November 5th, 2007

Have you ever played a card game? The one where the loser has to perform a wish? It’s interesting and exciting, read and enjoy!

- Hi! What’s up? A door was opened by a pretty petite cutie, brown hair, black eyes.

- I want to see Vera.

- Yeahh, come in, she will come now! Come in! She asked me inside.

I came in there and looked around. Small flat, not vast, juts a few rooms, furniture, cloths, and dishes. Neat, clean and comfortable…

- I’m sorry, Vera is away for now. You may stay and wait for her! Would you like some tea?

- Yeahh, I’d love to!

I felt myself stupid; I met Vera a few weeks ago, then I just thrusted myself on being invited. She gave me her address, but I couldn’t find free time to see her as was too busy. Very interesting situation was supposed to be if she didn’t recognize me.

- My name is Evie. And you? She was putting kettle and cups on the lower table with castors before me.

I introduced myself. Evie moved around the room fast and lightly, like a bit of fluff, she was fluttering about like a butterfly. Evie was wearing rather short robe, revealing slim sun tanned legs, and when she rolled this table to me, sat by my side and leant over the table I saw her cute tits with perky brown nipples. In view of her tan she preferred tops less sun bathing. No sooner had we got down to drinking tea as the door opened and Vera appeared.

- Ooo, we have guests! Hi!

- Hi! She looked like she recognized who I was and seemed to be glad.

- Juts a minute! Let me change my dress! She went away and joined us in a minute wearing the same robe as Evie had. Unlike her Vera was blond; her white long locks threw down her shoulders. She also looked petite and fit girl.

We drank tea long, talked things, girls appeared to be very interesting and good company. It got late and I was thinking of leaving when Vera suggested playing cards. I resisted unwillingly saying it rather late and other bullshit. To be honest, I didn’t want to leave. Evie wrinkled her forehead capriciously.

- Not now! Don’t go!

- All right! Guys, set around! We have a game! Vera settled on the bed putting her legs crossed and began to shuffle the cards. I sat too. Evie joined us.

- Nice bed! I noted pointing at the bed. Who is sleeping on there?

- We! They replied all together

- We love each other, you know! Evie said kissing her girlfriend on cheek, and then she approached Vera and whispered something. Girls gave out laughter. While laughing Vera fell back on her elbows. I hardly tore my eyes from her wonderful panties down there!

By that time I had no girlfriend, and hadn’t had sex for several months. Frankly, I saw sex juts in my dreams. This entire situation amused and excited me.

We were playing cards for the next hour. Each of us had already lost game twice or more.

- Take your suit off. Vera exclaimed removing my cloth: it’s a bit hot in here!

- Yeahh, you have just lots game, and should take it off, we are playing on strip! Humorously but with peremptory tone said Evie.

- Really? So I’m gonna make you down, girls! You will see who is a boss here!

- Ha ha ha! You are kidding! Evie took my suit and put it on. Vera put some shawl also.

We all grew heated and got excited

- Nothing will help you, girls!

Evie lost first, she had to undo my suit. Vera lots game next and removed that shawl. She exclaimed:

- That’s not fair! Evie, we ought to make this guy feel loser!

As a result, despite all my skills I had to yield 3 times. This reflected on my appearances, I had only trunks and jeans left on me. Girls were triumphing over me!

- Got you! O man!

- Hold on! We shall see it!

I did. Evie said she was gonna show a strip show. She rose on the bed, her hips moved, and she began to dance sexy, one by one, she was unbuttoning her robe, finally it fell on the feet. Her body was perfect, sun tanned skin, nice tits and tight ass.

- Let’s play again! We should leave Vera back!

We joined our efforts and made Vera lose once again. She rose and removed her robe staying in white panties. Cards shuffled again, they assailed me, I was repulsing, and in the long run Vera lost as well. Evie clapped her hands and teased Vera: “Come one, come on!”

I thought Vera would refuse but she got on her knees and undid the last piece of cloth. She waved her underwear in the air and put it on my shoulder.

A new round began. I couldn’t concentrate on the game, all this time my eyes were fixed on Vera’s pussy with light hair. No wonder I lots my turn. I remained in my underwear and shuffled cards, felt these bitches were ready to leave me back again, during this game they kept helping each other. And by the end I lost with a bundle of cards in my hands. The room resounded with their triumphant cries and exclamations

- Yehh, go stud! Striptease! They put a chair in the middle of the room and turned the music on. I settled onto it and, imitating Evie’s dance began to move in rhythmically. After I took my trunks off girls started on my penis like if it was some kind of Seventh wonder of the world. I stopped them:

- All right, girls, let’s go on! There is only Evie left!

Evie lost the game soon and performed a real strip show out of it. Soon I found it was no longer interesting playing cards on strip. Then Vera suggested playing cards on performing wishes. The one who would lose was supposed to fulfill wishes.
Within next 5 minutes I figured out what to ask, when Vera lost again, I said she ought to dance on the table before me and Evie. Vera obeyed, the music was on, and she settled onto it and started dancing. Light beams were playing on her fresh nice body and it looked magnificent. Her dance excited me a lot; I felt a bulge growing down there. I had to take myself in hands to hide it. Her hot body’s smell made me feel easy and relax.

After next round it was my turn to fulfill Evie’s wish. This dirty bitch spent about a minute on conceiving something out. Then, she whispered in Vera’s ear something, they both examined me with conspiracy look and finally I heard my mission: I was supposed to pass along the corridor here and back again. These words blasted in my ears like a bomb.

- What the hell! I can’t do that! I cried

- A promise is a promise! Reminded Vera. You go out, walk till the end and go back, OK?

No sooner had I protested as they pushed me into the corridor and I had to walk around. Covering my penis with hands I made one step, then the second one. It was quiet. Too quiet. My senses were excited, I was on my verge. Each minute I was expecting some door open and someone appear. Any of their neighbors might now walk out on his business, and see me completely naked. What the stupid situation I stack in! When I heard some noise up there my heart thumped with excitement. It seemed it took me an eternity to reach the end of it and turn back. Girls kept watching me pass slowly, and their eyes were fixed on my penis. It waved from side to side as I walked like a Persian cat, slinking stealthily. All this time seemed an age for me, when I finally and luckily reached girls’ room and came inside, my heart was about to jump out of me. My cock was erect and girls were gazing on it. There, all of sudden Evie reached her had to my shaft.

- Look at this! So huge! Her eyes were open wide.

From this light touch everything exploded inside me, and my cock shot a load right on her hand. To my surprise there was plenty of cum, it was pouring like a horn of plenty! I thought it was because I had not had sex for long. When it got to subside, finally, I saw Evie breast, belly and had covered with sperm. I dropped my eyes and felt terribly sorry. I gasped, my breath became heavy, however, Evie didn’t let my cock away, and she just clutched it tight. This made me cum again and second load erupted out. I can’t now remember the way we reached the bed. We laid bed threesome. We were kissing and fondling one another for an hour, Evie was all over in sperm and she fell asleep.

At the next morning I woke up early and gone away while girls were still sleeping. That day was the day of my vacation.

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