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My name is Silvia. I live in New York in an apartment with my husband. We are married for the last 7 years. Our sexual life is rather satisfactory and at least once a day we have sex. I think there are no places in our house when we have not had sex. I am a very horny woman in fact and I always need some doze of positive energy for a whole day. We have tried many things including car sex, sex in the kitchen, sex in the lift, etc.

Now let me tell you a bit about me. I am 28 years old, 5”8 height and we got married when I just graduated from college. At first my parents wanted to marry me to another guy but I loved my husband and told them I would run away if they did it to me. I have long hair and a gorgeous figure, big boobs and sexually round ass. My complexion is enough for me to turn many guys on, but I think I should be faithful to my darling. I have also blue eyes and dark brown hair. My husband’s friends call me a Hot piece jokingly, I know that any of them would be happy to get me laid with them. My husband’s name is Brandon. He is 6” and has got a well built muscular body, he ahs got moustache and dark skin. He has his 7” dick always ready for me whenever I want it.

Once my husband and I were watching porn and I asked him if he would like to try on something new and switch partners for one night. I didn’t mean anything special, just asked him without any secret thought. He was so excited to hear this from me that he immediately turned off the TV and we discussed the topic in more details. We both were so turned on with the idea of having different partners while having sex. I even could not sleep that night with excitement. I am sure that this idea stayed in my mind. And perhaps my husband was thinking of this suggestion for all night. Next morning, at breakfast, he raised this topic again and asked me if I still wanted to make it come true. I said Yes. He put up the subject again and we started discussing on which couple to choose. Finally, it was decided that we should discuss it with one of my husband’s friends who lived in the other end of the city. We called them up and invited them for dinner that night at the restaurant where we usually got together on weekends and special occasions. They were chosen because we had much in common with these nice people and were very friendly with them for quite a long period of time.

That evening we all finally gathered and ordered some drinks. Jokes, laughs, latest rumors, news from Wall Street…We discussed our plan over second round of drinks and our friends were also excited about the idea. I looked across the table at my husband’s friend and scanned him from the shoes to the tip. By giving him a careful scrutiny I was trying to see this man a part of our session. He was all OK. He was at my husband’s height, but may be a bit broader at shoulders. Sun tanned body and athletic muscles. His name was Matthias. I imagined myself being fucked n the bed by this guy and got wet instantly. He must have divined my thoughts because I could feel his leg rubbing against my bare leg under the table. I also felt one of his hands in my panties. I blushed instantly and made a rush gulp of drink. Our company soon was getting relaxed, and each of our husband’s was flirting with his friend’s wife. We had decided that the next day we would meet up in our house and bring our plan to reality.

Matthias’s wife is Sharon and she has big breasts, larger than mine, nice figure and a look like of those hot Arabian women. I thought that my husband had a hard on his wife. Next day I had prepared 2 bedrooms, when my hubby grabbed me from my back and nibbled on my ears. I asked him what had gotten into him. He said that I was looking sexier than ever before. He suggested we prepare only 1 bedroom instead of 2. I liked the idea even more; swapping partners in the same room was a very good idea. I prepared a romantic atmosphere in our house, candle lights, light fragrance, romantic music.

I wore a revealing black with open back, my husband put on a white shirt with black jeans. Sharon was wearing a short red dress which showed much of her skin in all places. I wondered how she had walked up to our house without being fucked by her husband. Matthias was wearing the same way as Brandon.

When our friends arrived in the evening, we shared some drinks. I could see Matthias’s eyes open in admiration when he saw my cleavage and smooth legs. That day I had a hair waxing therapy, including my pubic hair. Then we danced swapping partners for a while, and then sat to have a dinner. Matthias was sitting beside me and holding my right hand while dining. After the dinner we headed for the dance floor and dance some more. This time the dance was a hotter as Matthias pulled me closer to him and I could feel his hands in between my legs. He was feeling my neatly shaved pussy. I grabbed his had and put it on my breasts. After awhile I saw Brandon had already got his hand into Sharon’s panties playing with her clit. They were enjoying a lot. We went towards the bedroom prepared for the act for we all were really excited.

As soon as we walked into the room Brandon undid the clasp of Sharon’s dress and her dress fell to the floor. She was standing in front of us, absolutely naked. I complimented Matthias on having a good luck to have such a sexy wife. He laughed and kissed me on thanks. It was a long passionate kiss. Brandon pulled Sharon close to him, his shirt was already unbuttoned. Sharon helped him with his shirt and then she grabbed his cock with one hand and started stroking it. We could see my darling’s cock swell up and become bloodshot. Then she knelt and sucked on Brandon’s dick. I also was having Matthias’s 9” monster in my hand and massaged his thick and massive cock in my palm. I felt that I needed that thing in my mouth and knelt to give him a blowjob. Both the men moaned with pleasure as we sucked them off. They were standing not far from each other and their wives were giving good heads. They both blew their loads in our mouths and we swallowed it all up.

I stood and Matthias kissed my hot lips and his hands worked on the zipper of my dress. Finally he undid it and removed my dress from my hot body. I could see the lust in Matthias’s eyes when he looked at me greedily. He picked me up in his arms and took me to the bed. He laid me on top of the bed. Brandon did the same with Sharon. Both the men undressed and Brandon started fucking Sharon right there. Matthias on the other hand, kissed my thighs. Then he gave my cunt a long, passionate French kiss. I came in his mouth and he licked my juices. I purred in satisfaction when he proceeded to kiss my naked belly and navel. Then he went up to my bare neck and kissed there tenderly. Then he kissed my navel again, tenderly at first, then fiercely. My body started burning with dying lust and I pulled him closed to my tits. He licked my erect nipples and fondled my breasts. He kissed me on my lips passionately. I could not take it any longer and begged for him to fuck me! I couldn’t wait for his hard cock fuck my cunt! He rubbed his dick against the lips of my cunt and I guided his dick in with my hands. He gave his dick a powerful thrust and I gasped with pain and pleasure when his hot rod slipped into my soft and wet flesh. Sharon’s moans were also turning me on, she was groaning: “Fuck me, don’t stop, and fuck me more give it to me, faster!”

The room was filled with the moans of all and it was a total turn on for all participants to the event. The men’s desires were insatiable as they kept fucking us over and over again. I was in my fourth orgasm when Brandon screamed he was gonna cum. With that he pulled out with lighting speed and erupted with a huge load of cum all over Sharon’s tits. Sharon also moaned like a whore: “cum all over me, oh yeahh, give it to me!” Give me your cum!” And both of them collapsed in pleasure. But Matthias went on and on and he had his cock buried inside me to the hilt. It felt good while his strong meat was rubbing the walls of my cunt and I could feel another orgasm build up in me.

I screamed out: “Matthias, fuck me harder and faster! Please fuck me!” He obliged and fucked me harder and faster and I reached another more orgasm again and exclaimed in pleasure for my throbbing inner muscles made him cum also, so he withdrew his cock out of me and gave me a splash shower of his cum! He gave me the biggest load of cum! He collapsed on me, covering my sweated body with his hot kisses. We all exchanged sweet kisses and had a break to get a drink. Then Matthias scooped me up in his arms and took me to the sofa near by and fucked me harder and roughly now. From now me and Sharon were common whores and could be fucked by each husband any time. This time he lasted much longer and gave me another load of cum. Sharon also got her share of Brandon’s cum at that same moment by the bedroom’s window.

That night was a memorable for all of us, we had 2 more sessions and the men always came all over us and the experience was quite satisfying.

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8 Responses to “My husband swapped me with his friend!”

  1. carol L Says:

    Wow, I just love you girls. I got into swapping with my sister one day. actually not even swapping but I joined her and he boyfriend Hank in the hottest threesome ever. Hank just loved fucking two sisters and I just loved licking out his cum from Susans pussy. Anyway, one day Susan asked me to bring my boyfriend but he is such a dolt, so i brought a hot stud friend of mine and wow, this she love to get fucked by him. Fine by me cause I love fucking her man, he has one of the biggest cocks ever.

    Anyway, to make Hank really horny I eat all of the studs cum out of susan and shared it with her and we darted our tougues in each other mouths, The stud I brought Frank I find out later was a guy susan wanted to fuck anyway, so we swapped back and forth a few times that night!

    I just love two guys cum in my cunt, and girls if you got a hot sister, it is awsume to let her eat out the cum from your pussy, Nothing like sisters I say!

    Love ya

    Carol L

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  4. Pauly Says:

    This is such a hot story, my cock is throbbing

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  6. Lusty_husband Says:

    I’d love to swap partners with my wife’s elder sister, Cheryl. Mmmmmmmm would love to lick her pussy.

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