A young girl has an avid desire to study but education costs a lot of money and her parents don’t make enough to cover her tuition, there’s one easy way to earn money and maybe she’ll try it…

“If you invest your money in Education, that will always pay off”, Emily’s mother used to tell her when they spoke about Emily’s future life.

Emily wished to study in well-respected and credible universities. But what could she do if the education was so expensive? She managed to get half of the tuition from her parents and some of her relatives, but where could she get the other half? If she didn’t pay the remaining 8 thousand dollars she would be kicked out of the university but she hated the idea, she didn’t want to follow in her mother’s footsteps, her mother was a mentor in one of the small museums and her salary was barely enough to support the family. Her father was a truck driver and the money he got went to repair the truck, put some food on the table and keep the refrigerator full of beer. Emily had no idea how she was going to get that money. When her parents barely collected 8 thousand dollars for education, they ran into debts and paying the other half was just out of the question. Emily’s mother wanted to hint her daughter that she Emily might have to quit the university but she didn’t dare to, Emily had an avid passion for learning and Emily’s mother would do anything to get the money for her education but that was simply impossible…

“I hate the idea of quitting, it’s not fair, I want to study and why can’t I?” Emily was complaining to her friend, Jennet.

“Then why did you choose such an expensive university”, Jennet said feeling sorry for Emily.

“But that’s because I want to study so much and I want to get the best education, I wanna help my parents and become rich”, Emily said and understood how naïve it sounded.

“Well, probably there is a way to help you”, Jennet said and Emily saw that she was reluctant to tell her what she meant by that.

“Do tell me!”, I’m ready to do anything to earn the money for my education, please, don’t let me quit!!”, Emily was begging Jennet.

“Well, you are young and fresh, you’ve got a great body and I am sure many rich men would love you to entertain them”. Jennet said and looked at Emily with an appraising look. Emily looked fine in her 18, she was tall, long-legged brunette with a beautiful face and big green eyes. She had an amazing smile and it was certain that she could drive men crazy.

“What do you mean, Jennet?” Emily asked in surprise.

“Don’t be naïve, sweetheart, You know what I mean and if you are too moral-bound that you can quit and find yourself a job as a waitress”, Jennet said in a harsh voice.

“No, no, I’m ready to try, I just don’t know what kind of entertainment can I provide for men”.

“Ok, here is what we’re gonna do, at eight in the evening you will be at Plaza hotel, room 233, a man will be waiting for you there. He’ll tell you everything. Ok, I gotta go, you can choose for yourself, to go or not, it’s your life” Jennet said and ran for the bus that was approaching the bus-stop.

Plaza hotel, room 232, Emily thought to herself. Well, what do I have to lose, I’ll just find out what they want from me and that’s all.

At eight o’clock sharp Emily was knocking on the doors of 232 suit. She heard the steps behind and in a few seconds the door opened and she saw a man of about 40 standing before her. He was wearing pants and a shirt which was unbuttoned, his chest was hairy and he had a pretty big belly, his face definitely needed shaving and when Emily entered the room, she felt a strong smell of alcohol hanging in the air.

“Hi, babe, I’m Mr. Herring, but you can call me Larry., He said and closed the door letting Emily in. He then proceeded to the middle of the room and made himself comfortable on the sofa.

“Hello, Mr. Herring” , Emily greeted him and felt a strong urge to leave that room, that hotel…

“I am here on business, I’ve signed my contracts yesterday, but my plane is only in three days, so I’m kind of bored here”, Mr. Herring said and looked at Emily.

“Come here”, he said

Emily came closer to him and as soon as she was within reach he took her by the hand. “Now, find a way to entertain me”, he said and started unbuttoning his pants with his other hand. “No, please, that’s not what I am here for”, Emily tried to break free but he was holding her tight.

“Come on, don’t pretend you’re the queen of morale, Mr. Herring said and lowered her heat to his crotch. “I know you need money for education and I’m gonna help you out, ten men like me and you’ll easily pay your tuition, ten more men and you’ll be driving your own car”

With these words he pulled Emily to his dick and let her head go. “You can leave if you want now, or you can stay and start earning the money for your education”, Mr. Herring said in a cold voice.

Emily thought for a while and licked his dickhead, it was a big salty and wet with precum, it nearly made her throw up but she knew that education was her primary goal and she was going to do everything to get the money to cover her tuition.

She took his dick in her mouth and started sucking on it, she was inexperienced in blowjob so Mr.Herring took her by the head and started guiding the pace and rhythm. In a few seconds she heard him purring like a hat, his dick got hard in her mouth and she couldn’t take it all the way in. Mr. Herring was now impaling her on his dick wishing to go as deep in her throat as possible. At some moments Emily thought she was going to choke, so deep his dick went into her throat, her saliva ran down Mr. Herring’s balls and it made him moan with pleasure.

All Emily wanted was for Mr. Herring to cum and leave her alone, but he was just starting to have fun and he wasn’t going to let her go that easy, in a few minutes he stopped Emily and said.

“No, girl, it’s time you got on the table and spread your legs wide”,

Emily looked at Mr. Herring and remained still. “Come on babe, don’t leave it half-way, if you wanna get paid let’s get it over with”.

Emily understood that she had to go till the end if she wanted her money. She’d crossed the line and there was no point in stopping, Mr. Herring helped her up and put her on the table, he then took her jeans and her panties off.

Emily was so fresh and pure, an 18-year-old angel with a pussy that was fresh and tight. Mr. Herring brought his dick to her pussy and started rubbing it over it. Emily felt his monster cock rubbing her pussy and the thought of that cock entering her tight pussy terrified her. Mr. Herring was taking his time, his dickhead was rubbing all over Emily’s tight pussy, pushing and tickling her clit, in a minute Emily started moaning, Mr. Herring’s dickhead was all wet and she liked the feeling of it rubbing all over her clit.

When Mr. Herring felt that Emily was ready he tried to push his giant cock into her pussy but that wasn’t that easy, He just couldn’t get it in as her pussy was so tight for his dick. He spit on his finger and stuck it into her pussy, it was all wet and he started finger-fucking her, when he felt that her pussy got wide enough he again brought his dick to it and entered her in one, abrupt thrust. Emily screamed, letting that giant penetrate her, it felt like he was going to tear her apart. Mr. Herring started moving inside her and there was nothing better than feeling a tight pussy embracing his dick. Emily was moaning and Mr. Herring was going as deep as possible trying to reach as far as he could, for Emily it seemed that her wholeself was being filled with his huge monster, she was lying on the table with her eyes closed and her mouth opened, she was moaning and screaming and Mr. Herring was abusing her tight pussy in any way possible. Soon, Emily felt that pain, she was feeling gave way to pleasure, and she now wanted to fuck her like a real whore. Mr. Herring felt it.

“Hey, bitch, you’re really leaking now!”, He said feeling his dick being flooded by her love juices. He started pumping her even faster. Her pussy was not as tight as before and his dick was welcomed there now, in about five minutes Mr. Herring felt that he was ready to cum.

“Now get off the table and get on your knees:”, Mr. herring said in a trembling voice, Emily quickly got off from the table and got on her knees, now Mr. Herring’s dick was right in front of her face. Mr. Herring loved to cum on babe’s faces, that was his weakness and his pleasure. He directed his dick to Emily’s face and started jerking it. “Open your mouth”, he shouted. No sooner had Emily opened her mouth than Mr. Herring started cumming, his sperm started shooting all over her face, some landing on her hair, on her eyelashes, her cheeks, her lips and the most of it got into her mouth, Mr. Herring was jerking his dick and it seemed he was never going to stop cumming, when he finally drained his monster he stopped and pushed his dick into Emily’s mouth to let her lick the remaining drops off.

When Emily licked his dick clean, Mr. Herring proceeded to the sofa and plunged in. He closed his eyes and sat for a minute. When he slowly came to himself he reached for the wallet in his pants and took out five one hundred dollar bills out of it.

“It’s yours, Emily”, He said and put the money on the sofa. Emily approached the sofa with her legs trembling and took the money. It’s was five hundred dollars and it was a lot of money for Emily, if she worked part time in the restaurant or some café it would take her two weeks at best to earn it, she was now holding the money in her hands realizing that it took her about an hour to earn it.

“So, I’ll be waiting for you tomorrow, I wanna try your sweet ass babe”, Mr. Herring said and gave Emily his lustful look.

“My ass!”, Emily asked and felt that her anus would never be able to accommodate such a monster dick like his.

“I’ll pay you one thousand dollars tomorrow, on condition that I try your sweet ass and you stay over for the night”, Mr. Herring said, being sure that it was more than just a good offer.

Emily already knew that she would come the next day, one thousand dollars was great money and she could let her ass suffer, at least she could pay for her education some day….

To be continued.

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