September 17th, 2007

It’s so nice to have guests over, isn’t it? You can have fun and even switch your partners, why not? It would be nice to see your girlfriend getting fucked while you are fucking someone else’s one.

Last Saturday night my wife Sonya invited her cousin Vera and her boyfriend Vlad to the dinner. We agreed against arranging something unusual, but for a couple of wine bottles, some meat snack, and DVD movies that I borrowed from my friend to see. I didn’t know Vlad and who he was but Vera told he was a very good chap. So the meeting was supposed to be very friendly and easy. I stocked up on everything what we might need, when I got back home Sonya had just come out of the shower. Her wet body looked so sexy with drops of water on her lovely tits, so I got hard-on immediately and no sooner had I lowered my pants to fuck her as the door bell rang.

There appeared our guests; Vera came in company with a tall big handsome guy, who was Vlad. She introduced me to them, and then Sonya asked guests to come in, changing juts common welcoming phrases. When they settled on the sofa we left Vera and Vlad choosing what movie to see and went to the kitchen. There Sonya said that Vera and she had been dreaming of getting fucked by such a big guy like Vlad, but they both never succeeded meeting such man, so she hoped asking Vera in details how well in sex he was and was it true that his cock size was as huge as his body. Then I gave out laughter and asked her if she wished marrying me, without making her dream come true, but she said I was very OK, though I noticed her head was full of those frivolous dreams and thoughts. After this short talk we joined our guests.

At the time we entered the hall, Vera was rummaging into the box with DVD discs, Sonya noted that those 2 ones were our video manuals and suggested watching one of these movies. However Vera chose another one saying that was great and she was dying for watching it, as for Vlad, he said there was only one type movie he had ever seen, though he never dared try everything he saw. Sonya and I exchanged looks, meaning we didn’t mind watching this movie but Sonya felt uneasy seeing this …film with Vlad whom she hardly knew very well, because this movie was teeming with scenes of blowjob, hardcore banging, and streams of cum…..

So, show began. After a few minutes of its beginning credits the whole movie carried screaming scenes of hardcore fucking, lots of sperm, one young babe was getting fucked by a very huge black cock, Vlad and me were watching it sitting fascinated, I looked at Sonya with a corner of my eye, who just started moving restlessly as always happened to her when she turned on while watching porn films. The movie girl was not only accepting this huge cock but also enjoying every thrust of it. Then I decreased the level of TV brightness so that Vera and Vlad wouldn’t see Sonya’s hand caressing my bulge on the jeans.

Meanwhile the movie act was going on with impetuosity, the couple was on the verge when another man entered the room, and he seemed to be her husband. Fucking couple stood paralyzed with his appearance, he looked like very astonished to see his wife standing in dog style on the bed and her fucker screwing her from behind. His wife started asking excuses immediately, while her lover couldn’t utter even a word. By all accounts they both expected her husband go berserk, but he didn’t. Quite the opposite, he approached his wife’s face, undid his jeans, took his cock and put it in her mouth. The atmosphere had become less tense; this threesome went on with further moans and groans.

Next, I heard some suspicious noises by my side; Vera was on her knees before Vlad and started licking his cock’s head taking its stem with both hands, thought it couldn’t tear her from watching the movie scene. So was Vlad, but Sonya was not looking at the screen. Her attention was fully absorbed in his cock; she was gazing at it with all her eyes. Meantime, Vera was trying to swallow his cock as deep as possible showing best skills in deepthroating, his dick was really huge, with no doubt.

Unable to withstand this Sonya took my cock also and set to swallowing it, my penis was 2 times as small as Vlad’s one, so it fit in her mouth easily, she was taking it deeper and deeper up to my balls, we even forgot the TV was on and after that I saw Vera watching Sonya sucking me off, and my cock disappearing in depths of my honey’s throat. It turned her on so hot that she moaned. After that the whole atmosphere became less tense again, and we all felt easy a bit. Vlad got down to observing my Sonya getting naughty girl, becoming a focus of general interest she took up doing her best, making my cock burn with desire… Vlad set to undoing Vera’s blouse. And now I was in for seeing nice (I thought they were nice) tits of my sister-in-law, Sonya looked at me with eyes full of lust and I realized she was satisfied to have me happy looking at what was happening near by….
Not willing to stay behind this wonderful prelude, I wanted to fuck Sonya right there but she stopped me.

She just stunned to silence, as she stared at the massive cock that hung up between Vlad’s big thighs. Finally Sonya regained her composure and uttered: “How big it is!” Vlad reached down and grasped the huge organ of his and began slowly jacking it, and before girls’ eyes, the massive penis was like some magic tale wand with glistening head. After that Vera reached out and fondled this amazing piece or cock flesh, running her fingers lightly over the smooth head, made it twitch and jump in her hand. Both chicks rose up and set to undoing kissing one another smiling and winking eyes. Vlad and me undid our cloth and settled comfortably in the sofa. Now we both were sitting on it absolutely nude. Then I saw my Sonya took Vlad’s penis and stroke it looking at me inquiringly. This was my first time when I was a spectator of my woman touching some another man, from one side it was awful, from another – it turned me on a lot! I smiled and nodded approvingly, Sonya didn’t even ask permission, she just pulled him too her with his cock, and slipped her wet mouth over the huge round head as a soft sigh came from Vlad’s lips as the this sexy hot woman nibbled on his erection. Without taking her mouth off the hard penis, she made more of a cooing sound of contentment that conveyed her delight at having this huge pecker in her mouth. After about five minutes of her sucking, Vera approached me slowly standing on her knees and begged Sonya to give her a chance at my hard shaft. Right immediately Sonya agreed, I was enjoying watching Vera’s petite body, her perky nipples, shaved clean pussy with erect clit between 2 sexy hills…. She started saying that she had always dreamt of having fun with me, she had never touched such a hard cock etc… “You, fallen slut!” I thought. What a bliss it was when I felt my meat in her mouth…. My woman’s sister was on her knees before me giving me head, and her saliva was pouring down my penis. I said I felt I couldn’t take it any more and come right in her throat, but these words just turned her on more and she kept on swallowing my pecker. I had even forgotten about second couple! I looked at Vlad and Sonya, he was stroking her tits with his big fingers, and she took his shaft and got down to passing it over her lips and nipples, squeezing and stroking it all the time. I said that was great, and my Sonya admitted having seen lots of dreams of me viewing her getting banged by some one else, then she bent her head and did a deepthroating.

That all made me so hard that I couldn’t contain myself and came in her mouth and a hot stream of sperm rushed in Vera’s mouth… but she was ready for it as if expecting for such a final, and set to swallowing my cum drop by drop. Anyway Vera kept on sucking my pecker off; her tongue was the very best thing I ever tried! Vera managed to lick all clots from my penis, after that I grasped her nipples and squeezed them with all my strength. No sooner had Vera finished her blowjob as she fell on the floor, becoming flabby and trembled with an orgasm that made her whole body convulse. Next, when she finally got over this climax she went on licking her lips from the rest of my cum and confessed having eaten the most delicious sperm in her life. She also said that my sperm was the best juice she ever tasted, she loved the taste of male’s cum, moreover, she said that she got used to coming right that way, having her nipples squeezed, even at school, her schoolmates used to crowd around her and squeeze her nipples to see her come!

After sitting Vlad down on one of the sofa, Sonya deftly swung her leg over his lap and reached down to line up the big dick under her dripping vagina, while slowly lowering herself on top of him, groaning as each centimeter of its flesh penetrated her hot pussy. When she finally bottomed done his shaft, she had her first uncontrollable orgasm. “Oh, my God, so good, do huge!” Sonya moaned, as she rocked back and forth on the big pecker that protruded out of Vlad’s down there. Almost unable to move because of its massive size, Sonya was still able to achieve just one more cum by just tightening and untightening her cunt. When she was totally exhausted, she slid off this stud and collapsed on the sofa, hair scattered around, her pussy exposed, gaping wide open lips, completely reamed out by the hugest cock she had ever had. After that she fell on her knees before this monster and set to sucking him off, her blowjob was something incredible, she was giving deepthroating to this guy like she never did it to me, Vera said that Sonya had always had deepthroating manner and even many years ago they both used to meet and train on bananas to see how well they might have been in blowjob! Sonya was trying to get Vlad come with all her endeavors, she was begging him: “Come on my face, I wanna lick your sperm, it is so fucking good, I wanna have my husband and cousin to see I swallow your cum! Please, give it to me!” she fondled his cock with her tongue a bit faster and then he finally came, a load of his cum like a stormy torrent tumbled over her face, but Sonya managed to cover it with her mouth, and didn’t miss a drop of it. To add, Vera approached them and Sonya directed Vlad’s cock on Vera’s face so she could get a doze of his cum. Then, they drained his shaft and licked Vlad’s pecker clean, after that Sonya set to gathering the clots of rest sperm from Vera’s lips and mouth.

Now it was our turn to have fun, and she knew exactly what she wanted me to do to Vera! Their mutual licking slowly passed into kissing one another, it’d been first time when I saw 2 chicks doing sex alive, before I saw it only on porn movies, but in real life it looked so fucking great! Babes getting naughty and nasty were something awesome! Sonya settled down her back and pulled Vera to her; she bent over her pussy and began to lick her lips…

Having stripped off all of her clothing, Vera put her knees on the sofa and bent over, leaving her ass up in the air, Sonya asked me to join tem and bang this bitch. . “Honey, please take her from behind!” Sonya pleaded, “Fuck me from my back!” whispered Vera. Without saying a word, stepped behind Vera and ran my pecker up and down her dripping slit. Vera was moaning even before I shoved my cock into her waiting cunt. Vera too had the same result as Sonya before, when I buried my dick all the way home, she had and orgasm that almost shook me down! When her climax hit her and she started screaming and pulsing vehemently, a mild smile appeared on Sonya’s lips, and that was the only thing that gave away her emotions to see her darling having sex with her own cousin. Vera wanted to be taken from behind, and that was exactly what I was going to give her. After her orgasm had subsided, I pounded her quivering vagina with a vicious assail that seemed to feel like a tumultuous storm! When I finally pulled my cock from her pussy it made some loud sucking sound as air replaced my cock in her open vagina, while Vera couldn’t even move a muscle, and just stayed where she was, ass in the air, and shaking like a leaf!

She looked aside and to her joy Vlad’s penis was already erect. Then she said we should change places, she made me lie on my back and impaled her pussy on my penis, with her back to me, Sonya was supposed to stand on her knees and lick Vera’s pussy while Vlad was ordered to bang Sonya from behind. Her orders were implemented immediately; Sonya was feeling with every corner of her body what a huge thing penetrated in there! Sonya kept saying that she felt so fucking good having this pecker in her, since we got married she had not had anyone to have sex with, so she was waiting now for something incredible!!! I saw her putting her hands on his cock and pushed it in her hole asking him to show her no mercy and fuck her harder as he could. When this huge shaft entered her, Sonya’s eyes opened wide, a moan escaped her lips and Vlad roared. Slowly, but increasing his speed gradually, he set to banging my bitch. He was exciting step by step seeing his pecker disappearing inside her cunt.

As for me and Vera, we changed position and let he suck my pecker for this time. She grabbed my dick and started to jack it, pre cum was oozing from the head; she put the head of my dick in her mouth looking up at me as she sucked on it. I start to push my dick into Vera’s mouth seeing how much she could take, she took half of it before she started to gag, and she pulled of my cock and went back down on it taking more down her throat. I pulled my cock out of her mouth then. I started to kiss her sticking my tongue into her mouth causing her to moan, I stopped the kiss after a few minutes and worked my way down to her breast, I started kissing and sucking on her nice tits making her groan again. I stopped sucking her tits enough for her to sit on the sofa; I pulled her ass towards the edge of the sofa and went to eat one of the most beautiful pussies I had ever seen. She reached down and opened her pussy lips for me. I licked between her pussy opening and around her clit.

I then flattened my tongue and licked the entire pussy causing her hip to start when my tongue came across her clit, she grabbed the back of my head and held it to her pussy Ohh, yeahh, eat my fucking pussy, just eat it, right there, suck it, suck it. Her entire body was shaking like a leaf on a tree in the wind, I kept my tongue on her clit causing her to have tumultuous orgasm, she kept on moaning and her words soon became something like some noise, I stopped licking her clit and raised up on my knees positioning my dick to her opening, she was still cumming because her body was shaking, I pushed my dick head into her pussy, I knew at that point her Vlad hadn’t been approximately doing this to her in the bedroom. I shoved the entire length into her pussy which sent her into convulsion, screaming and moaning, telling me to fuck her pussy. I put her legs on my shoulder and went to hammer her pussy like no tomorrow causing her to cum with each thrust.

I put her legs down and moved over to where she was sitting on top of me with my dick buried to hilt in her pussy, she bent her knees up so her feet were resting on the sofa, she started to bounce up and down on my cock, holding onto my shoulders digging her nails into my neck and shoulders. I reached to hold her nice ass when I got the idea to pick her up, I stood with her impaled on my cock, holding her ass and slamming her up and down on my dick. With that being said I shot my load into her dripping cunt. I stepped back to the sofa and sat down with her mouth on my dick.

Let’s pass to another couple! Vlad opened Sonya’s legs wider and as he put one under each arm, he lifted them with his shoulders. He opened them further and pulled her body towards his cock. Sonya used her hands to guide his cock into her waiting and very wanting to be fucked by his big cock, pussy. His cock head entered her cunt and he pushed as she strained and arched up, moving the entire cock head and about the half of his shaft into her. They both moaned from the feeling. He was talented, this guy, I had to say that! He told her: “Oh, God, honey, your cunt is hot! Your pussy feels so tight and warm!” He kept telling her how fucking great her pussy felt as it griped on to his hard cock. Sonya told him how hard his cock was and how good it felt inside her.

Within seconds he was buried deep inside her and they both began pumping out bodies to move his cock in and out of her pussy sliding that huge hard shaft along the walls of Sonya’s pussy. They looked very enticingly together! Their bodies touched and he arched his back and lifted up so they could see each other’s face. He smiled and Sonya smile back. As he began to hump his cock in and out of her pussy faster now, he held his body up over her and just kept looking in Sonya’s eyes, as he controlled his hips moving his cock and fucking her pussy like the very talented porn star he was! Vera told him: “Mmm, honey! Your cock feels so fucking good! Do her right there! Do her good! Pump that hard white cock in her wet pussy!” Vlad’s penis seemed damn so hard, much harder than any of guys Sonya had ever been with before. Though it wasn’t as long or as thick but it was definitely harder! The fucking thing seemed like iron! Since this was our first time four together, I didn’t think he would be able to hold off cum so far! But, they were moving very well together. In and out, in and out, his cock slid along the walls of her pussy making her move higher and higher. Vera approached them and lifted Sonya’s ass up off the sofa faster now, and Sonya felt her slid her hands under her and helped to hold Sonya’s body up off the sofa. He told her: “Oh, honey! I love your sweet ass!” “Do her, darling!” exclaimed Vera: “Pump that ass up of the sofa and fuck this slut well with that your monster!

He was straining as he pumped her faster but orgasm was still on the way. His face showed he wanted to cum so bad, but he held off somehow. As they worked their bodies together, I could foresee Sonya’s climax building now and fast. I knew she was going to cum very soon! She didn’t want it to end now, but Vera kept saying: “Yeahh! Fuck her, darling! Yeahh! Fuck her hard!” It was going up to be pretty savage and vehement orgasm and soon, I knew, they were going to come, and Sonya would go crazy like she always do! He stopped and rolled her over, telling Sonya to sit up on his cock. She did and he reached for her tits. Pulling and squeezing on them as she began to ride his hard cock now. Now, Sonya could feel it growing harder inside her! It was going to cum very, very soon! It was so fucking hard! The feelings continued to arise inside her making them both work faster and faster up and down. Then, he bent his knees and told her to slow down and lay back on his knees. She obeyed and we watched their bodies fuck! It was so damn hot, so fucking nice, seeing his big hard cock disappearing inside her pussy! She humped him like that for a while as they worked each other closer to orgasm with each fuck in or out!

During this mini orgy, Vera had slipped her hand down there and was furiously fingering her clit, but what she wanted to do now was to have that big cock blow in her mouth! Vlad saw her frigging her clit and stuck his cock back into her hot mouth, and since Vera proved to be master of blowjob, it was all he could do to erupt in her hot mouth. He looked over to Sonya with a pleading look in his eyes, as if to ask if he could now blast cum, and after she nodded slightly, only seconds later Vera’s mouth was being flooded with the cum of this tall big guy; as Sonya’s orgasm ripped through her wet fucked out vagina as the first spurt of cum slammed into the back of Vera’s throat!

After she took all his cum Vera approached Sonya on her knees and spit this mess of sperm and saliva in her asshole, it was full of this load and poured out. Then, we were taking rest, having talk and drinking wine. Soon, while getting rest and having forces back, Vlad and Vera resolved to have fun once again. I was sitting aside and jerking my cock off, while she elevated up off the sofa until only her head and shoulders were the only thing left on it. The rest of Vera’s body was elevated up in the air fucking this hard cock. And Vlad was standing over her now ramming his cock down into her loving pussy! Finally, when she couldn’t keep her body up any longer, she fell back on the bed; Vlad lowered his body down with her and pumped into her like some wild beast! I felt the final shot of his cum and (I swear) it was up in Vera’s throat! Shot after shot of cum filled her, until there was so much of it; it ran out her pussy and down her ass on to the sofa! “Your cum is hot and feels so warm and dam good! Your cum is soft and warm as it filed my pussy completely!” whispered Vera. She wrapped her legs around him and started to press her body over his own. She was like fucking him hard at the point. He lowered his mouth to her right nipple and sucked it hard as his hips continued to move his cock in and out of her pussy! Vera then squeezed her thighs tighter and held him deep inside her. She held him tight and he moaned and moaned as he shot his last bit of cum into her body! She had this guy locked in her legs and arms and was fucking him like the sex slave she just had turned into.

She wanted this man to make her satisfied every minute. I didn’t know which I liked more, her mouth and tongue with the clots of his cum or his hard fucking cock that worked her hole out! Sonya cuddled up to me, we held each other for a long time and she stroked my back with her nails and I sucked her tits. Vlad and Vera both felt his cock begin to shrink and finally it slide out of her cum filled pussy. A short time later she let her legs slide down and I sat up between her legs. I softly stroked her cum dripping pussy and told Vera how beautiful it was. I slowly stroked her pussy touching it and fingering it and palming it! I wanted to make love to her cunt with my hand! Vera could feel me opening her pussy lips with fingers and I could feel the air of her clit again! I touched it and she arched up into the air of the sofa. I made love to her pussy with all both hands and all of fingers! I don’t know how long it was that I worked on her, but she shot off like a rifle again climaxing for long! Things went on and our 2 couples continued fucking one another, changing our babes and coming and coming again……..

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