Crime & Punishment

April 30th, 2008

A wild party is going on and while the husband is having fun with one of the chicks, his wife doesn’t want to waste her time either…

Sierra! Honey! Sweetie! Her husband was calling her this way. His name was Alex. We got in to the party by chance and such words just were grating my ears. I never called my wife that way, and I think I was right! But in any way it made me pay my attention to them.

Sierra was not very tall, blond in her 30 with pretty face, pretty body, quite plump. Alex was short, active, fussy person. They didn’t impress me. I don’t know why but Sierra get chasing after me. And I should say it was pretty aggressive. She asked me to dance twice trying to rub against my dick that made it almost tear the jeans. This is a paradox! I didn’t like her but my member reacted contrary to my mind. My wife – Abigail glanced on me jealously and quickly jumped into the arms of sporty Tyler (he also was a guest at that party). Let it be so!

I dance with Sierra… in fact my dick is rubbing against her pubis through the panties, jeans, dress…

- “Let’s smoke!” – She murmured in my ear the offer – order.

- “Let’s fuck!” – I offered in my return.

We vanish out, light the cigarettes feverishly.

- “Where?” – Sweetie blew the first breath out. (more…)

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The happy husband

April 30th, 2008

A man sure feels great when he’s got a wife and her sexy sister living together, when he gets tired of his wife, he can always taste her sister’s pussy…

I’m the happy husband.

The story I wanna share with you is absolutely real.

I am a married man. My wife’s sister lives with us in the same house and so it happened that I became the first man in her sexual life after she lost her virginity with me. But that’s a whole different story.

So I live in the same house with two women One – my wife- is a bit older than me, and her younger sis is only 19. Dudes, you gonna be jealous! It’s fucking paradise to have one wide powerful vagina that easily lets my huge dick inside and when I fuck her I get a turn on from the feeling of how loose it is. While her sister’s is tight and in order for me to go in I have to lick it, so that it gets wet enough. When I insert my dickhead it hardly goes in and you know what, I feel her pussy pulsing. (more…)

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Sweet whoreness

April 30th, 2008

A guy meets a girl on line and decides to see her IRL, she agrees and they have a pretty good time together…

Her name was Shanaja. I met her online. As we communicated it turned out that we went to the same school, so as it usually happens we had a lot of common thing to talk about. We would hang on the phone for hours talking about the good old school days. We talked about all sorts of things.

We were like how great it would be to meet up and to hang out. We talked about relationships and even intimate stuff, you know. She seemed to be a really cute gal so we decided to meet up for sure.

It was going to be a… kind of unusual date. We decided we wanted to spend time together just the two of us. I rented a studio apartment. To be honest it was a bit fucked up to agree for this kind of a date without seeing the potential sex partner… cause I only heard her voice. But yes, there was this sense of adrenaline from not knowing how it would turn out.

I rented the place, got her flowers which I put on the bed. I poured wine into glasses and hitted my way to meet her. We arrange that I would meet her by the business plaza. It was cold. Winter, it was freaking freezing outside. I had to wait for like 15 minutes before she showed up. (more…)

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Bike Ride

April 29th, 2008

A guy goes bike-riding and bumps into a pretty chick. They make a bet and he wins, but what is he going to get for it? It’s sure going to be a lot of fun…

I was on my vacation, so I woke up at about 9 and went bicycling as usual, I have had love for bicycling for many years already and I don’t have a car and it’s not because I can’t afford one, that’s simply because I don’t love cars and I think that everything in this life should be natural. I even ride my bike to work everyday and I almost never use the services of the public transportation, even if it’s pouring with rain I still ride my bike to work. That keeps me in good shape and I just love feeling the fresh air blowing in my face while I am riding.

I took my bike and decided to ride around the beach road, it was pretty empty so I was just riding slowly, taking my time and enjoying the sunny weather, suddenly my eyes caught a girl who was riding a bike too but she was ahead of me, I decided to catch up with her and maybe even talk to her. I sped up and caught up with her in a minute, I noticed that she was young and slender, I leveled with her and tried to start the ball rolling.

“Hi, you don’t like cars either”, I asked her and smiled.

“I don’t need a car for myself as I usually ride alone”, she answered and smiled back.

“So, how long have you been in biking?”, I asked her again trying to keep up the conversation. (more…)

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April 29th, 2008

Two girls are rivaling with each other in the office, they are trying to submit and humiliate each other and finally one of them gives up…

(The story is absolutely true)

“Wanna fuck her?”
“No, thanx.”
“See bitch, nobody wants to fuck you!”

I was a witness of women’s rivalry for several years. Nobody actually knew how it all started, but eventually the competition got really serious. As we were colleagues and spent most of our time together working in the same office I didn’t even have to try hard to see what was going on between them. All of our staff had a chance to witness the “catfight”.

I couldn’t say for sure what the competition was about, but according to my own observation they were competing in practically everything. Hardly had one of them bought a new designer bag, for example, the other rushed to the store to buy a better one. Cars, clothes, boyfriends, everything was the reason for the competition. So it was basically very interesting to watch the game and guess who’d win. The final part was the most exciting. Luckily for me, I witnessed it too.

Let me give you some description. Let’s name the girls Grace and Megan. Grace was a tall blonde with long slender legs, a self-assured face expression and mid-sized tits. Megan was a short brunette with fantastic body, and a comparatively pretty face. (more…)

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A happening in the bar!

April 29th, 2008

A guy gets picked up by a girl in the bar but later he finds out that this girl is not really a girl…

I was tired. I was tired with daily boring routine. I really needed to change something. My life had become boring and my sex life was expressionless. All women I knew proved to be untrustworthy, light-headed and superficial. I really wanted to take a break from the world. I just wanted to live my life sitting in the lovely bar on the Salmon Str, drinking heavy beer and smoking Cuban cigar…. Listening to the Bob Sinclair and inhale heavy puff of smoke. This bar was a place-to-sit for various types of people: sailors, street musicians, biker, hauler, clerks, who spend their time in boring office routine, first-time singers etc… When she came in and sat at the bar stool next to me, I didn’t pay much attention to her, just another client of this place. She was raven haired sun tanned slim long legged bitch, (yeahh, no women, but bitch, as I got used to calling all females this way). She was beautiful and her eyes were bright what made her look like Kim Kardashian, then she was not. I dropped a look at her tits, just a couple of nice humps playing on her breast and moving teasingly from side to side. “Damn, great boobies!” flitted across my mind, but I tried to let out this thought. I inhaled more. Nice long and slightly muscular legs were crossed down, as she sat on the stool.

I puffed on my cigar making more smoke wishing she would move away. She was hot, yeahh, but I was in no mood for any adventure this night. Moreover, I considered this chick as one of those who visit bars pursuing one aim: drain pockets of idiots. I watched her with a corner of my eye and saw her reach into her bag and draw out a cigarette. Of course (as it usually happens in Hollywood films) she couldn’t find a match and turned to me with cigarette dangling between her fingers. (more…)

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April 28th, 2008

A girl gets hit by a car and she doesn’t even know that she is going to fall in love with the driver who nearly killed her, and she doesn’t even think he is going to be her first man…

Jeremy owned one of the most fashionable restaurants in town. Hectic work, business meetings, business trips exhausted him but he couldn’t even dream about vacation. Somewhere deep in his heart he hoped there would come the day he would just enjoy himself.

Once going home late at night he almost hit somebody in the dark. He braked to a halt, wheels squeaked, the person in front of the car fell on the ground. Jeremy swore and ran out of the car. A girl was lying on the ground in front of his bumper. “Beautiful,” he said to himself.

He got on his knees by the girl and took her hand in his. The girl wasn’t moving. She was wearing a dress with buttons on the front. Jeremy stared undoing them and finally saw her wonderful body. It was perfect with perky petite boobs. He touched her bare stomach and remembered he had to examine the girl if she had any serious injuries. All he saw were some scratches. He raised her head carefully and felt a big bump on the back of her head. She hit her head and he had to take her to hospital.

He buttoned up her dress and took her in his arms. He put her on the back seat of his car and drove off to hospital. The girl regained consciousness on the way there. She didn’t remember anything, Jeremy told her what happened. The girl looked at him and said:

“I’m Lora and you are?”

“I’m Jeremy. I’ll wait for you here, Lora.” (more…)

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April 28th, 2008

The circumstances can make you do things you would never have done, but sometimes you just can’t control the situation and the one who controls it, controls all of you. It’s even more terrifying if he is your boss…

It wasn’t her day. Heidi went out on the street and broke her heel. She made her way through crowds of people in the subway and when finally got to the office she had to go through another nightmare because her boss was displeased with her being late:

“You’re late AGAIN! Ms. Roberts can I see you in my office at 5 pm?”

It was surely not the first time Heidi got late to work. It was the most terrible day for her. She was so nervous thinking boss could fire her. She knocked on her boss’s door at 5. She peeked in. Boss was talking on the phone. He was looking really gloomy.

“Just a moment.” Mr. Griffin said pointing at a small couch at the farthest corner of the room. Heidi sat down on the couch waiting for him to tell her off. In several minutes boss dropped the phone and looked at Heidi closely.

“So, Ms. Roberts…”

“I’m very sorry, Mr. Griffin. I can promise it will never happen again…”

“Enough! I’ve heard it a thousand times before.” Boss came up to her and put his hand on her knee. Heidi shuddered. “You’ll have to work it out.”


“Enough.” Mr. Griffin unzipped his fly and took out his cock. “Suck it!” (more…)

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A married guy wants to fuck his college friend but he can’t find a way to turn him into a homosexual, there’s only one way and he comes up with an offer to fuck him in exchange for his wife…

Good day, you people! My name is Alex and here I am! I’m a tall, warm tempered easy going guy with crew cut hair style and well built muscular system. This is not because I’m an iron body builder, but I go in for sport and always try to keep fit. I have loved aikido from the very first morning I saw Steven Seagull and this turned to be my way of life! I possess a first dan of Aikido and I’m really proud of myself!

This story started in my sophomore year in college. When being a freshman yet I had a girlfriend, we fucked all days and nights, as a result, I got addicted to sex. When the school year was over, she told me that I was not a man she wanted to be with and I was not manly enough for her. So we broke up. I starved for sex for the whole summer but unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to pick any beautiful chick in my bed! Frankly, I was never popular among girls. Despite I have a tall height and rather nice body, I don’t have very manly face, and my features look like that of teen’s look! On top of all, I’m a bit shy and very often I don’t even know how to advance girls. I have average size dick, and now I think this the reason what my ex was not satisfied with. On the contrary, I’m very popular among gay guys. I have a cute face and hairless skin that attracts a lot of horny guys. Damn, I wish they all were slim smutty girl! It’s all about that I love girls and I love pussies. (more…)

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Getting promoted

April 27th, 2008

A nice chick wants to get the position of a senior accountant, the problem is that she is too young and inexperienced, but she will sure find the way to reason her boss that she is the one…

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

Rachel has been working in the accounting department for close to three years, she was the assistant to senior accountant and she really loved her job. When she found out that the senior accountant was going to quit the job, she couldn’t sleep at nights, she really wanted to fill in for him, she wanted to be the senior accountant but Mr. Rodgers said he was going to place an ad in the paper calling for all accountants to send in their resumes. Rachel graduated from the university three years ago, she understood that she still didn’t have enough experience to manage the company’s business but there was nothing she could do. She just wanted that job and she was going to do all she could to get it.

Rachel decided that she would go straight to Mr. Rodger’s office and tell him the whole thing. She stayed at work late and waited until all the employees left the building. She spent five more minutes collecting the right thoughts and phrases for her conversation with the boss. He was a serious man and he always meant business, so she had to be rather pervasive to be promoted to the position of a senior accountant. When she was sure they were completely alone she walked down the lobby and approached Mr. Rodgers’s office door, she paused and then knocked on it in a humble way. “Come on in, it’s open”, she heard the familiar voice and opened the door. (more…)

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