New friends

September 10th, 2007

A couple sets off on a vacation in the South, there they meet another couple, a handsome man and a smoking hot woman, what can two young couple do together? They try swing and gang-bang and they love it, it’s going to be a hot vacation…..

Every year I and my wife go to the South for vacation. We live in Russia, in Moscow. And that 2001 year we did so, we went to the Crimea beach, and some friends of ours suggested us staying at Sudak, some seaside resort. So we did. After a long hard way to the Crimea we soon managed to get there just on time and no sooner had we got off the train than we had to find some place to stay. Tired and hungry, we dropped in some café to have some drink and some snake. Me, like a porter in a hotel with 2 big bags and my wife, with her nice traveling purse, we ordered a seat and settled down. We were just 28 and 25, no need to describe myself, but my wife, Samantha, was tall, sexy, with gorgeous tits and tight ass, long curvy hair and bright eyes, she looked so innocent though we had been already married for 4 years. I should also add that we got used to wearing some light and open cloth when we went to the South for vacation. My wife always evaded wearing some bras and all like that, as it was hot! A sultry heat made her dress very aggressively and openly and when her brown nipples protruded out of the top, this sight turned on not only me, but also all the men in that café. I loved her at those moments!
Thus, we were sitting and talking our plans, when some guy of 27 came up to us and said:

- Hi, my name is Vlad! I see you are searching for some place to stay, I have some suggestion, so if you are interested we could discuss them.

- What?

- It’s a bungalow not far from here, neighboring ours, it’s now not reserved and you could join us and live beside. Not expensive and a quiet place, close to the beach.

We agreed for we had no choice, it was getting dark. Before he went away I managed to notice his girlfriend: she was tall and fit, very slender and with golden hair streaming down over her shoulders. Perhaps her tits were just bigger than my wife’s boobs. Nice shape, sexy!

Soon we finished the meal and made our steps to that bungalow, we had an address. The cottage seemed to be not really far from the beach, we could afford it. The owner welcomed us very favorably, we loved the house, and it was very lovely and comfortable. I met Vlad at the shop and we decided to mark our arrival that night all together.

I took a towel and rushed to the shower to join my wife. She looked very enticingly and sweet, covered with a bath sponge right down there. She looked very excited what astonished me a lot, and after I asked her what happened she said:

- You know, I came to Vlad’s bungalow to ask something, but they didn’t appear. So, I moved inside and heard some noises from the shower. Don’t know why but I approached the bathroom and saw them having sex! I’m so excited, honey, so I can hardly keep from masturbating. I want you, darling.

Thus she took soap, covered it over her body, and then soaped my dick, what caused me hard on immediately. She rubbed it a bit, then rubbed it and caressed my balls. Meantime I gripped her tit and squeezed her nipple. She startled, I took her under the warm water of the shower and pressed to the wall. She bent down, kissing my belly and chest, then she leant her head and set to giving me head: first she sucked the belly end, then licked the whole cock to the balls and finally she swallowed it entirely, deepthroating me hard. Her second hand caressed my chest while the tongue did its work, slobbering my penis up, soon she lowered her hand down and opened her pussy; I loved my wife doing this fun when she gave me head, she groped her clit and started rubbing it masturbating her pussy. My honey turned red in the face, she began breathing harder and moaning. I lifted her, she turned around and then my cock easily slid in her cunt, she seemed to be on the verge and only a few thrusts kept her from falling in depths of her climax. I was on the verge too, and when she whispered:

- Come on, honey, fuck me faster, fuck your slut! – The deal was done! And I came, ramming her pussy with all my strength, her legs gave way and she got down onto the floor moaning.

The following evening we sat at a table surrounded by our new friends, Vlad and Vera, drinking beer and talking things. They turned out to be interesting persons; they danced pair striptease for living in Moscow, performing in night clubs and shows. We were happy to meet such an nice couple, I liked Vera and when we were going to bed I asked my wife fondling her pussy:

- How do you love your new friends?

- They are nice…sexy and easy-going… uttered my wife; she was a bit excited, whether with the alcohol or my caress…and then I asked her a question that had been running in my head for the recent months:

- Listen, would you like to have sex with another man?

She held still for a second, turned around and then whispered:

- Yes… she seemed to feel shy for what she said. But the drink did its work, late in the night, after a hard sex, when she fell on the bed, tired and happy I said:

- Honey, here, I let you have some fun, OK?

- Thank you, darling…you are my hero! She kissed me. and we went on our fun

We had a long sleep and didn’t get to the sea until after afternoon. Walking along the densely packed beach, passing by sunbathing bodies we hardly managed to find Vlad and Vera’s place. Vera turned to sunbathing topless, seeing me she asked us to join them. Vera was shy with her nude breast. Vlad was away.

- Where’s Vlad? I asked

- He is diving out there, look! She said and we looked aside

Indeed, Vlad was standing high on some rock, and the water was splashing over the stones. My wife gave him a cheery wave. Meanwhile I enjoyed watching Vera’s tits. They were perfect with pink nipples. Her tight ass was clothed in bikini, she seemed not to get some sun tan yet. Somewhere down the navel there a part of tattoo was seen, what gave me an idea that it started deep down there. We had a very friendly chat. It was sultry heat, so I went for a swim to join Vlad. My wife and Vera remained on the beach. And when we got back I was amazed to see my darling sunbathing topless as well. She looked at me confused at first, but I said: OK and we started drinking beer. The time passed by and soon I noticed that out side of the beach had soon became deserted. I also noticed that Vlad began to cast glances at my darling, and it even seemed to me that there appeared some knob onto his swimming trunks. Girls kept talking their woman things, as the time passed by and later on we all went for a swim. We splashed the water, playing tag, catching girls, etc. Once my wife even caught Vlad and snuggled up to him from behind, he turned around, but she didn’t recoil, but embraced him with legs and they both fell into the water. When we got out on the shore, I noticed my wife’s eyes winkling lustily: she cuddled up to me with her fresh wet body and shoved her hand under my trunks. I felt a cocks-stand in a while; it was ready to tear the trunks. I closed my eyes and fell back on the sand when I sensed another hand in my trunks; I opened my eyes and saw… Vera caressing my dick with her fingers! She smiled and looked at my wife, who took my trunks off without any word, and my penis broke away from the tight space of my underwear. I noticed Vlad watching us with interest. My wife set to caressing my balls while Vera sat in a doggy style and started licking my cock up to its full length. Then she passed to sucking my dick, but didn’t swallow it all, no deepthroating. My wife took my hand and put it onto Vera’s tit. I squeezed it and sensed her body tremble. At this time Vlad approached Vera and lowered her bikini. She poked out her ass revealing her perineum; Vlad lent down and set to licking her holes. Meanwhile my wife took her bikini off and lay close to me with her pussy to my face. She began masturbating her pussy and fondle her tits. She moaned, and then there Vera’s groans resounded.

Vlad seemed to know how to do pleasure to Vera. My honey was not moaning soon but roaring, she was ready to tear her pussy totally, she moved up a bit and settled right on my face rubbing her pussy against my lips. I ate her; I drank her with my tongue slobbering up wife’s pussy. Then suddenly Vera gave a start: this is Vlad who pushed his fat dick in her hole. Without releasing my cock she moved backwards and let Vlad ram her hard. At this moment, my wife set to licking fluently, her love juice poured down my face; Vlad took his arms out of Vera’s hole and came up to my wife from behind. She bent down and then we were in position 69, I saw Vlad’s huge trembling cock touched my wife’s cunt, she moaned when the first touch occurred, and after that this fat dick slowly penetrated in there. My honey helped him moving her ass, and then I sensed 2 chicks’ lips caressing my dick vehemently, sucking it one by one. Though I was close to come, but anyway I wanted to prolong the act, my honey realized it and then let Vera take care of it. She settled right onto it, and my cock disappeared inside her depths. Only now I could look all over her tattoo. It was a dragon, its tail started from the navel while its jaws gradually and smoothly ended on her pussy lips. It created an impression of my penis being swallowed by this dragon’s jaws. Vera impaled herself on my cock with all her energy and might, so aggressive and horny bitch! She fucked and squeezed my dick like a fallen slut, moving her ass and moaning loud. As for me, I was absolutely absorbed with my hottie’s pink hole, erupting love juice and Vlad’s glistering dick sliding inside and rubbing her clit. He made some more thrusts and started. At the same time my wife cried out, and shuddered all over. She always cried when got a climax, the same happened this time. Vlad pulled his shaft out and splashed his cum over her asshole, and buttocks. Her moans resounded far away. Seeing this I could help cumming too and my sperm released as well. Vera came too…

She made two hard thrusts and burst into tears. She then jumped off my dick and started catching avidly spurts that were coming from my cock. My wife joined her. They put it into mouths in turn until it was completely drained. They did the same things with Vlad’s dick. At the evening we drunk some wine, had kebab for snack. And each of us was already making plans for the night, which was expected to be no less hot. But this is another story, which I will publish later. This was the first time we were introduced to the group sex and swing

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    These fucking swingers are very dirty and naughty people, the fuck damn hot!

  2. Honey Says:

    I think dat people shud nt hav sex lyk dat

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