Personal experience

November 29th, 2008

This chick goes to a party and gets a lot of looks from horny guys, she decides to please them and gives them all of her lust….

Hey guys! I’m here to tell you about one of the brightest sex adventures I’ve ever had in my life. It happened several years ago when I was a college student. I didn’t really like it in college, I felt I didn’t belong. Everyone seemed too self-absorbed and indifferent, I found it difficult to make friends with people there, and generally felt pretty lonely.

I was young and hot, unfortunately I didn’t have a boyfriend and could only have some one night stands. I saw how guys reacted to my body. I have plump D-cups and sexy round hips and a big ass. And I love masturbating. My dildo is practically my best friend that’s always there when I need it. I remember it was my sister’s friends who taught me how to use it when gave it to me when I started college.

I was a hot girl always wanting a lot of sex. I remember it was my last summer in my home town when I decided I could use my body to get some bucks just for nothing. There were teens, you know this kind of teens with a lot of pimples on their faces, slim frames, no muscles and a lot of dirty fantasies in my neighborhood. So they gave me money or some nice present and I showed them my body – my trimmed pussy or my boobs. It was an innocent game, sometimes they were jerking off looking at my body. It was a lot of fun.

Back to my story. So I was in college, and it took me some months to actually have some friends among students, most of the guys I knew were older my age.

Once a new friend of mine invited me over to her b-day bash. I was delighted to go and party, besides I knew there would be some really handsome guys there. So when it was the day, I put on a short denim skirt and a blouse to go to the party. When I arrived there were a lot of girls and guys there, the music was loud, it was a lot of fun, I liked it. I was dancing and chatting with guys, I was center of attention, as I had the biggest bust in the house. While dancing, my nipples were rubbing against guys’ chests, getting harder and outlining through the blouse. Guys put their hands on my butt while dancing with me, and on seeing I didn’t really mind, soon they started caressing my ass through the skirt, it was really arousing for me. It was the game we both enjoyed. My panties were getting wetter, desire made my vulva lips pulse …

When the party was over I stayed to help my friend clean the backyard and then it was too late to go home. She said I could stay for the night. There were just three of us in the house, me, my friend and her boyfriend. Then somebody knocked on the door. Three guys, approx 26-28 years of age came over to congratulate my friend on her birthday. We were all together for a while and then my friend went upstairs with her boyfriend leaving me alone with those three.

One of the newcomers asked me to dance with him. He was touching different parts of my body, especially my tits, all the time. Arousal was almost overwhelming. His hands were roaming over my back and my hips, I felt his erect penis through his clothes. At this very moment I felt two more hands touch my body. The second guy was standing behind my back, squeezing my boobs, and the third was squeezing my butt cheeks.

My skirt rose up exposing my hips and butt. The one dancing in front of me, started kissing me. His tongue was thrusting in my mouth, kind of fucking it… it was so hot, I couldn’t help but moan. I pressed him tighter to my body. The guys were fondling my ass, getting their fingers in my gushing slit. There was a lot of lubrication, I was hot, I was moaning. A finger was playing with my clit. One of the guys undid my blouse and pulled off my bra, exposing my big melons.

I was standing in front of them, my tits were exposed, my skirt was at my waist, the inner side of my hips was wet with my juices. They liked the picture, their hard cocks showed. I couldn’t stop staring at their phalluses ripping through their jeans. Seeing my reaction, one of the guys pulled off his jeans and pants. His cock was pulsing alluringly, the dickhead was dark red and pretty big. A new wave of lust and desire made my vagina pulse and produce new gobs of juice that I soon felt stream down my legs. The guys got naked. Their stems were pretty big and long. They asked me if I liked their cocks and what I liked about them. I said I loved their big heads, big sagging balls that were surely full of tasty semen.

They told me to show them my pussy. I pulled off my thong. I was generally looking very dirty and horny. It was a great turn on for me to see the guys stare at my vagina. One of them approached me, got on his knees and sucked on my pussy. He was licking my clit, I was straddling trying to give him full access to my crotch. I closed my eyes and moaned. The other two were feeling up my body.

When I opened my eyes I saw them jerk their dicks staring at me. The picture made me cum, shivering in orgasmic convulsions, moaning very loud, almost crying. A couple of moment later I found myself impaling my throat on a big cock of my pussy-licker. I was still cumming when I started giving him head. My butt was sticking out high and the guys could see my anus and cunt contract and pulse in orgasm. The guy was holding my head tight, impaling me deep on his shaft. He sped up soon and started pinching my nipples. My big boobs were swaying from side to side following the tempo of the frictions.

At this very moment I felt a dick enter my leaking vagina. I moaned. They started fucking my holes while I was pleasing the third dick with a handjob. I felt the dick in my mouth get harder and then erupt a cumload deep in my throat. I couldn’t swallow everything, some of his sperm spilled over and covered my chin. He wiped his dick on my face. The other dick stopped fucking my pussy and I felt warm cum hit my butt. I stood up and sperm flew down between my buttocks.

The third guy desperately wanted a fuck. He got me on my knees and entered my well lubricated asshole. His cock got really deep inside me, I felt his balls pound against my pussy. I didn’t feel pain, just pure pleasure. He was screwing me for about five minutes and then I felt him cum inside my anus.
I went to the bathroom. I got in the tub. I was still aroused. I closed my eyes and started tossing off my pussy. Then I heard some noise and looked round, the guys were standing round me, watching me finger myself. It made me blush. I let my clit go. They told me to go on and came up very close to me. I closed my eyes again, hoping to get some hard cock in my mouth. But suddenly… I felt a warm spurt on my face. I opened my eyes and saw the guys pee on me! They were mostly peeing on my boobs. It made me so wild! I felt so horny and sluttish in front of them! I was cumming…. The third guy was peeing on my head and hair.

The guys thanked me for a great fuck and left. I was sitting in the bath, breathing heavily. When I went out of the bathroom some thirty minutes later, they were already gone.

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3 Responses to “Personal experience”

  1. corky Says:

    great story

  2. SHYAAMA Says:

    oh..i really got my panties wet&wet.thanks

  3. slimlady Says:

    wow!! really made me wet!!

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