Cum drenched girl!

December 22nd, 2008

This girl loves sucking cocks and the more cum she gets the happier she is, this cum obsessed bitch will suck your balls dry and you gonna luv it!

Now let me tell you a short story about one girl. She lived in my neighborhood and used to be one of the most gorgeous babes in the hood. This girl was something really terrific and great, she had large breast to knead and eat, big round 43 or more inches ass and very sexy hips! She would wear out short skirt which tightly fitted her round plump hips and some slightly see through blouse with cleavage. This babe had an obsession with a man’s cum, this appeal for male’s jizz was brought on by her ex boyfriends. Anyway, she loved that shit! Her unordinary lust for a man’s fresh gob of cum would soon lead her down to degrading way. But let me get back to the point! One day she was having a walk with a boy who had wanted to fuck her for a few weeks. He had heard awful and arousing stories about this girl and finally had the courage to approach her, and ask her to engage in one of her famous acts with him. He approached her when she was waiting outside the college hall one day. We all studied at the same college and rumors spread through very quickly, so it was obvious that most guys knew everything about their classmates. She was wearing skin-tight white pants and a white top, which exposed her cleavage so fucking openly! She was standing with her books pressed to her chest, talking to some girl, perhaps her classmate. Her ass was facing this nervous guy, named Mathew. He admired her from behind before he approached her, her pants were so tight and perfectly fit that they accentuated the shape of her ass so fucking hot! It was an ultimate turn on to watch this babe from behind! Her ass looked as if she was wearing no underwear at all. The see-through pants could not hide the black thong the girl was wearing underneath and Mathew, for a second, imagined his big cock slide between this terrific ass crack and get inside of those wonderful melons! The sexy thong rode up her ass crack, being applied to her pussy and ass, and proudly revealed itself to the admiring public, just lower her small back.

She was hot and so fucking exciting. A true porn star in flesh! Mathew saw one guy walking over to this sexy bitch and stroking her ass gently by his palm while passing by. The girl just watched him as he left. A minute later another guy walked up behind her and slapped her ass with a force, so that the sound attracted attention of the public. The girl just smiled at him and waved to him with her small palm. This gave Mathew some more courage.

He walked up behind her and asked her if she wanted to take a walk on the football field with him. She asked if he had any smoke. He said yeas, he had, because he didn’t want to lose a weak chance. If it was what he had been looking for, he didn’t want to miss it by. She asked him if he had any friends to walk with. He said no, because he was alone. She thought for a while, then nodded her had and told him to follow her.

The horny couple walked out to the football field, there was a large stadium where all guys trained, but now the whole area was empty and not a single person was around. They were passing buy an iron fence which surrounded the field and headed for a remote and old gym class, which was now out of practical use.

Along the way they met 2 guys from another course, they looked at them, smiled and one of them told Mathew with a laugh:

“You, man! You are lucky. She would let you fuck her in the ass and cum! Just give her what she wants!”

His words made Mathew’s dick jump and form a huge bugle down his pants. She was holding him by hand and leading him to this old gym building. When they finally reached the target, she turned to him and asked him for a cigarette. The guy was nervous and gave her what she wanted. She finished smoking soon, very soon, dropped it away and fell onto her knees. She unzipped the boy’s zipper and released his hard cock. She took it into her mouth, deep enough so that his head was in her throat and began to suck it back and forth on his cock. Her hands, held tightly around the boy’s hips and ass. Mathew could not believe his luck and suddenly expressed:

“Yeah, that’s right you whore, suck that cock.”

The girl was surprised and delighted to see that the boy had finally taken charge. He grabbed her by the hair and forcefully shoved his full manhood into her throat and thrust his crotch toward her pretty face. She gagged and made so slurping sluttish noises. At this moment there appeared a merry and noisy band of guys from all around. She felt their presence and it made her even more excited; she loved an audience. The boy closed his eyes and continued to ram her throat with his cock. Spit and pre-cum were seen from the sides of her mouth as she gagged. As she chocked over that cock, tears burst out in her eyes and her make up started flowing down her pretty face. With this Mathew pulled her by the hair to look at him and commanded her to stop. She obeyed, with that Mathew spit directly at her sluttish face and his saliva landed all over her face and mouth making it mess with her own spit, make up, and his pre cum.

He was rude with her and made her feel a dirty whore she was! She loved that feeling. No matter how many times it had happened to her she still loved it with all her sexual organs. The spit had landed directly on her face and mouth and dripped off onto her breast. With this, all the other guys released their cock and began stroking their cocks. Next, she was grabbed by hair up, turned around with her ass to Mathew and her face to one of the ready boy’s cock. The guy stroked his cock vigorously and shot a thick white cum all over the girl’s face. This load made her make up run even more. The next boy came up and began to jerk off his cock in front of her face. She didn’t tear her eyes from his throbbing cock, and even when he shot a load, he didn’t flee or close her eyes. One massive droop fell onto her eye and other splashed all over her face. At this moment another boy advanced towards her and said:

“Open your mouth, whore!” She opened her mouth and it was soon filled with the thickest load! It was so fucking clammy and its remains ran off her chin and onto her new shirt. The next thing she knew was 2 fingers slide into her wet pussy while another hand was trying to enter her asshole! Her mouth was now filled with a throbbing hot cock, all covered with fat veins, and she was happy to take that cock into her warm cum-filled mouth. While she was being humiliated in all the holes, she was thinking about how she would get back home in such a state: she was messy, grass and dirt stains on the knees of her new white pants, cum stains on her new shirt! One guy just tore away her new thongs and dropped them aside.

The boy who was fucking her mouth had pulled out and came all over her face. She moaned when the other guys finger fucked both her holes. This young slut contorted her face with lecherous dirty lust while receiving a huge load of the boy’s sperm, her lips open and moaning loudly! She was asking him to give more of that cum all pretty face. After he blew his load on her waiting messy face he spit onto that mess of sperm, which covered her eye. This inspired the other guys to take turns jerking off faster and shooting their loads all over her face.

When they were done, she was still horny as hell and wanted some more. Her entire face was covered with messy cum, and she didn’t get enough. Well, there was Mathew who didn’t cum yet. He grabbed her bay hair, pulled her down on all the fours, lowered her white pants down and showed her ass to the laughing audience. Then, he jerked his cock to get it harder and slowly slid it into her wet drenched pussy! He would grab this bitch by hips and fuck her really hard! This sent a hard wave of orgasm all over her body, she shuddered and cried out! She came hard and really loud! She tried to catch her breath, but at the very last moment her mouth was filled with that throbbing cock, she could taste her won juices and soon she sensed Mathew’s hot cum on her tongue. She was left alone, her make up was mixed with the white cum and spit mixed together! She was a vivid picture of a total dirty pervert whore who had just been used.

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