am sure this lady will be fine” Then she heard one say:

“Man look at those tits! I feel myself dropping fucking load all over them!” (Read More…)

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