Naughty Cindy’s diary. Part 2

December 27th, 2008

This chick is crazy about sex and she can’t spend a say without a cock ramming all of her holes…

The weekend sucked. Adam was busy and couldn’t meet with us on Friday as he’d promised before. Amy spoke for a foursome, and the girl we wanted to invite to join us said she was busy and just couldn’t come. So it pretty sucked at first but then Amy called a friend of hers, Daisy. Daisy was 18 and virgin, just like all of us. The good thing about calling Daisy was that she had a very good camera, and we needed a good camera to shoot the foursome with Adam.

Anyways, we met at Amy’s. Daisy said she didn’t have a boyfriend and she loved oral sex with guys. We suggested a foursome with us and Adam, and were a bit surprised to have her agree immediately. Daisy said she wouldn’t give us her camera or let us shoot sex with her. Definitely no, she said. However, we arranged a meeting for the next Saturday, then called Adam and told him about our plans. He loved them.

So it was Saturday, Oct. 18th. I had a bath in the morning. I shaved my pubis and legs, put on sexy lingerie, polished my nails and covered my lips with a red lipstick. I was damn sexy. We arrived at Adam’s place. He was obviously happy to see us when he opened the door. We introduced Daisy to Adam, they had a short chat. Both, Amy and I, were ready to pounce on him any sec, we desperately wanted him, he was soooo hot! I looked at his pants and saw the cock outline through the fabric. We told them to cut the crap and took him to his bedroom.

I sat on Adam’s lap, we were kissing and undressing each other. Amy and Daisy were undressing each other too, they were naked. I was topless but my jeans were still on. I pulled Adam’s jeans off, his cock was literally ripping through his pants, kind of telling us to take them off too. We started sucking Adam off. We shared his cock with one another all the time. There was a lot of lubrication, we were drinking it and kissing each other. Adam was moaning, I was fucking him with my mouth. Amy and Daisy were sucking and licking his balls. Lubrication was dripping in my mouth, my panties were soaking wet. I wanted a fuck!

I let Daisy suck the stem, while I was kissing Amy and licking Adam’s testicles. Daisy was so horny! When Amy took the leading role, Adam came in her mouth. Her mouth’s always the one to cum in! There was a hell a lot of sperm! Amy was almost chocking on his stem, sperm was dripping on the floor, and her chin was all covered with it. Daisy and I were licking his balls trying to get some of his juices to taste. Amy shared Adam’s semen while kissing us in turn.

I pulled off my jeans and wet panties and started eating Amy’s pussy. Daisy was sucking Adam in 69. I was licking and fucking Amy’s cunt with my tongue while she was busy giving head to Adam. We all were moaning so loud! It was so hot!

I switched places with Amy then, with her fucking both of my holes with her tongue while I was impaling my mouth deep on his stem. Adam was cumming in my throat, I was cumming too. So it was hard to breathe and to swallow so I let some of the cum spill over. Daisy came to help and sucked on his dick instead of me. So, Amy’s playful tongue let me enjoy a wonderful orgasm.

We changed the position. Amy was mounting Adam, sitting on his face, I was licking Daisy, while she was helping Amy with the blowjob. Daisy was really juicy and tasty. I was busy with her pussy and didn’t really see what they were doing with Adam. In about 15 minutes I heard him moan, cumming. I looked up and saw Daisy sucking on his balls and Amy drinking his cum. And again, just like before, there was a lot of it. I heard his semen squelch in Amy’s throat. We went on in the same position, Daisy climaxed on my tongue and I joined the girls to suck his prick. It was so much fun! Three tongues were sucking and licking his stem, his balls, sliding up and down Adam’s penis. We were sucking the cock in turn and all together, I loved it. It took him much longer to cum this time but there was (again!) a lot of sperm we shared with the girls. Amy didn’t cum on his tongue. No good.
Next, Amy was licking Daisy’s twat, Daisy was sucking Adam’s prick, and I was kissing him while he was tossing off my clit with his finger.

I mounted him then, helping Daisy with the blowjob. The cock was still flab, so it took us about ten minutes to make it hard again. It looked this way: Adam was licking my pussy, I was licking his cock, and Daisy was licking his balls. When Daisy came on Amy’s tongue, they switched places with Daisy licking Amy’s vagina this time. We all were so horny and hot that once I managed to suck his dick so deep in my throat that I felt his balls hit against my chin. I’d never sucked a dick SO deep!

Amy climaxed and both of them joined me to give head to Adam. Amy also managed to suck his cock at the full length, Daisy coughed and chocked on it. Loser!

We were fucking Adam with our mouths, then tried some handjob… He was in ecstasy, he couldn’t even suck my pussy well! He had a very-very strong orgasm! It was as strong as long lasting.

We started sucking his dick right after the orgasm in order not to let it get flab again. We changed the position once again. Daisy was on top, I and Amy were sucking both her and Adam off.

I looked at Daisy attentively. Adam was fucking her throat really hard, with his dick getting deeper in it with every new thrust. Seemed, it was difficult for Daisy to breathe. I sucked on his balls in turn, then took his dick out of Daisy’s throat, jerking it and sucking it slowly. After having a short break Daisy started sucking even more playfully and vigorously.

I started licking Amy’s snatch, she was licking Daisy’s, and Daisy was sucking Adam. WOW! It lasted for a pretty while, it seemed. Adam ejaculated in Daisy’s throat, Amy squirted in my mouth. So, we made him cum twice more before I started 69ing with him. We were sucking him nonstop, it took us some time to make his cock hard, it took us another hour to make him cum. We shared his sperm with one another, there wasn’t much of it.

We started everything all over again. My lips were burning, they were very sensitive. Adam was so exhausted, he couldn’t even speak. This round lasted for about an hour before Adam spurted in Daisy’s mouth.

I took Daisy by the hand and we went to shower. Sperm was all over my body. We were kissing and then Daisy got on her knees and started sucking my slit. We went out of the bathroom and saw Adam lying between Amy’s legs, licking her pussy. We lay down by their side and sucked on his prick. Amy climaxed and we used our tongues to make Adam cum for the…. I don’t even know for what time in the row!

I managed to suck the cock deep throat a couple of times, it was awesome. We were fucking and fucking and fucking him till he came again. The bed sheet was all wet with our juices.

Amy started a new ride. Adam had two more orgasms and got totally drained, poor thing. He came in my mouth and I milked his cock, not losing even a drop of his tasty juice. We tried to make his dick hard again, but it was all in vain, it was totally flab. But then…. We got it! This time it was a real teasing game – every time Adam was on the verge of cumming we stopped sucking his cock and were just kissing him, or each other, or his balls. We repeated it several times. He game made him very horny, just like all of us, frankly speaking. When he finally ejaculated, we shared the cum and then started kissing him. Amy was still licking his balls! She is a real dick-hungry chick. Totally insatiable!
It was time to go. We were arranging another meeting when suddenly Amy got on her knees and started giving him head. We could hardly make her stop! She’s such a nasty whore, I just love her!
It was night when we left. Cool air outside was really refreshing. The girls confessed they were sick of those liters of sperm we’d just drunk. Amy had spots of dry semen on her cheeks and hair, we helped her get rid of it. We took a short stroll, had a chat and then went home.

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