New friends…

December 19th, 2007

Two family couples meet at the bar, they have a lot of fun there, why not have more fun together in a more intimate environment…

We extend our thanks to the author JOHN SMITH.

Kathy and I are thirty eight and have become more sexually active since our encounter with Tim and Jill. We decided to go out for dinner by ourselves this particular evening. Both Kathy and I work out at the gym three times a week. I would say that we are both physically fit. For a woman of 38, Kat looks fantastic as she is 5’3 Blondie hair, green eyes. I’m 5’10 with brown eyes and short brown hair.

We went to a restaurant for dinner and it was very crowded. We decided to go to the bar for a drink. On the other side of the bar was a couple, she was a larger woman and he was a big guy as well. Kat said I think that woman is looking at you. I laughed it off, as I smiled at the woman. The woman was a larger woman but she had an attractive appearance about her. She had deep brown eyes with wavy black hair which appeared to have a touch of red in it. She came behind me and said I know you from somewhere don’t I? Her breasts were leaning against my back. Kat said that she must have been mistaken. The woman apologized and we started talking about the restaurant. She stated her name was Missy and her husband was Billy. We heard a name called by the hostess, Missy said I’ll be right back. She came back and asked us if we would like to join them for dinner. Kat said sure why not.

After dinner, Billy said there was a bar which had a live band. Kat and I looked at each other and said okay. I don’t know what it was but I was attracted to Missy. She was a full figured woman but I only imagined that she was a monster in bed. There was no place to sit but at the bar. The girls were laughing and telling stories while the men were drinking. The girls went on the dance floor. Billy turned to me and said that Missy was attracted to me. He said that she is very particular but she is wild in bed. He said that Kat was a very attractive woman. I said that we experienced other partners and it was a great turn on for both of us. The girls returned from the dance floor, Kat was on one side and Missy was on the other-side of me. Missy said it had become warm and she undid two buttons on her blouse. I had a full view of her 38 D’s. She saw me looking at her breasts. She leaned over so she could see my erect cock in my pants, as she placed her hand on my cock. She said to Kat why don’t we go to our place for some fun.

We went back to their place. Missy said she wanted to show Kat something she had just bought. The woman had the hands on each others ass as they left the room. The women disappeared for ten minutes.

Missy called Billy and me into the bedroom to show us. There were the women on the bed kissing and they were completely naked. Missy had a vibrator on Kat’s lips. Kat turned to us and said come join us as they continue kiss I could not get undressed fast enough. I went directly for Missy’s breasts. I took her nipple on my mouth rolling it with my tongue. Missy had her hand along Kat’s pussy rubbing back and fourth. Kat rolled over and saw Billy just sitting on the chair. She got up and walked towards the chair. I then proceeded to kiss over Missy’s stomach, slowly moving towards her pussy. My tongue entered her moist pussy licking her lips. She started to moan. She grapped my hair and yelled I want that cock inside of me right now. I obeyed her command and put my cock inside of her. I was pounding in and out of her. She was moaning loader and loader with each thrust.

I could not take it anymore, and I shot my load inside of her. I collapsed on the bed. Missy said that was great for round one. We looked over to Kat and Billy. Kat was on her knees trying to get Billy aroused. Missy said that sometimes he needs some help. She went to her dresser and grabbed a strap on and handed to Kat. She ordered Billy on the bed on all fours. Kat put on the strap on and slide the dildo up his ass. Missy slide underneath and started licking his cock. He was hard in no time. Kat was pounding the dildo harder and harder up his ass. I think my wife was enjoying putting the dildo up his ass. Kat turned to Missy as asked to you have another strap on. She said yes I do. It was a 10 inch black dildo. Missy ordered me next to Billy. She slide the dildo up my ass. Here were the two men side by side getting it up the ass by the others wife. Missy said to Kat, lets see who we can make cum first. The woman reach around to play with our cocks. Billy came first. Missy said to me, here is your reward. On your back as she removed the dildo.. She sat on my face. Her entire weight was on me. I could not move an inch. Her legs were pinning my arms and weight of her body was all on my face. I didn’t care as the juices were flowing down out of her. I could not move or see anything. All I heard was Missy ordering Billy to come closer so that she could suck his cock. I heard Billy moaning with pleasure as he must of cum. Missy told my wife to get on my cock and ride it to the bastard explodes inside of you. Kat climbed on top of me and I entered her wet and warm pussy. It probably lasted all of 30 seconds.

Everyone just laughed. It was a time to remember

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4 Responses to “New friends…”

  1. Tasha Says:

    That is a hot story.. wish i could of been there.

  2. Enrique Says:

    I’ve been married for over 15 years now and when we first married I never had the idea of sharing my wife with anyone, it seems kind of weired and unreal but as the years went by I felt that I am getting used to my wife, she wasn’t sexy for me anymore, sex became a usual thing, in this situation, there’s no sex therapist who can help you, belie me, I am an expert! When we both understood that our sex life is ruined we decided to bring more people into it, we invited our best friends (a couple) and tried to exchange wives, you won’t believe it! It was so fucking hot! I loved it and since then I’ve been the swing lover! I can’t imagine my life without swing and I think it’s quite normal.

  3. joli Says:

    wonderful experience

  4. annie Says:

    I would love to have that sort of open relationship with my husband, but he is too conservative.
    It would be great for me to have different guys, and for hime to have different women. I think it would make our sex life more interesting and exciting.
    Also to be with the man’s wife – girl to girl would be so hot.
    Hopefully one day i may convince my husband, in the mean time i can keep dreaming.

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