A visit to the dentist

October 29th, 2008

This girl has an appointment with the dentist but he wants more than just examine her teeth…

It was evening. Time to see the dentist. Pam’s mother had made an appointment for her because she liked the doctor very much. He was a good specialist, neither young nor old. She told Pam that he worked fast and painlessly. For Pam the fact that she would not feel pain was of primary importance as she was afraid of toothaches and tooth doctors as well. Daniel was a good doctor that’s why his workday was usually planned beforehand. However, Pam’s mother managed to convince him to have her daughter at 8 p.m.

Pam arrived at the clinic a bit earlier. She didn’t want to be late for the appointment. She had to wait in the reception viewing plenty of dentist’s diplomas. It was really boring. But the less time she had to wait until the doctor asked her to come into his room the more she was scared. She was horrified by the terrible sound of the drill and chunking sound of tools. She had goose bumps on the skin of her bare legs. She was wearing a short skirt and a translucent blouse which could reveal a sexy lacy bra she had received as a birthday present from her friend.

Pam was 18 and her mother still controlled everything in her life. The clothes she was wearing now were too vulgar in her Mom’s opinion but today she was away in the country and Pam decided to put them on.

When it was 8 p.m. a pretty nurse came out of the doctor’s room and told Pam she had to wait a bit more. It was dark outside and waiting seemed to be unbearable. Soon the nurse appeared again. She was going home. On her way out she told Pam that the doctor had finished with the previous patient and was ready to get busy with her. However about half an hour more passed until the dentist and his patient went out of the dental surgery. The patient thanked the doctor for his excellent work and left. Pam stayed face to face with the doctor.

He gave her a pleasant smile and asked her to come in and have a seat. It was clear he liked the girl. He wasn’t going to get down to work immediately and asked her to wait a bit more as it was hot and he needed to freshen up. It was already 10 p.m. and Pam got nervous. She hadn’t expected to be at the clinic for so long.

At last the doctor entered. He was about 40, tall and handsome, with very tender hands. Judging by his wet hair he just had a shower and the scent of his expensive perfume spread all over the room. He sat on his chair and looked at her from top to toe that made Pam feel very uncomfortable. Only now she realized that in the light like that he could see everything. He moved to his small table to take an instrument and his eye fell on her short skirt. He saw transparent panties that suited the bra. Pam noticed him looking under her skirt but could do nothing as the skirt was too short.

Daniel pulled the table to him and sat erect. That made the girl feel Ok. But at the next moment he pressed a button and her armchair changed its position. Now Pam was lying on it. She knew he could look at her when he needed to take this or that instrument and each time he bent and looked at her panties. Pam had nothing to do with her butt put up.

Having examined her mouth he said that dental stopping would last for an hour and she should relax and enjoy the process. Of course he was kidding, but she didn’t feel like laughing at that moment. She completely forgot about the uncomfortable situation she was in with her skirt and could think only about her teeth. The doctor tossed her head up, put a tissue under her chin and started his work.

He began slowly drill into her tooth. At first it was painless but as he approached to the nerve it started aching and Pam twisted trying to deviate from the pain. When she rose a bit she touched doctor’s hand with her breasts, her moans resembled the ones during the coitus and her skirt was pulled up too high. All that made the doctor extremely aroused. At the beginning Daniel tried to restrain his feelings but the more it lasted the more he enjoyed looking at a young beautiful body twisting in a sexy way before his eyes. He stopped realizing what he was doing and was increasing her pain on purpose.

Pam’s skirt revealed her crotch fully. She didn’t notice Daniel examining her secret spots, she was busy with her pain. But the doctor lost his head. Slowly moving his hand he pressed on Pam’s breasts as if occasionally. His face remained serious.

Her pain mixed up with pleasure that she had never experienced before. It made Pam moaning quietly. She didn’t understand what was going on – fear, pain and arousal played a low-down trick with her. Unconsciously she understood that something strange was happening but she couldn’t do anything to herself and soon she wanted something more than just stroking.

At this moment Daniel dropped his instrument pretending it was accidental. It slid between the girl’s legs and as the armchair was angularly it rolled under her panties. Without hesitating Daniel put his hand under Pam’s skirt and began rummaging for his tool. Instead of taking it quickly he pushed it even deeper closer to her ass.

Moving his hand further he pressed his thumb against the clit and Pam shuddered from unexpected feeling. She couldn’t pronounce anything distinct and prattled something like:

- Why???

In response Daniel pressed another finger against her anus so that he pushed a stripe of her panties into it. It was the last drop for Pam and she bent her back from enjoyment. When she became straight she pressed doctor’s hand to the armchair powerfully and his digit penetrated her asshole very deeply, his thumb turned out to be at her nub. Both Pam and the dentist forgot about the instrument. A few strokes over the clitoris and her body trembled in ecstasy, strong orgasm consumed her.

Having completely lost her head she embraced the dentist and gave him a French kiss moving with her clit towards his finger. Daniel was terrified to discover she was a virgin. It stopped him for a while. But then he decided to keep it going as both of them liked that. He rubbed her nub tenderly, then hard and intense. Her virginity drove him mad and he made up his mind to fuck this girl here and now. He had nothing similar in his life and all the consequences became so trivial for him…

He tore her panties away and pulled her bra down setting free her small breasts. He started kissing them greedily unzipping his fly at the same time. He took out his cock which was erected and wet from arousal already. Pam lowered her eyes for a second and saw a huge phallus. She realized she’d gone too far and it was not a game any more. This strong handsome doctor would fuck her. She could lose her cherry here in a dentist’s room!!!

Pam made an attempt to stop the process but she had no chance even to rise, all she could do was twisting hoping that doctor would stop it. But his strong hand pulled her lower and she found herself in a very comfortable position for him. She was lying horizontally on the armchair. It gave Daniel an opportunity to put her legs under his arms. In this position the girl was just helpless. The doctor thrust his enormous phallus into her crotch. Pressing hard enough twice he tore her hymen. Fear… Pain… Pam began sobbing but at the next moment her arousal surpassed all that had made her so unhappy a few seconds ago and she began moving in pace with doctor’s frictions.

The view of a young gild under him made Daniel insane and soon he had a tremendous orgasm shooting great amount of semen into her. He was on the seventh heaven… Coming to his senses he turned the girl down onto her belly and then positioned her in a doggy fashion. All that he did fast and easily.

Pam didn’t resist, she seemed to enjoy it. Daniel spread her shithole with lubricant and started to push his dick inside. He felt her sphincter began spreading. Her cry didn’t stop him and soon he was fully in. Her virgin butt squeezed his cock so tightly that just a few thrusts made him ejaculate. It was SO PLEASANT!!!

Pulling the prick out he watched his sperm flowing out of the narrow hole. He had mixed feelings about it. Fear and pride… He had to find a way out of the situation he had got into.

Having smartened himself quickly Daniel offered the girl help with her clothes. Then he suggested her to continue the work on her tooth… Pam slapped him in the face.

He knew he was responsible for what had happened but he didn’t feel sorry at all. And Pam understood it was the best moment of her life. She had never felt anything like that before. Even in her fantasies she couldn’t envision herself in such a situation. She knew she would remember it.

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