Her first tremendous fuck!

September 10th, 2008

There is something you will always remember and it’s your prom, your classmates wearing sexy clothes, lots of drinks and sex, you really wish to get back there, don’t you?

Hello to all of site surfers!

This is a story of my school life. Though it took place 7 years ago, it’s still topical. Lots of class friends used to say that I am smart and cute and I am. Now the story I want to share to all friends and it covers my only encounter with my girlfriend Jenifer. We studied together in school. Hard to find best words to describe her, she is just damn hot and sexy piece of sex! I secretly tell you that every one wanted (and sure still wants) to fuck her, and thank God she is my best friend. She is so sexy that I wanted to see her nude. She was wearing those kind of school skirts, kilt like, shirt and very arousing. It really aroused me when we used to sit together. I always used to lift her skirt more while talking to my friend at the back bench, and she never complained about doing that. Actually, she was a very nice person, and never restrained herself. To get a mere glimpse of her beautiful white thighs was such a turn on for me, this really excited me and I really never tried to hide my bulge under my trouser, I know she used to see that. I think she also enjoyed the view of my bulge growing down my pants.

Finally, as it always happens to all young people, the day of promenade came. We were all happy to start a new life, to face this new world, though we enjoyed years passed in school, now we anticipated a great whale of fun on our school leave night! Farewell day! All our groups decided to spend the last night together. One of my friends had a house away from the city, nobody lived there coz his parents were planning to give that on rent. So we all gathered there in the night to have lots of fun. I told all of my friends that I want to be alone with Jenifer. They played jokes on me, saying that I would have a good night, and wished they were in my place. My lovely girl Jenifer on that night was wearing micro mini skirt and a white low neck top. This top made her breasts move and heave all the time she would make a step, and seemed she was not wearing any bra. All of us danced together, and as we danced I could feel her breast touching my chest and it really aroused me, my penis has become so much hard, long and thick that I had to stop dancing coz it was very difficult to dance with erect cock. Time passed by and soon I noticed that all of my friends had disappeared some where.

I thought these fucking assholes put up some plan and knew that they wouldn’t be back for at least an hour. And this time was enough for me to do with all with Jenifer. I wanted to remain with my girlfriend alone. I took her by hand and we moved upstairs. We sat together, I forgot exactly what had happened to her but I was really astonished when she whispered in my ears words that totally left me perplexed. It seemed like she had also been waiting for this night, for she whispered in my ears:

“Have you ever seen a naked girl?” I responded to her “No”.

I didn’t want to lose this chance, then I said that I wanted to see her naked. She laughed naughtily. And suddenly she took her top out revealing a nice pair of juicy big boobs, she was really without a bra, and her boobs really moved freely in air. It really aroused me so much that I had taken out her skirt too, she was wearing a black panty with lace. I grabbed her underwear and pulled it down. Now she was completely naked in front of my eyes. My cock was getting so much tight in my under wear that it was now almost ready to tear it off. I decided to give her most tremendous fuck that she could imagine. She spread her legs to let me see her neatly shaved pussy. I undid all of my dress. My cock was 6 inches. I threw her on the sofa. In a moment I was completely on her top pointing my dick towards her shaven hole. At this time her nipples were erect and swollen pink. I pushed my cock inside her pussy and she screamed. She shouted like it was really painful for her as if it was her first intercourse, she was a virgin and I haven’t used any lube at that. I think it was really painful for her, but I wanted to give her the tremendous fuck and I was doing all that intentionally. I started fucking her fast and hard, with my full power, giving her hard thrust. I was squeezing and pressing her boobs to exhaustless, giving her more hard thrusts. She was really in hell. Soon the pain subsided down and she began getting excited slowly. She began to rub her breast with one hand whereas using another to flick and fondle her clit. I like to see girl in such state. After 20 minutes of this good fuck I exploded out of her pussy all over her belly. She moaned like a young nasty whore and rubbed all of the cum all over her stomach. My sperm was running down her belly.

When I removed my cock, she was really breathing hard and feeling relaxed, but I wanted she took my cock inside her mouth. I gripped her long black hairs and pulled upwards to lift her face. She was looking at my cock with eyes full of amazement, as if guessing what she was supposed to do with that. I pointed my shaft towards her mouth and ordered her to suck it. She grabbed it immediately and inserted completely in her mouth and sucked me off for at least 15 minutes or so! It seemed she was enjoying sucking my cock, uttering squelching and gagging noises. Her blow job brought to another orgasm of mine, I just released all of my load inside her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. I really like her giving me head! Today we are still good friends but I have never had such an experience after that.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    This fucken guy is dreaming, He things is mr cock, yea right! Probably another fucken looser with a big L.
    Get out your buble asshole and quit dreaming.

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