American Dream.

December 30th, 2007

A girl comes to visit her friend in the US, there she falls in love with a guy but has to leave in two week, what can she do to win her love?

Dasha made herself comfy in the seat of the airplane and looked outside the window. She always loved to watch the clouds go by underneath the plane but this time she felt some unexplainable exciting feeling. Perhaps, because she was going on her own for the first time! She was going to America to visit her best friend that she hasn’t seen for two years! She couldn’t believe her parents let her go on her own. They probably decided that if she goes there at least she would improve her English. Dasha smiled to her dreams and fell asleep…

She woke up when the plane was already landing. It was such a new feeling that went through her body and soul. She was really going to see Natasha now! She looked outside the window and forgot about everything on Earth. She gave all of herself to the amazing view…

Dasha went through the security check and her eyes were looking for Natasha. She saw a girl that looked like Natasha but she couldn’t believe her eyes… God, she changed! It was a real model! Only the same gestures and that unique sparkle in her eyes were telling her it was Natasha. And moreover, Natasha was standing with two hot guys. All three of them were like from the cover of the fashion magazine. While Dasha was starring at them Natasha saw her and came running to meet her dear friend. (more…)

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Our cobra

December 30th, 2007

Your female boss gets drunk at a party and you gotta take her home, she is unconscious and wasted, you can play and have fun with her, why not?

There’re not so many people working in the company. But we are real friends. We’re almost all of the same age safe for our boss Ms. Elizabeth Warren, she’s 58. We nickname her Cobra. Well, we love to have parties together, we love to have fun, and we know how to do it.

It was Carrie’s birthday. We were celebrating it in a restaurant, it was great fun. We were gonna make the party a bit steamier but as soon as Ms. Warren looked at us we decided we’d better not. Guys decided to make her drunk and send her home. We were talking to her, paying compliments, pouring more and more alcohol in her glass. She was ready in 30 minutes. There was one last thing to do – we had to choose the one to take her home. Well it was me. Guys patted me on the back sympathetically and continued partying.

When Ms. Warren got back from the ladies’ room I asked her if she felt well and offered to give her a ride home. I helped her put on the coat. The first thing that made me alert was that I had to hold her by the arms all the way down the stairs for her not to fall down. Actually I was hoping to be pretty quick taking our Cobra home in order to get back in the restaurant and continue partying. I was floating in my dreams thinking how funny it would be and that I would probably talk Erika into getting laid with me when I felt Ms Warren’s head on my shoulder. I got scared at first but then I realized she was simply sleeping.

I woke her up when we got to her place. I had to take her to the 15th floor. I’m not gonna waste time telling you about the way I took her to her apartment. I can tell you one thing, my hands and legs were shaking, cuz my boss was a stocky gal. Can you imagine that?! She was sleeping all the way! I had to search her pockets to find the key. I opened the door and came into her apartment. I had to pull her inside the apartment. I looked at my watch there was no use for me to get back to the restaurant. I was really mad, I even kicked the wall with anger. (more…)

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Does love exist? I don’t know.

December 29th, 2007

It’s really hard for a girl to have an unrequited love for a man who doesn’t care about you, who uses you like a toy, all you gotta do is to suffer…

I was standing in the hall talking to my colleagues, sipping coffee, trying to look as natural as possible. My hands were shaking, I was so tense inside. There was a guy talking more than others. He was smiling amicably saying something. He was standing stooping leaning on the wall, it was making him look shorter. Anyway when I was standing by his side I had to raise my head to look in his eyes. I’d been looking in his eyes too often recently. He shifted from side to side then, enchanting us with his voice, with elocution and argumentation.


I was being tortured. He was torturing me. I could lose control for just a second and it hurt so much! Half a second and I was standing on the verge of delirium. His words, his eyes made me lose my head. Resentment, despair, jealousy… some other feelings with no names were filling my soul whenever I was looking at him. I had to focus my attention on something else immediately. I had to think about work… Man, it didn’t help! I had to do something else. Something like… I stuck my nail in the palm, it hurt… but it helped, I got back to reality, I could hear people’s words, seemed like nobody noticed me, that was great. The torture was suspended for a while, but I felt it was about to start all over again soon. (more…)

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Time for new sensations

December 29th, 2007

Two couples decide to spice up their sexual life, they meet and have a really good time, when they exchange partners it gets really hot…

“Here is an old dream coming true. I wonder if they’re also trembling and excited. I guess so. It’s their first time too. Ok, I gotta stop shivering, maybe it won’t work anyway,” Rob was excited just like his wife. “Amy is so sexy today. When she reached for her purse lying on the back seat, I was about to cum seeing her sweet butt in a tight skirt. I guess I even saw her stockings… I wish I could persuade her not to put on panties… I wish I could get under her skirt and fondle her shaven pussy. Well I can do it through her panties, right? But I’d better not. I gotta wait for a while, she’s just too excited now anyway. Man, just 15 minutes left. I wonder what it’s gonna be like…”

The car turned over the corner and pulled up. He could smell the aroma of green vegetation and warm summer breeze. 7 minutes left.

-Well, Amy let’s smoke and get it started.

-Are you ready?

-Yeah, you? Have you changed your mind?

Cigarette smell mixed with the smell of summer breeze.

-No, honey, I haven’t, – Amy whispered. – I do want it.

-Well, then it’s time for new sensations. (more…)

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December 28th, 2007

It can’t feel better when you are losing virginity with your ex girlfriend, you are inexperienced and want to feel the new sensations, so go ahead and enjoy!

The phone rang. Carter was sitting repairing some old walkman. He got distracted from his favorite hobby and picked up the phone.


-Hi! – It was Apple. They broke up about a year ago.

-Oh, hi! – Carter was trying to sound calm.

-How are you?

-Fine, thanks.

-Let’s meet.

-What for?

-I wanna talk to you.

-Talk now.

-Now, I gotta see you. I need it, you know. Let’s meet.

Though Carter still felt hurt and offended he thought he’d better stop quarreling.

-All right. Where do you wanna meet and when? (more…)

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  • Sea vac

    A husband gets really hot when he things about his wife being fucked by some strangers, he suggests that she find some guys and fuck with them, she is first reluctant but soon agrees...
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  • Summer 2006

    That was a really nice summer for these two couples, they met and they thought that it was a good idea to change their spouses for some time, it's even better when you can see the one you love being fucked by someone else while your dick is being sucked.
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School leaver’s first time

December 28th, 2007

After not seeing each other for many years old friends meet again, one of them has a beautiful daughter and she’s really hot, can a friend resist this hot, young chick?

There were two men sitting at table – Sam and Peter. They used to be best friends but due to certain reasons they hadn’t met for several years. They met on the street some weeks ago. Life’d changed. Sam became editor-in-chief in a popular magazine, he had a large apartment, a good car, and a good life. Peter hadn’t been so lucky. He married and he had a daughter. His wife died in a car crash leaving him with a daughter. He had to bring her up all alone. His daughter was his pride and joy. Jemmy (that was her name) was 18, she was a school leaver and she was going to go to a prestigious collage.

Sam finally had a chance to meet her. They were sitting in Peter’s kitchen. Jimmy was about to get back from school any minute. Sam’d heard so much about her that he was really excited to see her. Peter often told him about her schooling, but he didn’t say a word whether she was pretty or not. So Sam had to use his imagination to guess. He thought she was a short plain girl with a small pimply face short legs and big round glasses. But as soon as he saw her he realized how wrong he was. Jemmy was a very pretty gal: she was tall, she had a beautiful face, thick black hair, and fantastic body. She had a thin waist and flat stomach. She had really out-standing boobs though she was a teen. Sam guessed she was wearing glasses but she looked great anyway. She was dressed casually: a sweater and a long skirt. She definitely had her style. (more…)

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Teen love

December 27th, 2007

When your husband is away on a business trip a wife feels lonely, but if she’s got a nice neighbor who is willing to make you a company, there’s nothing to worry about…

I made a lap to reach home. It was hard work day, and I was happy to get back home earlier. My husband, Bob was away from city (his business trip again). As the day wore on I could relax and have rest. On my way I saw Kan walking over his dog. He was about 20; we had grown up in the same yard together. He was going for bodybuilding and his muscles were very strong. He looked tired. Kan was wearing old jeans and white T shirt. Dropping a stack to the dog he watched his pet ran after it.

I went into the house and made some wine glass. Having filled my bath with warm water I slipped inside. Relaxed. Applying foam onto my neck and breast my hands reached down to my nipples which got perky at once. Putting rubber onto the bath’s edge I got down to massaging my tits. My fancies ran away. I had been dreaming of having sex with someone else except my Bobby for a long. We got married when I was 22, at this time I was still a virgin. Wine soon made me feel pretty hot. My palms slipped down there to fondle my pussy.

On finishing taking bath I went out, put on my lovely white strings and bra. Suddenly the door bell rang. I wondered who it was; opened the door. There was Kan. (more…)

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Very important mission!

December 27th, 2007

Sometimes a boss can send in a pretty babe to make his partner sign a contract, this girl must make every dream of yours come true, otherwise the contract is screwed up.

Vera was standing before a stand of one well known company dealing with computer sales, and distributed ad leaflets. Today was the last day of an exhibition and hours left lasted very long. Vera kept looking at her watch from time to time.

Her slim body attracted attention of customers and visitors. They smiled at her, some young men, those who were sassy even tried to advance her and slap on her ass. As for Vera she just reacted calmly and handed out her leaflets to all of them. From one side there appeared Andrew”

- Listen, you have a very important mission! He smiled
- What do you mean?
- In a few minutes there we have a new guest, a very important man from Japan, Yoshiki Azamotu; you will call him Azamotu-san! Understand?
- So what’s up?
- Our chief is gonna draw up a contract with this guy to let us sale a lot of our comps without prepayment. Your task is to supervise this guy, then you will be accompany with him to the restaurant, after that you two would go to the hotel…
- Hotel? Her eyes opened
- Yeahh, he grinned: our chief says you have a huge potential to attract new clients! Anyway, here take this: 3 thousand! And he handed a bundle of greens palming it off on her. (more…)

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December 26th, 2007

Let’s imagine that the wife of your school’s friend is a fucking whore who needs all of her holes to be fucked, you just can’t resist her…

I couldn’t expect this woman; almost a wife of my school friend would do such thing! At this time I stayed at one of 2 stars hotels of Sofia. We had a whale of time in one of their restaurants’ drinking wine and talking life. Svetlana, her name, was very active, and Tadeck told her something several times. They spoke language I couldn’t understand and didn’t know unluckily. Having loaded up enough with their wine, we soon decided to go home. I got a taxi, and a driver charged unthinkable price from me. It was not the best hotel in Sofia but rather convenient. I was excited and started thinking of local girls when a door bell rang. There was a receptionist:

- Mister Svenson, there is a lady asking you!
- Lady?

I didn’t miss, it was Svetlana. A mature woman of my young friend, she was about 40 but still hot and fresh and sometimes thoughts of having sex with her spoiled my mind but I always tried to put it out of my head. I envied Tadeck, his woman was so juicy and spicy, but I wouldn’t dare to tie my life with her forever. She was sexy! Thought she was not young but this piece of meat would fuck very hard! As my mother-in-law used to say: young body – another body. But I didn’t care. I was not gonna marry her, but to fuck: mmmm… why not?

I took a bottle of champagne and wondered: what the hell she was going to do? I was not wrong: on broken language she asked me whether I was free or not. I said I was free and very lonely. While talking to her I was jerking off imagining the way I would fuck this old whore. Then I said: “I’m waiting for you, I want you! Come to me, be quick!” (more…)

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Work day for 2!

December 26th, 2007

A woman has a handsome male colleague, they are working side by side and they feel they are attracted to each other, the only thing that is stopping the woman from an affair is her husband, but how long can she resist the passion?

He liked his new office and new job as well. It was not huge office right in the Moscow’s downtown, and very convenient and spacious parking lot.

They were just a branch office of a trade international company with a staff of 20 employees, but only a few of them were always in the office. They were 3 security guards, a director and his assistant.

As summer came, the whole tireless activity came to its wane as well and our tasks turned into a daily routine, so they had enough time to get along well with each other.

John was only 28 when he got this new mission; he was supposed to set things going and to enter into cooperation here, in Russia with local firms. This leading position was very promising for a young manager who was full of ambitions and made far going prospects. He always appeared first in his workplace; always skim, fresh and willing to crush obstacles, then, by 5 pm he usually went to some talks.

His assistant was a young lady of 25; Ella, a hot brunette with blue eyes, always had short haircuts what made her look like a bit young for her age. She was married (from time to time he had a glimpse of her husband; he was working in a transport company and often met his wife next to office on his Audi). Ella soon took a responsibility of arranging their office: she ordered their office lunch menus, consulted to John if his help was needed. She had lunches together with John and he appeared to be a true gourmet. (more…)

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