Squirt fun in the woods!

February 3rd, 2009

A group of teens is having fun ourdoor, the night comes and all of the couples are off to having sex, there’s only one guy who is left without a girl, will he find a hot pussy to fuck? Read and enjoy!

I want to tell you about the times when I was a teenager and we lived in the Midwest. My friends and I used to take our motor bikes out to the woods, up to the North forests, and camp under the stars. We spent the weekend drinking and having fun as a group of boys and girls. On the first night most of us were drunk and having fun and one of us suggested we go skinny-dipping in the lake near by! Most of us thought it was a great idea since it was warm and we were drunk. We all stripped in the camp except for a couple of women who were too shy to have fun.

We were having a lot of fun in the water, sure there was a lot of touching and grouping along the fun while in the water. We decided to have fun playing and fooling around with girls sitting on the shoulders of the guys and it was fun until one of the guys said that the girls should be in the opposite direction of the guys, because he wanted to get his cock in his girlfriends pussy desperately, and that was true to life. As for me, I didn’t have a girlfriend with me so I had to take one of the single girls that I hardly knew. She was sitting on my shoulders nude, as most of the girls in the water, and I could feel her pussy. I should say, that at first I didn’t try to indulge in her pussy, I was all obsessed in gaming, trying to win, but soon figured out all the couples were not interested in playing! So I started sucking the pussy of the girl who was with her pussy in my face.

I have no idea how long we were gone, but all the way back to the camp I had a hard on! None of the guys were shy and most of the girls were in a mood to show off, their nude body, so none of us were in a hurry to get dressed. We just teased the girls who were not willing to go skinny dipping. We teased them so much until they got into a mod and removed their cloths on the grass and stayed nude as well. We all took turns coming up with ideas what to do during the evening and eventually we decided to play some sex games! Everyone was supposed to come up with an idea and say what he wanted to do. So when it was my turn, I said what I wanted to do to be loose. I said I would be standing on my knees with a blind fold on my eyes while a group of the girls walk around me and I would be eating each pussy for 1 minute. I thought it would be a great idea t taste more than one pussy in one evening.

This went on for about 10 minutes. All of the guys were drunk and fucking horny, their girlfriends were also. Time was passing by and when I finished, we all had only girl taking 3 cocks at the same time. By the time we stopped the fire was low and we decided to take a rest for the night. The couples settled down together and the single people made comfortable by themselves, and I was one of the guys who settled down by himself. We didn’t bring tents because we were on bikes we just had sleeping bags in the open air. I found it difficult to fall asleep with some of the couples having sex juts a few feet away, I sat up and watched for a while but got tired of just watching them. I decided I should go out to the woods and take a piss and try to go back to bed. I went out about 10 or 20 yards and I saw a girl’s figure out there, so I decided I would check it out.

There was one of the girls who was to shy to enjoy in all the fun but was willing to be naked after a lot of convincing. There she was playing with her self. She didn’t see me sneak up to take a peek at what she was doing. Once she received her orgasm I came up of the shrubs and appeared in front of her with my erection in flesh! I told her that she would have more fun if I licked and sucked on her pussy and that her climax would be better! To say she was startled is to say nothing! She was at a loss for what to answer, being caught playing with herself. I didn’t wait for her to say a word, I just walked in front of her, knelt down on the ground, and then I placed my head to her breasts and my fingers into her dripping pussy! I couldn’t believe how wet she was, I swore it was dripping fluently! I was playing with her pussy and tits for a while when she pushed me and I fell backwards! I was dumbfounded when she pushed me off! It was so unexpected!

While I was on my back, this girl just stood up without saying a word, walked over to me and sat on my face. I was in heaven, eating pussy was better than sleeping by myself alone, and who knows, I might get a chance to fuck her! I had no idea on how long I was eating her, but when she came in my mouth, I was so fucking surprised that I never expected. This girl came with squirts of liquid that was in a large volume! It filled my mouth very fast! It was not urine, just some liquid! Actually, I did my best and didn’t stop licking and sucking that pussy and she just kept on rubbing it all over my face and riding my face like it was her personal toy to ride. When she finally came down from her orgasm, she told me she was sorry for making my face so wet with her cum. That’s why she was in the woods alone, playing with herself, she didn’t want anyone to know that she came so hard! Because it would look like she was peeing.

I told her that I didn’t mind since I enjoyed myself. When I told her that, she just bent down ant took my rock hard cock into her mouth and started sucking it with all her worth! Soon I told her I was about to cum and she didn’t slow her pace and just kept on going. She kept on sucking on me until I had cum into her mouth! I came like I never cum before. Once my orgasm subsided, she showed me a small amount of my cum on her lips and chin and said that it was so fucking great! All I could do was a big smile on my face! Then to my surprise she gave me a deep kiss and I could taste my own cum on her lips and tongue! She was kissing me so deep and passionate the my cock started to come back to life.

Once my cock was at good hard on, I just pushed her down to the ground and shoved my dripping cock into her wet pussy! I slid inside easily, and we fucked for a long time because this was my second time. When she finally came, I couldn’t believe it, her hard pussy just pushed my cock out and her juices just squirted all over me! I rammed my cock back in and continued fucking her badly, when I was ready to cum I told her I was close to cumming! So when I was at the verge, I just withdrew my cock out of her, directed my throbbing dick to her face and splashed a huge gush of cum all over that sluttish face! She never stopped jerking her pussy off, flicking it with her fingers badly! You know, I once saw a movie of a famous US porn star Flower Tucci, being known for her squirt orgasms, so this young slut reminded me of this famous lady!

When we both recovered we decided it would be best to go the water and clean up before going back to the camp. That night I didn’t sleep alone, but unfortunately I was not allowed to fuck her once again, because she didn’t want anyone to see her cum like that!

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