New relation with neighbors!

January 29th, 2009

This guy is lucky because he encounters his first sexual experience with two teen neighbor girls. They are young and slutty and it’s going to be really hot…

It was the end of summer, end of August, and my parents were planning a weekend away before the weather began to cool down. Recently our family had become friends with the Edissons family who live down the street. The Edissons have 2 daughters, Natalie who is 19 and Britney who is 18. As for me, the guy typing this story, I’m the only boy in our family and turned 18 last month. Having become friends, my parents decided to ask the Edissons to go with them for the weekend and they accepted, leaving Natalie, Britney and me at home. Our parents decided it would be best if Natalie and Britney stayed with me at our place for the weekend so the girls wouldn’t be home alone.

Saturday came and our parents left for their holiday and Natalie and Britney arrived for the weekend. We spent the morning watching TV and played some board games, before deciding to go for a swim in the afternoon. Natalie and Britney went to get changed and returned looking stunning. Natalie’s slim curvy body looked amazing along with her large tits. Britney then came out showing off her body which looked 100% identical to her sister except her tits were a bit smaller. Both girls were having those type of sexy bikini which looked just amazing on their young gorgeous bodies. I began to feel my cock getting hard and was getting very nervous about it when Britney dived into the pool. I was so nervous about my hard cock that I said that I think I had left something inside and ran inside and went to my room.

I got to my room and took off my board shorts to let my cock spring out of my underwear. My cock is about 7” long and, as that of any guy of my age, needs to be let out when hard. Being from a conservative and decent background I had not even masturbated before and the only way to get my cock to go down was to think about something else! For example, sport. But all I could think about was those 2 hot stunning young babes in their bikinis. Meanwhile, Natalie was wondering where I was and told Britney that she would go inside and see what I was doing. Natalie came walking into my room to find my 7” cock pointing into the air.

At first, neither of us knew what to say and I expected her to run out screaming, but she just stood there starring at my cock. Then she whispered to me asking if she could touch my cock. Before I could say anything she began stroking it and saying how nice and big it was. After stroking it for a minute she said that my cock was making her so horny and with that she got down on the ground and stuck my cock into her mouth. Jesus Maria! My young humble neighbor turned to be such a slut! This was an amazing feeling and I just laid back in pleasure. Up to now, I had never had an orgasm and I could feel all this pleasure building up in my balls, for she kept going on my big cock and seemed not to stop ever! Natalie could sense I was approaching orgasm so she stopped. Then Natalie took off her bikini top and let her big tits fall free. They looked amazing right in front of my eyes, I was gazing on them in full awe! But I got only a short observe because Natalie was back sucking my cock when finally my first ever orgasm approached. Then Natalie said she wanted my hot cum over her tits. I didn’t know what she meant, but then suddenly, she stopped sucking and sat up putting her big tits to my pulsing and throbbing cock, and the first orgasm in my life shot my first load of cum over her large tits. I was in total awe and anxiety, I didn’t know what to do or say, I could feel my face flushing red and I felt somehow ashamed! My cum was so much, it seemed like I was never going to stop cumming! It all covered her tits, this clammy smelling mess running down her boobs to her tummy.

After I calmed down from my first orgasm Natalie took off her bikini bottoms and started rubbing her pussy and told me that now she wanted me to learn how to eat a girl out. And with that she told me to lay down, she squatted over my face and brought her fully neatly shaved puffy pussy close to my mouth. I asked her what I was supposed to do, and she replied to just lick her pussy and do what she tells me to do. It was actually my first experience with a woman, so I stuck my tongue out and started licking and Natalie started moaning. I kept on going while her moaning got louder and louder until finally she was screaming and her pussy juices came squirting out all over my face.

By now Natalie was extremely horny and my cock was fully hard again when Natalie said:

“I want your big cock in my pussy. I’m going to show you how to fuck a girl!” and with that she lowered her pussy towards my cock. Before I knew it, my cock was sliding into Natalie’s hot pussy and then she started bouncing up and down on it. It felt like pure paradise pleasure, like nothing I had ever experienced before! Again, this insatiable babe told me to thrust my hips in pace with hers for it will feel even better! And sure, she was right. We both started moaning and grunting, because we both approached orgasm. Then Natalie yelled she was cumming and suddenly she uttered:

“I want your young hot teen’s cum in my pussy” and with that I shot my load and filled her pussy up.
Then we both looked up to the door and found Britney standing in the doorway. I was a bit scared for I expected her to cry and scold me, but Britney was standing there playing with her pussy through her bikini and asked in a weak voice if she could join us. Natalie thought about it for a second and said that it was fine but Britney should get naked now. Britney was so turned on that she was nude in a second and stood there with her perky tits sticking out. Britney’s pussy looked much different to her sisters. It was not all shaved, but was neatly trimmed, with that lovely tiny bikini design on her snatch! Anyway, it looked fantastic! Natalie then tuned to me and said that I could have more practice by eating out her sister. Natalie told Britney to lay on the bed with her legs open and told me to kneel down in front and start licking. It was much different licking Britney because of her pubic hair, but she was soon screaming and moaning and she had an orgasm and sprayed her juices all over my face!

Natalie, who had been finger fucking herself, then said:

“It is time for my younger sister to lose her virginity” and told me to screw her. I slowly moved in but then Natalie grabbed my cock and moved it towards her hairy pussy and I began to push it in. Britney cried out with pain and tears burst up in her eyes! I got the tip of my cock in and then reached the barrier. Natalie said to her sister that it would hurt a bit, and then ordered me to go in! I did. When I got it all in there, I stopped until her pain had gone and then slowly started fucking it in and out. I kept on going faster and faster and Britney started screaming with pain turning into pleasure, she had orgasm after orgasm. Then Natalie said that she wanted me to cum on Britney’s tits! With that I pulled my cock out and sprayed my cum over her nice perky tits.

After we calmed down from all the sex, we all fell on each other naked and went to sleep. That night two of us lost out virginity and it was just the beginning of new relations between me and Edissons!

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  5. ravi Says:

    thats what neighbours are for!

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