Naughty girl

January 20th, 2008

A babe takes care of an old man, he’s in bed and seems like the good part of life is over for him, but she doesn’t think so?

Fenny visited her sick ex-neighbor of 60 pretty often. He suffered from severe sclerosis. Fenny didn’t care he never recognized her and always asked who she was. Nevertheless, he was always happy to see her, sort of feeling she was a friend who wanted to take care of him.

Fenny had a naughty idea that hot July day. She’d been thinking about getting naughty in front of her ex-neighbor for a pretty long time. She decided to make her dream come true that day. Fenny pulled up at his house and stopped the car. She took a tiny skirt out of her bag and put it on. She pulled off her panties. When she went out of the car she felt so embarrassed cuz it seemed the skirt could hardly cover her butt. Mr. Bird opened the door. He was smiling foolishly as always. Fenny greeted him and went inside the house. She brought some food, Mr. Bird sat down on the couch, as usual. She sat down on the chair in front of him, but it was difficult to talk, as there was actually nothing to discuss. Fenny decided it was time. She looked at the window.

- Mr. Bird your window is very dirty. Give me a cloth and I’ll clean it.

He did. He got back to the couch then. The couch was by the window too. Fenny was very excited but she was trying to stay calm. She got up on a chair to reach for the upper side of the pane. She was too excited to speak. She was wiping the glass in silence. Step by step she was getting closer to the couch. When she was right in front of her neighbor she turned her back at him and asked:

- When did you wash your windows last?

Mr. Bird looked at Fenny and it was obvious he couldn’t stop looking at her butt that was so well seen from below. She didn’t get his answer so she bent down to wash the glass. She felt her short skirt rise up to the middle of her buttocks. She glanced at Mr. Bird sideways and saw his look was sort of glued to her buttocks. She was no longer confused when she thought a man was leering at her bare butt. Confusion gave way to mad arousal that made her do crazy and stupid things that made her go on teasing him.

“I’m gonna show you more,” she said to herself. She was standing in front of him and squatted down as if to wash the lower part of the window pane. She had to straddle. Her wet swollen vulva lips moved to sides exposing her young vagina. Her major lips were covered with a thick bush. One could see an outstanding clit between them. Mr. Bird couldn’t utter a word, he was absolutely stunned. He was unable even to move. Fenny enjoyed the tickling feeling that all exhibitionists are familiar with. She was through with washing windows and got off the chair.

- It’s so hot. Can I use your bathroom? – Fenny told Mr. Bird who was staring at her without blinking.

He gave her a towel and she went to the bathroom. She didn’t lock the door. She didn’t even close it properly. She turned on the tap, waiting. She didn’t have to wait for long. Mr. Bird came up to the door in several minutes. She could see him peeping. “You wanna watch the show? Well, watch then!” Fenny stopped pouring water on her body and sat down on the floor in shower. She spread her hips wide. She took a piece of soap and started washing her pussy. She was doing it very slowly. She looked at the door now and then. It was turning her on. A young girl was sitting in front of a man in a pervert pose, fondling her bushy vulva lips, tossing her meaty wet clit off. She pretended not to see him! She spread her lips with her fingers and pulled them upwards exposing her huge clit. She wished somebody could be licking her pussy that moment, she wished somebody could be sucking her clit. She moved her hand up and down the crotch. She squirted in a second.

She was looking at her slit till the stream stopped flowing. She turned off the tap and started wiping her body with the towel. Mr. Bird was watching her non-stop. Then he got back to the room. That made Fenny smile.

- Oh, I’m so tired, – Fenny said stepping in the room.

Mr. Bird was blushing, he was silent.

- I hope you don’t mind if I take a nap here, – she said and went out of the room.

She lay on the couch that was standing in the other room. But the good thing was that it was well seen from the couch Mr. Bird was sitting on. She was wrapped up in the towel. She decided to show him her body from behind first. Then she lay on her belly and pulled up a knee to her chest. She heard some rustling in the kitchen in a moment. She realized Mr. Bird stood up from his seat and went to her room.

She lay the way to see the doorway. Mr. Bird was standing there. He was staring at her butt and snatch seen from under the towel. He saw her opened lips and the clit pressed to the couch. It was calling him. He made several steps and paused. A 25-year-old girl was lying in front of him and she let him watch all of her body in detail. He was looking at her opened gushing pussy. Fenny pretended to be sleeping. There was only one thing she really wanted that moment. She wanted that old guy to touch her lips, to move his fingers all the way from the anus to her navel, to massage her clit and fondle her vagina.

Mr. Bird was really aroused by the hot picture of hers. He couldn’t fight with the desire anymore. His fingers spread the lips. His palm moved all the way along her minor lips. Fenny couldn’t control herself either, so she raised her butt to get more of his fondle. Mr. Bird was caressing her twat slowly, touching the outstanding aroused clit now and then. It made Fenny buck and fidget.

- Do you like it? – Fenny asked him.

He didn’t answer but pressed her clit harder. She opened her eyes.

- I want you to toss me off well. – She added turning on her back. –Lick my pussy.

She moved her vagina really close to his mouth. He spread the lips with his fingers and pulled the skin upwards.

- Your clit is so big! I’ve never seen such a one before! – Mr. Bird said at last.
- Lick it too! – Fenny ordered.

He inhaled the smell of a young pussy and pressed his lips against her clit. She was so aroused that hardly had Mr. Bird touched her vagina as she felt a very strong orgasm. He entered her slit with a finger and started fucking her with it. It made the orgasm stronger. She didn’t know what was going on. She squirted on Mr. Bird’s chest.

“What a twat! She said she’d come tomorrow too,” he thought when she closed the door behind, leaving. “I’m gonna examine her snatch in a doggy style tomorrow.”

“You’re such a whore Ms. Fenny Rodgers,” she thought getting in the car. She was smiling in a frisky way.

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