The tender first time…

December 10th, 2008


The guy really wants to fuck this 18 year old babe, she is so young and fresh and his cock can’t wait to get in the teen’s moist pussy…

At last they were alone in his apartment. They had been together for over a year. He wanted her so much but knew she was virgin and required nothing from her. He made hints at her a couple of times that it was probably enough waiting but each time she replied she was not ready for that yet. Finally he succeeded in persuading her to stay at his place for the weekend. She knew what he was driving at but decided it had to happen one day.

She was so nervous since she had agreed to spend the weekend with him. She thought about what could happen. He noticed her state and tried to calm her down and distract in various ways.

Amanda was a pretty fragile girl. She had recently turned 18 but knew almost nothing about sex. Her friends had told her a lot about that but it was mostly negative information. The stories she’d read in magazines were better but she was not sure they were true.

Her parents were very strict people and if they knew she wanted something more than kissing and holding hands with guys she would be under house arrest at least for a year. That is why when she had to ask for permission to go to his place she told them she was going to her friend’s country house. Mom and Dad hadn’t allowed her to go until her friend’s mother called and told she was really invited to come to them (thanks God, the woman was more modern and considered it a normal thing when a girl of 18 wanted to spend the weekend with her boyfriend).

Amanda had heard from her friends that the first time was very painful, with much blood around and the guys were very rude and even cruel. Since she was small she’d been afraid of blood and pain that’s why the only thing she remembered from all those stories was pain. So, it was not so surprising she was nervous.

Brad was a handsome man of 21. He was popular with girls in his institute but loved only her. He knew she was afraid and knew what the reason was. He had a lot of experience and knew how to treat virgins. He was ready to stop at any moment if something went wrong. The whole week Brad was close to his girlfriend trying to please her and make her relax.

And now they were alone. He had one-room apartment, it was nice and cosy and the girl wasn’t afraid of this place, even when she had appeared here for the first time. Everything was familiar for her here but her inner stress bore fear. She was scared of this flat, of her sweetheart. She was close to panic. To add to that one of her friend’s had called yesterday and told her cousin had been deflowered when she’d been drunk and now was in hospital. Of course, it didn’t boost her confidence at this moment.

Brad saw what was happening to his girl and decided to help her. He invited her for a walk. While they were in the park she relaxed a bit, even started laughing and telling funny stories.

They returned home at midnight. She forgot about the walk immediately and started trembling again. The man embraced her and asked:

- Darling, what’s the matter? Something is happening to you.

- No, everything’s all right.

- Sweetie, come on, tell me what troubles you so much? What are you afraid of?

- Nothing…
- Amanda, I see you’re nervous. – He raised her chin with his finger and saw tears in her eyes. He looked into her eyes, smiled and kissed her. – Honey, calm down. Everything’s going to be Ok.

- I’m not sure it was worth coming here… If my Mom knows she’ll kill me.

- It WAS worth, you’ll see. – He stroked her cheek. – I’ve been waiting for long and if you want I can wait longer. But do you really want that? You’re here with me now. If you came here it means you’ve made up your mind. You can change your decision at any moment though. I’m proud you’re so brave… Many girls do it when they are tipsy. It is not good, you know. You’ve come here because you want it. So, will you go away or stay with me?

- I don’t know. I guess, I want to stay here, but… – she said.

- Honey, what do you want to say?

- I’m scared…

- I know, but I promise I’ll be tender, – he pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly. – I love you so much!!!

- I love you, too…

- Ok, I’m going to have a shower. Please, make the bed.

- Ok.

He went to the bathroom but before leaving her he turned in the stereo. Slow music was so nice… When he returned she was standing near the window with her back to him. He switched off the lights and turned on the night lamp. She didn’t turn to him. He came up and embraced the girl. She turned to him. Her eyes were full of tears. He and said:

- Honey, stop crying! – He kissed her neck. – Don’t be afraid, nothing bad is going to happen. – His hand slid under her blouse and touched the breast. She tensed up and moved aside. He whispered into her ear: – Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you… – She gave a deep sigh and dropped her eyes. – Amanda, don’t you believe me?

- I do believe you, but I’m really scared.

- Trust me… I promise you’ll like that.

Brad took her hand and pulled her to the bed. He started kissing and stroking her body tenderly. His hand slid under the blouse again and Amanda tensed up as in response.

- Darling, relax, I’m not going to do anything bad to you, – he winked at her and smiled. – You’ll love it. Don’t resist, I’ll undress you anyway. Don’t make me use force.

She looked at him frightened. He took her hands into his, kissed them and looked into her eyes. She was lying nearly breathless. He kissed her and pulled the blouse off her. Then Brad kissed her neck and was moving to her breasts. She relaxed a bit. She was enjoying what he was doing. His hand was stroking her body, belly but it didn’t slid lower. Gradually she calmed down…

- You see, it is not so terrible… – He smiled. – Don’t resist and it will be nice.

He didn’t have to ask her not to resist. She wasn’t thinking about that any more. She was enjoying it and wanted him a lot.

- I want you so much, – he whispered into her ear.

- I want you, too, but I’m so afraid…

- Don’t, babe, don’t be afraid of anything…

He moved lower and undid her jeans. He’d thought she would resist, but, to his surprise, she raised her pelvis to help him pull them down.

- Good girl! It’s much better, – he said smiling.

His hand slid between her thighs and she squeezed them by reflex.

- Honey, don’t be afraid, spread your legs, it’s going to be all right.

She moved her legs apart slightly. He stroked her pussy tenderly. He felt she was moist already. It made him excited. He tore off her and looked at her. She was lying before him wearing just tiny lacy thongs. She was throbbing a little.

- Babe, don’t worry and relax. I won’t harm you. I promise it won’t hurt.

He pulled her thongs off. It was the last thing that protected her… She squeezed her legs tightly. He stroked her thighs penetrating between them slowly.

Now she was literally shaking. He was kissing her and whispering tender words into her ear, stroking her body. Despite her fear she was responding to his caress. He was stroking the inner sides of her thighs and her vulva lips. Then, very tenderly but persistently, he put his digit into her hole. She twitched trying to tear away from him.

- Babe, don’t… Relax. You’ll enjoy that, – he kept on caressing her and she relaxed a bit.

She was squirming while he was playing with her clit and then she climaxed, for the first time in her life. He waited until she recovered her breath and asked:

- Honey, did you like it?

- Yes…

Her voice was very quiet. At this moment she was full of various feelings but one thing was sure – she wouldn’t regret coming here.

- Amanda, when I enter you you’ll enjoy it even more! Spread your legs, don’t be afraid…

She pared her legs. Brad took of his bathrobe and she saw his erected phallus. Her first reaction was to run away but she restrained. She decided to trust him. He lay on her and began fondling her passionately. When he understood she was very excited again and near another climax he stopped and whispered:

- You are ready to it, don’t be afraid, – saying that he spread her legs wider and set his cock against her wet hole. The girl was silent.

- Don’t be afraid, it’s not painful at all. Give me a hug… – She wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. – Babe, relax…. – He kissed her and started entering her. Suddenly he stopped at the hymen. He moved backwards and whispered, – Don’t be scared of anything…

He pushed sharply and entered her up to the balls. It wasn’t aching but she felt some discomfort at the moment his penis tore the hymen. The guy stopped allowing her time to get used to the sensations. Then he began moving again, slowly but increasing the speed gradually. She was moving in pace with him. Some time later she came and in a second he shot his semen into her vagina… When he came out of her and rose, she asked him quietly:

- Is there much blood?

- No, honey, just a few drops… – He smiled and kissed her. – I love you!

- I want to the shower…

- Me, too.

He took her in his arms and carried to the bathroom. They kissed and washed each other for a long time under the warm water…

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