My very first anal

August 26th, 2008

It’s always better for a young girl to be seeing an experienced guy, he really knows how to make her feel in heaven…

I’ve read a story here and decided to share my own very first anal experience with you guys, too.
So I was 19, young and stupid. I was a really wild girl. Scott was 14 years senior. I thought he was too old for me. He wasn’t really handsome but there was something wild about him. Real animal magnetism. Just a look and I was unable to resist… Every time we had a date I was telling myself it was the last time, I had to get over him. He was married, he was older, I didn’t love him at all. Anyways, I got back home late at night after a wild fuck…

I didn’t take him seriously… till that time.

Well, no need to say he was a lot more experienced than guys my age, sex with him was so exhausting and so sweet. That night his wife was out so we had the whole night just for two of us.

We were in his apartment. I was sitting in the armchair, he sat down on the arm and started kissing my ear. The kisses were so light and weightless but anyway they made me so wet in my panties I reached for his dick but he told me to close my eyes and relax. Scott said he would do everything himself. He was undressing me slowly, very slowly, taking his time and teasing me. I couldn’t wait for the action to be begin. I was itching for it to begin.

He pulled off my panties. I had a strong feeling that if he didn’t fuck me right that very second I would simply die of desire. I was begging him to screw me but he slapped my pussy lightly and said:

“I told ya to sit still.”

His fingers touched my clit. I was shivering with lust. He started caressing me. Scott had big fingers and they made my desire even stronger… My pussy was all leaking lubricating my anus. He [kind of accidentally] touched my asshole. I didn’t really care, all I really wanted was his big dick inside me. Scott turned me round and made me kind of hang over the armrest making both of my holes totally accessible for his fingers and penis.

He was very careful entering my butt hole with his finger, while another finger was tossing my clit. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it anal. I was scared, excited, aroused, and embarrassed at the same time. Suddenly he caressed my womb through the wall… it was so mind-blowing I forgot all about decency, I arched my back, spread my cheeks with my hands and started impaling my rectum on his finger.

“Fuck my ass….”

Scott lubricated his dick in my pussy and started entering my asshole. Penetration was so hot and unusual, it made me climax. Scott paused for my ass to get used to his dick. He was caressing my back gently, making me tremble every time he touched me. He started frictions. He was slow, careful and gentle… Waves of arousal were flowing over me again and again. I spread my hole with my fingers:

“I want it harder babe….”

It was probably really hard for him to control himself…. He squeezed my hips and started ramming me really hard and deep pounding his balls against my hips. What an orgasm it was!
I was exhausted. Scott had to take me in his arms to the bathroom. Warm water was tickling my holes. He took some cream and started lubricating my anus. It was turning me on. So, when he was through, I asked him for another ass drill right there in the bathroom.

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5 Responses to “My very first anal”

  1. kinky Says:

    I Want To Bang!

  2. Jewelz Says:

    Thats Hot. Sounds Fun

  3. Sharu 005 Says:

    It was nice. So hot & impressing

  4. Porn King Says:

    omfg!!! That was the shortest one ever!! That sucked.

  5. Anonymous Says:


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