Sex with the coach

January 20th, 2008

A young teen falls in love with her basketball coach, once she stays after classes and he gets on her, there’s no way to resist….

I was 18 that time. I went to college that year. We had basketball as one of the options to choose. I was a tall girl (6 ft) and decide to try myself in basketball. I saw him there. My couch was an attractive guy of 6.43 ft with wide shoulders, muscular body, and incredibly beautiful blue eyes. I liked him since the very first moment I saw him. First during our lessons I pretended to be a rookie and a bad player for him to spend more time teaching me stuff.

We used to stay after the game alone in the gym to practice some sprints or whatever, and then he saw me home (tuned out he lived not so far away from my place). We used to talk a lot and I can say we became friends, but I wanted more, especially when I saw him in black shorts with a pretty big bulge ripping through between his legs.

Once when the couching was over and I was about to leave, he asked me to stay for awhile to work on three point play. I took the ball in my hands, when he suddenly came up to me from behind and said:

- Let me help you…

He pressed his strong body against mine and I felt I was all seized by desire to fuck him. He was telling me something but I wasn’t listening.

- Do you hear me? – He asked me then.
- Ammm….

I didn’t know what to say. He was so close to me, I was looking in his blue eyes. I suddenly gave him a deep kiss, he responded to my kiss and hugged me close. We were kissing for a couple of minutes but seemed it lasted forever.

- I love you…
- I love you too…

He started kneading my big boobs, I took off his T-shirt, I almost came in seeing his muscular abs. He dressed me off, kissing my body, getting closer to my pussy. I was lying on a mat. He was licking my pussy and I came. I saw he wanted me a lot, so he pulled off his shorts and pants and entered my pussy with his huge dick. He started fucking me rapidly and hard. We both came in several minutes. It was such incredible bliss…

I was still going info basketball after that, I became a good promising player, but anyway I always stayed after coaching in gym…

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7 Responses to “Sex with the coach”

  1. sexy Says:

    i would love to have done that. Does he massage your pussy? if not get him to. It’s so sensational.

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  6. Sexyy Virgin Says:

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  7. Z£ìdÀ-LÔVÈ-SÊX Says:

    wow…um…..that was funny! and the cmts were ROFL+full :) and also scared fuck outta mee XD mm,,yeah kinda awkward/,, howd i get2 dis website!??/i typd in “FACEBOOK”…wtf? lol kks byee :D

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