Our first intercourse!

February 3rd, 2009


Two students find themselves locked in the classroom, it means they will have to stay over at school as there is no way they can get out until the next day, it’s going to be real fun…

It was a really hot day on that Saturday. I had been at high school all week, although not doing much work because my exams were over. Saturday afternoon came and I had a free period, so I thought I would go and do some art work. Actually, I’m not a type of person who can do some work alone, so I sent an SMS to my friend Britney and invited her. Britney has got a degree in Art works, so she can help me with some advice and good comments. Actually, she is really fucking good looking, but me and her are just good friends. She looks like a model, but the best thing is she’s completely oblivious of it, in fact she has no idea that people fancy her and that every night before I go to sleep I think about her and masturbate.

The art room is at the top of the building, it’s a large bright and airy room on the fourth and top floor of my high school. I went and started from some painting and soon Britney came up. I gave her my usual kiss on the check, she sat next to me and got down to work. Usually, I and Britney chat about anything and everything, and she is a good company. Actually, the one thing I always have wanted to do is tell her I fancy her. So, we worked all the day, till it got about 5 pm, and we decided to leave. We got to the bottom of the stairs and found we were locked into the school. I was really pissed off; I had some friends coming over to watch football match tonight and I really felt like it was the worst day in my life!

To add bad things, Britney had also left her cellular at phone, so now we hadn’t even a communication means! As for my mobile, mine was out of battery, and the whole situation looked like we were stuck. We both tried banging on the window and the doors, may be the security officer could hear us. He didn’t, and I bet he was watching the football too! We went back upstairs, we were tired and so pissed off, that didn’t even talk. We just looked out the window, but the 4th floor was actually too far to jump or even risk climbing. There were no ladders, no fire escape. We were truly stuck, sure I could have broken the window but in good time I realized that it would bring me in serious troubles!

Britney sat on the sofa, I went and joined her. We chatted for a while, and soon we realized nobody would even notice we weren’t home and look for us, we were going to be in school all night. It was not cold that night, for it was hot a hot summer night, so thinking of a night with Britney could be interesting.

The room wasn’t actually uncomfortable for staying over, no beds or soft sofas, there was a television, a usual office couch, there was also a mattress that the nude models used to lie on while posing. We also found plenty drapes and fabrics that could make some nice blankets. I went to gather up some of drapes and when I turned back Britney was drinking from a bottle of Malaga. I was surprised but she said that she had it in her bag because she was going to a party that night after school and she was going to take it with her. However, now she couldn’t go anywhere, so she wisely figured that it would be a good thing to do to have some, with that she just offered me some drink.

We both took turns having swigs of the drink, it was not hard alcohol, but some twisty. I felt quite light-headed because I hadn’t eaten anything for a while. So I walked over and plunged myself into the sofa. Britney laid down to my side leaning on me. We were both comfortable and we sat and chatted for a while. When we got onto the topic of boyfriends and girlfriends it didn’t take long for Britney and me both to admit we were virgins. Britney was telling me about how she wanted her first time to be. While she was speaking, I felt that awful draining feeling, my blood rushing downwards and my cock began to harden into Britney’s back. She didn’t notice and carried on talking for while. She was getting more and more sincere and my cock was getting more and more hard. Eventually I thought she must realize what had been happening to me, she took my hand into hers and put it on her breast.

We sat like that for a while, not moving, then I slowly gently squeezed her boob, it was the perfect size. Everything about her was perfect, her ass that looked like 2 round ideally shaped peaches, and her tits that were big enough to please anyone! We had been sitting like that for what felt like a century, with my hand on her boob and my hard cock pressing into her back. Then she looked at me in the eyes, it wasn’t awkward or weird, we just looked at each other and I saw she was as keen as me. I then put my other hand on her other tit and squeezed. She stood up. I was so scared because it seemed to me that I had gone too far, but then she knelt down and, like a pro, she pulled my cock out and just put it straight into her mouth. She slowly took it in her mouth, moving head up and down, she was clearly a good sucker! Every time I was ready to cum, she would slow down.

Britney then stopped and we kissed some more, but my cock was still out in the air and hard. She straddled me fully clothed and began to rub her groin against my dick. He skirt was riding up and the cotton was gently rubbing my cock. I put my hands on her ass and pulled her towards me. Her pink panties slid to her knees with no problem, but she didn’t seem to want to let my cock in yet! She got up and put her ass in my face, leant forward and told me that I wouldn’t be allowed to enter her unless I got her to cum with just my tongue! I had never licked a girl out before, but I got to work perseveringly, slipping my tongue in and out of her salty, hot, moist, sticky cunt. She didn’t make any noise but simply took deeper and deeper breaths. Eventually she began to pant and very soon she came. I ate her juices, it tasted strange, but I could see the pleasure she got when I licked her pussy.

Britney literally fell backwards, I lifted myself on the couch and slid my cock in. My cock was in a girl, the girl I had been dreaming about, this was “a dream cumming true”! We didn’t start to fuck right away, we both just got used to what was happening. Then Britney tensed her butt and it was enough to raise her by over the couch, and then she loosed, and fell back down again. She did this a few times, then I joined in. together we were getting into a good pace.

Britney was soon going the full length of my cock, she was getting tighter around me and I knew I was going to cum soon. She would pull out of my cock and then pull back in! She was so hot and so fucking tight down there! She told me to carry on no matter what. She fucked as fast as she could on my bulging cock. When I came, she kept on carrying on. We were still fucking. We I felt my cock begin to soften but she carried on and it soon got back to full hardness.

We both continued fucking and doing everything which brought us in a new adult life!

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  1. cougar 307 Says:

    is there part in erotic event, thats hot

  2. what do u care? Says:

    This is gross

  3. Anonymous Says:

    nice read but could hav been extended further

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